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SR-46 (2019-2020)

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Enrolled  June 14, 2019
Passed  IN  Senate  June 13, 2019


Senate Resolution
No. 46

Introduced by Senator Rubio

May 29, 2019

Relative to Immigrant Heritage Month.


SR 46, Rubio.

WHEREAS, Generations of immigrants from all around the world built our country’s economy and created our nation’s unique character; and
WHEREAS, More than 44,000,000 immigrants are residing in the United States, constituting 17 percent of the general United States workforce, and account for around one-quarter of United States entrepreneurs; and
WHEREAS, Immigrants and their children make up 42 percent of California’s population. Of all children in California, 47 percent have at least one parent who is an immigrant and 75 percent of noncitizens live in households with citizens; and
WHEREAS, Immigrants continue to develop and expand businesses, innovate, strengthen our economy, and create American jobs in California; and
WHEREAS, Immigrants comprise more than 35 percent of California’s civilian workforce, accounting for over two-thirds of all agricultural workers, nearly one-half of all workers in the manufacturing industry, over 40 percent of all workers in wholesale trade, construction, and other service industries, 41 percent of all workers in computer and mathematical occupations, and 57 percent of all software developers and workers in applications and systems software; and
WHEREAS, One in three small business owners in California are immigrants, immigrants founded around 45 percent of all new businesses from 2007 to 2011, inclusive, and immigrants make up 36 percent of the state’s business owners; and
WHEREAS, Immigrant households make up 28 percent of the total household income in California, representing a substantial share of spending power in the state; and
WHEREAS, Immigrants contribute $715 billion of California’s gross domestic product and $26.4 billion in state and local taxes; and
WHEREAS, Immigrants fundamentally enrich the extraordinary character of our state and nation with their unique cultures, heritages, religious beliefs, and experiences; and
WHEREAS, Immigrants have been tireless leaders, not only in securing their own rights and ensuring access to equal opportunities, but also in pursuing a fairer and more just society for all Americans; and
WHEREAS, Despite countless contributions made by immigrants, we have frequently overlooked and undervalued the role of immigrants in building and enriching our nation, both throughout our history and in the present day; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, That the Senate proclaims the month of June 2019 as Immigrant Heritage Month; and be it further
Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.