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SCR-74 National Adoption Month.(2019-2020)

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Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 74

Relative to National Adoption Month.

[ Filed with Secretary of State  September 19, 2019. ]


SCR 74, Pan. National Adoption Month.
This measure would, among other things, recognize November 2019 as National Adoption Month.
Fiscal Committee: NO  

WHEREAS, The first National Adoption Week was proclaimed in 1984, and in 1995, the week was expanded to the entire month of November. The goal of National Adoption Month is to celebrate adoption and to increase awareness of the thousands of children and youth in foster care who are waiting for permanent, loving families. California recognizes National Adoption Month and acknowledges the many children waiting to find their forever family; and
WHEREAS, Each year in California, there are more than 550,000 reports of child abuse and neglect, and more than 25,000 court filings alleging child abuse or neglect; and
WHEREAS, There are more than 55,000 children and youth in California living apart from their families in foster care; and
WHEREAS, Out of the 28,257 children and youth 0 to 21 years of age who left foster care last year in California, approximately 6,732 children and youth 0 to 21 years of age were adopted; and
WHEREAS, All children and youth deserve to grow, develop, and have their needs met by being placed with families who can offer a permanent home; and
WHEREAS, In a permanent home, children and youth can receive love, protection, stability, and a sense of acceptance; and
WHEREAS, Children and youth waiting for adoptive parents and the families who have adopted deserve support from their communities and from public and private agencies; and
WHEREAS, National Adoption Month provides public and private social service agencies the ability to support and recognize those families who have adopted children and youth and continue efforts to inform the public of the need for permanent adoptive families for California’s foster children and youth; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly thereof concurring, That the Legislature commends the commitment, love, and care of adoptive families, commends the work of public and private agencies to facilitate these connections and their contributions to the safety and well-being of children and youth in California, and recognizes November 2019 as National Adoption Month; and be it further
Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.