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AB-1861 Committee on Budget. Budget Act of 2013(2013-2014)

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Assembly Bill
No. 1861

Introduced by Assembly Member Harkey

February 19, 2014

An act to amend the Budget Act of 2013 (Chapter 20 of the Statutes of 2013) by amending Item 8885-295-0001 of Section 2.00 of that act, relating to the state budget, and making an appropriation therefor, to take effect immediately, budget bill.


AB 1861, as introduced, Harkey. Committee on Budget. Budget Act of 2013
The Budget Act of 2013 suspends reimbursements for local agencies and school districts for certain state-mandated local programs.
This bill would amend the Budget Act of 2013 by removing voter identification procedures from the list of suspended state-mandated local programs. The bill would appropriate $7,553,000 from the General Fund to pay for mandate claims for Voter Identification Procedures, as specified.
This bill would declare that it is to take effect immediately as a Budget Bill.
Vote: MAJORITY   Appropriation: YES   Fiscal Committee: YES   Local Program: NO  

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:


 Item 8885-295-0001 of Section 2.00 of the Budget Act of 2013 is amended to read:
8885-295-0001—For local assistance for reimbursement, in accordance with the provisions of Section 6 of Article XIII B of the California Constitution or Section 17561 of the Government Code, of the costs of any new program or increased level of service of an existing program mandated by statute or Executive order, for disbursement by the Controller for claims for costs incurred during the specified periods ........................

For payment of the following mandate claims for costs incurred in the 2004–05 through 2011–12 fiscal years ........................
Allocation of Property Tax Revenues (Ch. 697, Stats. 1992) (CSM-4448) ........................
Crime Victims’ Domestic Violence Incident Reports (Ch. 1022, Stats.1999) (99-TC-08) ........................
Custody of Minors-Child Abduction and Recovery (Ch. 1399, Stats. 1976; Ch. 162, Stats. 1992; and Ch. 988, Stats. 1996) (CSM-4237) ........................
Domestic Violence Arrest Policies (Ch. 246, Stats. 1995) (CSM-96-362-02) ........................
Domestic Violence Arrests and Victims Assistance (Chs. 698 and 702, Stats. 1998) (98-TC-14) ........................
Domestic Violence Treatment Services (Ch. 183, Stats. 1992) (CSM-96-281-01) ........................
Health Benefits for Survivors of Peace Officers and Firefighters (Ch. 1120, Stats. 1996) (97-TC-25) ........................
Medi-Cal Beneficiary Death Notices (Chs. 102 and 1163, Stats. 1981) (CSM-4032) ........................
Peace Officer Personnel Records: Unfounded Complaints and Discovery (Ch. 630, Stats. 1978; Ch. 741, Stats. 1994) (00-TC-24) ........................
Rape Victim Counseling (Ch. 999, Stats. 1991) (CSM-4426) ........................
Sexually Violent Predators (Chs. 762 and 763, Stats. 1995) (CSM-4509) ........................
Threats Against Peace Officers (Ch. 1249, Stats. 1992; Ch. 666, Stats. 1995) (CSM-96-365-02) ........................
Unitary Countywide Tax Rates (Ch. 921, Stats. 1987) (CSM-4317 and CSM-4355) ........................
(1.5)For payment of mandate claims for the 2002-03 through 2011-12 fiscal years For Voter Identification Procedures (Ch. 260, Stats. 2000) (03-TC-23) ........................ 7,553,000
For payment of mandate claims for the 2005–06 through 2011–12 fiscal years for the Peace Officers’ Procedural Bill of Rights Act (Ch. 675, Stats. 1990) (CSM-4499) ........................
For payment of mandate claims for the 2001–02 through 2011–12 fiscal years for the Local Government Employment Relations Mandate (Ch. 901, Stats. 2000) (01-TC-30) ........................
Pursuant to the provisions of Section 17581 of the Government Code, the mandates identified in the following schedule are specifically identified by the Legislature for suspension during the 2013–14 fiscal year ........................
Absentee Ballots (Ch. 77, Stats. 1978 and Ch. 1032, Stats. 2002) (CSM-3713)
Absentee Ballots-Tabulation by Precinct (Ch. 697, Stats. 1999) (00-TC-08)
Adult Felony Restitution (Ch. 1123, Stats. 1977) (04-LM-08)
AIDS/Search Warrant (Ch. 1088, Stats. 1988) (CSM-4392)
Airport Land Use Commission/Plans (Ch. 644, Stats. 1994) (CSM-4507)
Animal Adoption (Ch. 752, Stats. 1998 and Ch. 313, Stats. 2004) (04-PGA-01, 98-TC-11)
Brendon Maguire Act (Ch. 391, Stats. 1988) (CSM-4357)
Conservatorship: Developmentally Disabled Adults (Ch. 1304, Stats. 1980) (04-LM-13)
Coroners’ Costs (Ch. 498, Stats. 1977) (04-LM-07)
Crime Statistics Reports for the Department of Justice (Ch. 1172, Stats. 1989; Ch. 1338, Stats. 1992; Ch. 1230, Stats. 1993; Ch. 933, Stats. 1998; Ch. 571, Stats. 1999; and Ch. 626, Stats. 2000) (02-TC-04 and 02-TC-11) and Crime Statistics Reports for the Department of Justice Amended (Ch. 700, Stats. 2004) (07-TC-10)
Crime Victims’ Domestic Violence Incident Reports II (Ch. 483, Stats. 2001; Ch. 833, Stats. 2002) (02-TC-18)
Deaf Teletype Equipment (Ch. 1032, Stats. 1980) (04-LM-11)
Developmentally Disabled Attorneys’ Services (Ch. 694, Stats. 1975) (04-LM-03)
DNA Database & Amendments to Postmortem Examinations: Unidentified Bodies (Ch. 822, Stats. 2000; Ch. 467, Stats. 2001) (00-TC-27 and 02-TC-39)
Domestic Violence Background Checks (Ch. 713, Stats. 2001) (01-TC-29)
Domestic Violence Information (Ch. 1609, Stats. 1984 and Ch. 668, Stats. 1985) (CSM-4222)
Elder Abuse, Law Enforcement Training (Ch. 444, Stats. 1997) (98-TC-12)
Extended Commitment, Youth Authority (Ch. 267, Stats. 1998 and Ch. 546, Stats. 1984) (98-TC-13)
False Reports of Police Misconduct (Ch. 590, Stats. 1995 and Ch. 289, Stats. 2000) (00-TC-26)
Fifteen-Day Close of Voter Registration (Ch. 899, Stats. 2000) (01-TC-15)
Firearm Hearings for Discharged Inpatients (Ch. 578, Stats. 1999) (99-TC-11)
Grand Jury Proceedings (Ch. 1170, Stats. 1996; Ch. 443, Stats. 1997; and Ch. 230, Stats. 1998) (98-TC-27)
Handicapped Voter Access Information (Ch. 494, Stats. 1979) (CSM-4363)
Identity Theft (Ch. 956, Stats. 2000) (03-TC-08)
In-Home Supportive Services II (Ch. 445, Stats. 2000 and Ch. 90, Stats. 1999) (00-TC-23)
Inmate AIDS Testing (Ch. 1579, Stats. 1988 and Ch. 768, Stats. 1991) (CSM-4369 and CSM-4429)
Judiciary Proceedings (Ch. 644, Stats. 1980) (CSM-4366)
Law Enforcement Sexual Harassment Training (Ch. 126, Stats. 1993) (97-TC-07)
Local Coastal Plans (Ch. 1330, Stats. 1976) (CSM-4431)
Mandate Reimbursement Process (Ch. 486, Stats. 1975 and Ch. 1459, Stats. 1984) (CSM-4204 and CSM-4485)
Mandate Reimbursement Process II (Ch. 890, Stats. 2004) (05-TC-05) (Suspension of Mandate Reimbursement Process and Mandate Reimbursement Process II includes suspension of the Consolidation of Mandate Reimbursement Process I and II)
Mentally Disordered Offenders: Treatment as a Condition of Parole (Ch. 228, Stats. 1989 and Ch. 706, Stats. 1994) (00-TC-28, 05-TC-06)
Mentally Disordered Offenders’ Extended Commitments Proceedings (Ch. 435, Stats. 1991; Ch. 1418, Stats. 1985; Ch. 858, Stats. 1986; Ch. 687, Stats. 1987; Chs. 657 and 658, Stats. 1988; Ch. 228, Stats. 1989; and Ch. 324, Stats. 2000) (98-TC-09)
Mentally Disordered Sex Offenders’ Recommitments (Ch. 1036, Stats. 1978) (04-LM-09)
Mentally Retarded Defendants Representation (Ch. 1253, Stats. 1980) (04-LM-12)
Missing Persons Report (Ch. 1456, Stats. 1988 and Ch. 59, Stats. 1993) (CSM-4255, CSM-4368, and CSM-4484)
Modified Primary Election (Ch. 898, Stats. 2000) (01-TC-13)
Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (Ch. 1114, Stats. 1979 and Ch. 650, Stats. 1982) (CSM-2753) (05-PGA-35)
Open Meetings Act/Brown Act Reform (Ch. 641, Stats. 1986 and Chs. 1136, 1137, and 1138, Stats. 1993) (CSM-4257 and CSM-4469)
Pacific Beach Safety: Water Quality and Closures (Ch. 961, Stats. 1992) (CSM-4432)
Perinatal Services (Ch. 1603, Stats. 1990) (CSM-4397) (05-PGA-38)
Permanent Absent Voters II (Ch. 922, Stats. 2001, Ch. 664, Stats. 2002, and Ch. 347, Stats. 2003) (03-TC-11)
Personal Safety Alarm Devices (8 Cal. Code Regs. 3401 (c)) (CSM-4087)
Photographic Record of Evidence (Ch. 875, Stats. 1985; Ch. 734, Stats. 1986; and Ch. 382, Stats. 1990) (98-TC-07)
Pocket Masks (Ch. 1334, Stats. 1987) (CSM-4291)
Post Conviction: DNA Court Proceedings (Ch. 943, Stats. 2001 and Ch. 821, Stats. 2000) (00-TC-21 and 01-TC-08)
Postmortem Examinations: Unidentified Bodies, Human Remains (Ch. 284, Stats. 2000) (00-TC-18)
Prisoner Parental Rights (Ch. 820, Stats. 1991) (CSM-4427)
Senior Citizens Property Tax Postponement (Ch. 1242, Stats. 1977 and Ch. 43, Stats. 1978) (CSM-4359)
Sex Crime Confidentiality (Ch. 502, Stats. 1992; Ch. 36, 1993–94 1st Ex. Sess.; and Ch. 555, Stats. 1993) (98-TC-21)
Sex Offenders: Disclosure by Law Enforcement Officers (Chs. 908 and 909, Stats. 1996; Chs. 17, 80, 817, 818, 819, 820, and 822, Stats. 1997; and Chs. 485, 550, 927, 928, 929, and 930, Stats. 1998) (97-TC-15)
SIDS Autopsies (Ch. 955, Stats. 1989) (CSM-4393)
SIDS Contacts by Local Health Officers (Ch. 268, Stats. 1991) (CSM-4424)
SIDS Training for Firefighters (Ch. 1111, Stats. 1989) (CSM-4412)
Stolen Vehicle Notification (Ch. 337, Stats. 1990) (CSM-4403)
Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (Ch. 1188, Stats. 1992; Ch. 843, Stats. 1994; and Ch. 333, Stats. 1995) (97-TC-13)
Victims’ Statements-Minors (Ch. 332, Stats. 1981) (04-LM-14)

Voter Identification Procedures (Ch. 260, Stats. 2000) (03-TC-23)

Voter Registration Procedures (Ch. 704, Stats. 1975) (04-LM-04)
(lll)Structural and Wildland Firefighter Safety Clothing and Equipment (8 Cal. Code Regs., 3401 to 3410, incl.) (CSM-4261-4281)
Allocations of funds provided in this item to the appropriate local entities shall be made by the Controller in accordance with the provisions of each statute or executive order that mandates the reimbursement of the costs, and shall be audited to verify the actual amount of the mandated costs in accordance with subdivision (d) of Section 17561 of the Government Code. Audit adjustments to prior-year claims may be paid from this item. The funds appropriated in this item shall be allocated only for the payment of claims as required by Chapter 4 (commencing with Section 17550) of Part 7 of Division 4 of Title 2 of the Government Code, and that payment shall be made pursuant to Article 5 (commencing with Section 17615) of that chapter. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, interest shall be paid from funds appropriated in this item only to the extent, and in the amount, authorized by Section 17561.5 of the Government Code.
The Controller shall offset payments made from the appropriation in this item to recoup the amount of any unallowable mandate claim costs determined by desk or field audits.
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, accounts receivable for recoveries that result in savings as described in this item shall have no effect upon the positive balance of the General Fund. The savings may be used to pay claims for costs incurred to carry out the cited state mandates in this item.

SEC. 2.

 This act is a Budget Bill within the meaning of Section 12 of Article IV of the California Constitution and shall take effect immediately.