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HR-68 (1999-2000)

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House Resolution
No. 68

Introduced  by  Assembly Member Hertzberg, Baugh

August 07, 2000

Relative to commending the Honorable Susan A. Davis.


HR 68, as introduced, Hertzberg.

WHEREAS, The Honorable Susan A. Davis, who has served the 76th Assembly District for the past three terms, has announced her retirement as an Assembly Member, and it is appropriate at this time to highlight her many achievements and to commend her for her illustrious record of service to the State of California; and
WHEREAS, Susan Davis was elected in November 1998 to her third term representing the 76th Assembly District, which is comprised of communities in the City of San Diego; and
WHEREAS, She chaired the Consumer Protection, Governmental Efficiency and Economic Development Committee, and authored bills to protect medical privacy rights and to allow frail senior citizens who are eligible for nursing home care to remain in their homes for services and care, as well as introduced legislation to foster early stage financing for businesses, and to protect consumers by expanding the lemon law; and
WHEREAS, She also has been a member of the Health Committee and has authored landmark legislation allowing for direct access to women’s health care as well as patient’s rights to second medical opinions; and
WHEREAS, Building on nine years as a member and two years as President of the San Diego City School Board, Susan Davis has been an active member of the Education Committee, authoring legislation that rewarded nationally certified teachers for their demonstrated teaching skills, established after-school programs throughout California, and enhanced funding and service for libraries, as well as introducing legislation to improve the process for teacher assessment, to help more high school graduates meet the California State university placement standards, and to reduce class sizes; and
WHEREAS, She was Vice Chair of the Labor Committee and has served on the Revenue and Taxation, Appropriations, Transportation, and the Joint Legislative Audit Committees; and
WHEREAS, Susan Davis created the Select Committee on Adolescence in 1999 to hear and address rising concerns from California’s young people, has authored legislation to assist foster youth, and has introduced legislation to increase services to grandparents who care for foster relatives; and
WHEREAS, For three years prior to her election to the Assembly, Susan Davis served as Executive Director of the Aaron Price Fellows Program, which recruits community leaders and business professionals to give high school students a head start toward becoming student leaders and responsible citizens, and she has been President of the League of Women Voters of San Diego and holds the distinction as the first League President to serve in the Legislature; and
WHEREAS, She was named 1999 Legislator of the Year by the League of Middle Schools for authoring legislation to reduce class sizes, and in recognition of her landmark legislation to restructure funding for special education and her legislation to raise standards for retaining teachers she was twice honored as Legislator of the Year by the California School Boards Association; and
WHEREAS, BIOCOM, the San Diego association for the biotechnology industry, also selected her as Legislator of the Year, recognizing the value of her legislation streamlining the drug approval process; and
WHEREAS, Susan Davis has been similarly honored by the San Diego Urban Corps, the San Diego Chapter of the National Women’s Political Caucus, and Soroptimist International of San Diego, and has received two awards for championing school-based health facilities; and
WHEREAS, A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Susan Davis received a master’s degree in social work from the University of North Carolina; and
WHEREAS, She and her physician husband of more than 30 years have been residents of the San Diego community of Kensington since 1974, and their two sons graduated from San Diego public schools; and
WHEREAS, Through her professional, public, and community activities, Susan Davis has made a significant impact on the people of the 76th Assembly District and throughout the state, and she will be sorely missed by those individuals with whom she has been associated; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, That Assembly Member Susan A. Davis be honored for her outstanding service to the people of the 76th Assembly District and the people of California during her tenure as a Member of the California Assembly, and that the Members extend their heartiest best wishes for happiness and success in her future endeavors; and be it further
Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit a suitably prepared copy of this resolution to the Honorable Susan A. Davis.