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SB-715 Vehicular air pollution: regulations: exemption.(2017-2018)

Bill Status
Delgado (S)
Vehicular air pollution: regulations: exemption.
An act to add Section 43013.4 to the Health and Safety Code, relating to vehicular air pollution.

Type of Measure
Active Bill - In Floor Process
Majority Vote Required
Fiscal Committee
Non-State-Mandated Local Program
Non-Tax levy
Last 5 History Actions
Date Action
09/30/18 In Senate. Consideration of Governor's veto pending.
09/30/18 Vetoed by the Governor.
09/12/18 Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 5 p.m.
08/31/18 Assembly amendments concurred in. (Ayes 28. Noes 2. Page 6168.) Ordered to engrossing and enrolling.
08/31/18 From committee: That the Assembly amendments be concurred in. (Ayes 11. Noes 1. Page 6200.)
Governor's Veto Message
To the Members of the California State Senate:

I am returning Senate Bill 715 without my signature.

This bill requires the California Air Resources Board to exempt off-road diesel vehicles owned or operated by state-registered nonprofit apprenticeship training programs from any regulation that reduces emissions of diesel particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, and other criteria pollutants.

This exemption could cause a shortfall in mandated air pollution emissions reductions, which may require us to revise our State Implementation Plan to remain in Compliance with the federal Clean Air Act. Working with the federal administration to revise our State Implementation Plan in a time of pressing air quality challenges is difficult and unwise. As Such, I direct the Board to work with the author and sponsors of this bill on an administrative solution that minimizes adverse impacts on apprenticeship programs, yet also protects air quality.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.