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AB-725 State beaches and parks: smoking ban.(2017-2018)

Bill Status
Levine (A)
Friedman (A)
State beaches and parks: smoking ban.
An act to add Section 5008.9 to the Public Resources Code, relating to state beaches and parks.

Type of Measure
Active Bill - In Desk Process
Majority Vote Required
Fiscal Committee
State-Mandated Local Program
Non-Tax levy
Last 5 History Actions
Date Action
01/12/18 Stricken from file.
01/03/18 Consideration of Governor's veto pending.
10/06/17 Vetoed by Governor.
09/20/17 Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 4:30 p.m.
09/13/17 Senate amendments concurred in. To Engrossing and Enrolling. (Ayes 57. Noes 20. Page 3292.).
Governor's Veto Message
To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 725 without my signature.

This bill prohibits smoking on state coastal beaches and throughout the State Park System, and requires the Department of Parks and Recreation to post signs to notify the public of the smoking ban.

Last year I vetoed Senate Bill 1333, a similar measure, because I believed that such a far-reaching prohibition in every state park and on every state beach was too broad. In addition, the fine prescribed in this bill for lighting one cigarette is excessive: over $250 dollars, after the mandatory assessments.

If people can't smoke even on a deserted beach, where can they? There must be some limit to the coercive power of government.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.