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AB-1461 Food facility employee: food handler cards.(2017-2018)

Bill Status
Thurmond (A)
Food facility employee: food handler cards.
An act to add Chapter 11.2 (commencing with Section 114364) to Part 7 of Division 104 of the Health and Safety Code, relating to food.

Type of Measure
Active Bill - In Desk Process
Majority Vote Required
Fiscal Committee
State-Mandated Local Program
Non-Tax levy
Last 5 History Actions
Date Action
01/12/18 Stricken from file.
01/03/18 Consideration of Governor's veto pending.
10/11/17 Vetoed by Governor.
09/07/17 Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 3 p.m.
08/31/17 In Assembly. Ordered to Engrossing and Enrolling.
Governor's Veto Message
To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 1461 without my signature.

This bill requires employees of a food facility that offers a meal subscription plan to obtain food handler cards if they work with unpackaged food.

This bill attempts to regulate a burgeoning new business model of home food delivery. I'm not convinced, however, that the existing regulatory scheme for food facilities is suitable for this new industry. I encourage the Legislature to continue to work on this issue with the Department of Public Health and interested stakeholders to ensure food safety is protected and innovation is encouraged.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.