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AB-2691 Property taxation: Monthly Property Tax Payment Program.(2015-2016)

Bill Status
Holden (A)
Property taxation: Monthly Property Tax Payment Program.
An act to add Section 2607.5 to the Revenue and Taxation Code, relating to taxation.

Type of Measure
Inactive Bill - Vetoed
Majority Vote Required
Non-Fiscal Committee
Non-State-Mandated Local Program
Non-Tax levy
Last 5 History Actions
Date Action
09/23/16 Vetoed by Governor.
08/29/16 Enrolled and presented to the Governor at 4 p.m.
08/22/16 Senate amendments concurred in. To Engrossing and Enrolling. (Ayes 78. Noes 0. Page 6037.).
08/16/16 In Assembly. Concurrence in Senate amendments pending. May be considered on or after August 18 pursuant to Assembly Rule 77.
08/15/16 Read third time. Passed. Ordered to the Assembly. (Ayes 37. Noes 0. Page 4968.).
Governor's Veto Message
To the Members of the California State Assembly:

I am returning Assembly Bill 2691 without my signature.

This bill authorizes a county board of supervisors to let qualified taxpayers pay their property taxes in monthly, rather than biannual, payments.

County supervisors, tax collectors, and auditors across the state oppose this measure due to the significant costs to upgrade tax collection systems. I am not convinced that changing these current systems, many of which have been in place for decades, is worth the cost.


Edmund G. Brown Jr.