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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-32 Recreational vehicle donation: registration fee and tax exemptions: state of emergency. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-70 Electricity: undergrounding of electrical infrastructure. Nielsen Assembly - Utilities and Energy
SB-99 General plans: safety element: emergency evacuation routes. Nielsen Assembly - Local Government
SB-149 Mail ballot elections. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-156 Health facilities: emergency medical services. Nielsen Assembly - Health
SB-157 Elections: vote by mail ballots. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-177 Arson. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-178 Initiative measures: circulating title and summary. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-179 Excluded employees: arbitration. Nielsen Assembly - Public Employment and Retirement
SB-193 Nitrous oxide: retail sales. Nielsen Assembly - Public Safety
SB-194 Crime: masks and disguises. Nielsen Senate - Failed Passage in Committee
SB-195 Sierra Nevada Conservancy. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-226 Watershed restoration: wildfires: grant program. Nielsen Assembly - Natural Resources
SB-249 Land use: Subdivision Map Act: expiration dates. Nielsen Assembly - Local Government
SB-250 Department of Business Oversight. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-257 Firearms: prohibited persons. Nielsen Assembly - Appropriations
SB-259 Department of Justice: crime statistics reporting. Nielsen Assembly - Public Safety
SB-287 Commission on State Mandates: test claims: filing date. Nielsen Assembly - Local Government
SB-382 Health care coverage: state of emergency. Nielsen Assembly - Health
SB-410 Hunting and fishing guides. Nielsen Senate - Natural Resources and Water
SB-427 Licenses: seizure and sale. Nielsen Senate - Governmental Organization
SB-429 Law enforcement: cooperation with federal immigration authorities. Nielsen Senate - Failed Passage in Committee
SB-432 Alcoholic beverages: distilled spirits: instruction. Nielsen Senate - Governmental Organization
SB-514 Governor: powers and duties. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-579 Personal income taxes. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SCR-6 Celebrate Freedom Week. Nielsen Assembly - Education
SCR-42 California Firefighter Appreciation Month and California Firefighters Memorial Day. Nielsen Chaptered