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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-46 Emergency services: telecommunications. Jackson Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-55 California Environmental Quality Act: housing and land use. Jackson Assembly - Rules
SB-135 Paid family leave. Jackson Senate - Died
SB-160 Emergency services: cultural competence. Jackson Chaptered
SB-169 Pipeline safety: records. Jackson Assembly - Governmental Organization
SB-171 Employers: annual report: pay data. Jackson Assembly - Appropriations
SB-176 State Bar of California. Jackson Chaptered
SB-182 Local government: planning and zoning: wildfires. Jackson Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-228 Master Plan on Aging. Jackson Chaptered
SB-280 Building standards: fall prevention. Jackson Chaptered
SB-299 Personal information: minors: internet website: connected devices. Jackson Senate - Died - Judiciary
SB-320 Gender: discrimination: pricing. Jackson Senate - Died - Judiciary
SB-346 After school programs: Distinguished After School Health Recognition Program. Jackson Assembly - Appropriations
SB-424 Tobacco products: single-use and multiuse components. Jackson Assembly - Governmental Organization
SB-468 Taxation: tax expenditures: California Tax Expenditure Review Board. Jackson Vetoed
SB-493 Education: sex equity. Jackson Chaptered
SB-551 Oil and gas: wells and facilities: abandonment and decommissioning: reporting and inspections. Jackson Chaptered
SB-561 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: consumer remedies. Jackson Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-583 Clinical trials. Jackson Chaptered
SB-623 Multifamily Housing Program: total assistance calculation. Jackson Chaptered
SB-794 Emergency services: telecommunications. Jackson Assembly - Governmental Organization
SB-873 Gender: discrimination: pricing. Jackson Senate - Judiciary
SB-897 Temporary emergency gun violence restraining orders. Jackson Senate - Public Safety
SB-927 Marriage licenses: brochures. Jackson Senate - Judiciary
SB-950 California Environmental Quality Act: housing and land use. Jackson Senate - Environmental Quality
SB-956 Taxation: tax expenditures: California Tax Expenditure Review Board. Jackson Assembly - Revenue and Taxation
SB-973 Employers: annual report: pay data. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1004 Confidentiality of Medical Information Act. Jackson Senate - Rules
SB-1010 Privacy: biometric surveillance systems. Jackson Senate - Rules
SB-1069 Telecommunications: emergencies and natural disasters: critical communications infrastructure. Jackson Senate - Appropriations
SB-1109 Adoption. Jackson Senate - Judiciary
SB-1133 Peremptory challenges. Jackson Assembly - Public Safety
SB-1142 Corporations: board of directors. Jackson Senate - Banking and Financial Institutions
SB-1207 Skilled nursing facilities: backup power system. Jackson Senate - Unfinished Business
SB-1226 Criminal procedure: DNA evidence. Jackson Senate - Public Safety
SB-1292 Senior affordable housing: nursing pilot program. Jackson Senate - Rules
SB-1311 Victim confidentiality. Jackson Senate - Judiciary
SB-1383 Unlawful employment practice: California Family Rights Act. Jackson Chaptered
SB-1398 Pesticides: agricultural use near schoolsites: notification and reporting. Jackson Senate - Rules
SCR-13 International Women’s Day. Jackson Chaptered
SCR-18 Pain Awareness Month and Women In Pain Awareness Day. Jackson Senate - Inactive
SCR-26 Equal Pay Day. Jackson Chaptered
SCR-55 California Cancer Survivors Day. Jackson Chaptered
SCR-81 California Court Reporting and Captioning Week. Jackson Chaptered
SR-12 x Jackson Senate - Passed
SR-32 x Jackson Senate - Natural Resources and Water
SR-39 x Jackson Senate - Passed
SR-65 x Jackson Senate - Passed