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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-224 Grand theft: agricultural equipment. Grove Chaptered
SB-238 Worker status: factors for determination of employee status. Grove Senate - Died - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
SB-244 Department of Veterans Affairs: administration. Grove Senate - Died - Rules
SB-256 License plates: motorized bicycles. Grove Senate - Died - Rules
SB-415 Vehicles: trailers. Grove Senate - Died - Transportation
SB-571 Veterans: benefits. Grove Senate - Died - Rules
SB-572 Department of Veterans Affairs: use of real property. Grove Senate - Died - Rules
SB-602 Advisory bodies. Grove Senate - Died - Rules
SB-683 Developmental services: regional centers. Grove Assembly - Appropriations
SB-691 Valley fever. Grove Senate - Died - Rules
SB-712 Housing for the elderly. Grove Senate - Died - Rules
SB-733 Agricultural industry. Grove Senate - Died - Rules
SB-764 Misdemeanor arrests: procedures. Grove Senate - Died - Rules
SB-806 Worker status: employees: independent contractors. Grove Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
SB-875 Worker status: independent contractors: court interpreters. Grove Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
SB-903 Grand theft: agricultural equipment. Grove Assembly - Consent
SB-984 Vehicles: licensing of drivers. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1038 Veterans: institutions. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1051 Communicable disease prevention and control: terms. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1131 Foster care. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1164 Petroleum refineries: air monitoring systems. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1234 Water rights: reasonable and beneficial use of water. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1436 Political Reform Act of 1974: postgovernment employment. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1437 Personal income taxes. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1438 School safety: automated external defibrillators. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1439 Sex Offender Registration Act. Grove Senate - Rules
SB-1440 Voting information materials. Grove Senate - Rules
SCR-53 75th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy. Grove Chaptered
SCR-54 Gold Star families. Grove Chaptered
SCR-82 Women’s Military History Week. Grove Assembly - Pending Referral
SCR-90 AMVETS 75th Anniversary. Grove Senate - Rules
SJR-12 The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Grove Assembly - Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy
SR-87 x Grove Senate - Rules