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Measure Subject Author Status
AB-178 Energy: building standards: photovoltaic requirements. Dahle Chaptered
AB-247 Disaster relief: Carr and Klamathon fires. Dahle Senate - Appropriations
AB-248 Disaster relief: Carr and Klamathon Fires. Dahle Assembly - Pending Referral
AB-840 Alcoholic beverages: licenses: imports. Dahle Chaptered
AB-883 Fish and wildlife: catastrophic wildfires: report. Dahle Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1053 Fallen Leaf Lake Community Service District. Dahle Senate - Governance and Finance
AB-1160 Forestry: timber operations: sustained yield plans. Dahle Chaptered
AB-1333 Tribal gaming: compact ratification: Susanville Indian Rancheria. Dahle Chaptered
AB-1432 Water shortage emergencies: declarations: wildfires. Dahle Chaptered