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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-183 Property: wild animals. Borgeas Senate - Rules
SB-243 San Joaquin River Conservancy. Borgeas Senate - Rules
SB-327 Food and Agriculture: diseased animals and poultry. Borgeas Senate - Rules
SB-357 Death: notification: consumer credit reporting agencies. Borgeas Senate - Health
SB-402 Vehicles: off-highway vehicle recreation: County of Inyo. Borgeas Chaptered
SB-448 Volunteers: small wineries. Borgeas Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
SB-502 Forestry: state forests: forest products. Borgeas Senate - Rules
SB-547 California Water Commission: members. Borgeas Senate - Rules
SB-565 Fire insurance: indemnity. Borgeas Senate - Rules
SB-566 Fish and Game Commission. Borgeas Senate - Rules
SB-603 Small independent telephone corporations: rates. Borgeas Assembly - Appropriations
SB-659 California Environmental Quality Act: attorney’s fees: infill housing. Borgeas Senate - Appropriations
SB-693 State Water Resources Control Board: Administrative Hearings Office. Borgeas Senate - Rules
SB-734 Working hours. Borgeas Senate - Rules
SR-19 x Borgeas Senate - Passed
SR-26 x Borgeas Senate - Passed
SR-31 x Borgeas Senate - Passed
SR-38 x Borgeas Senate - Passed