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Bills Returned: 15
Measure Subject Author Status
SB-391 Employment: workers’ compensation and piece-rate compensation. Vidak Senate - Labor and Industrial Relations
SB-414 Transportation bonds: highway, street, and road projects. Vidak Senate - Transportation and Housing
SB-415 High-speed rail: rights-of-way. Vidak Senate - Transportation and Housing
SB-428 California Finance Lenders Law. Vidak Senate - Rules
SB-453 Correctional facilities: construction and renovation. Vidak Senate - Rules
SB-495 Horse racing: wagering: fairs: facilities maintenance and improvement funds. Vidak Assembly - Governmental Organization
SB-524 Employment: violations: good faith defense. Vidak Senate - Judiciary
SB-530 Employee housing: agricultural employees. Vidak Senate - Transportation and Housing
SB-586 Assault and battery of a federal peace officer. Vidak Senate - Failed Passage in Committee
SB-609 Elections: local initiative and referendum measures. Vidak Senate - Elections and Constitutional Amendments
SB-666 California Gambling Control Commission and Department of Justice: postemployment restrictions. Vidak Chaptered
SB-706 Tribal gaming: regulatory costs. Vidak Senate - Rules
SCR-70 National Eye Exam Month. Vidak Chaptered
SJR-1 Immigration. Vidak Senate - Judiciary
SJR-9 Federal Encourage New Legalized Immigrants to Start Training Act. Vidak Senate - Judiciary