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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-76 Excluded employees: arbitration. Nielsen Senate - Appropriations
SB-253 Veterans: homelessness. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-447 Property taxes: equalization: multicounty assessment appeals boards. Nielsen Senate - Third Reading
SB-472 Public postsecondary education: Campus Free Expression Act. Nielsen Senate - Judiciary
SB-485 Veterans’ homes. Nielsen Senate - Second Reading
SB-506 Department of Fish and Wildlife: lake or streambed alteration agreements: Internet Web site. Nielsen Assembly - Pending Referral
SB-526 Community care facilities: special permits. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-592 Public postsecondary education: admissions data. Nielsen Senate - Education
SB-616 Department of General Services. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SB-631 Nitrous oxide: retail sales. Nielsen Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
SB-652 Violent felonies: firearms: unlawful possession. Nielsen Senate - Public Safety
SB-663 Packages and labels of marijuana or marijuana products: children. Nielsen Assembly - Pending Referral
SB-682 Online voter registration. Nielsen Senate - Transportation and Housing
SCR-43 Legislative history. Nielsen Senate - Rules
SJR-2 Veteran bonus repayment. Nielsen Senate - Veterans Affairs