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Bills Returned: 58
Measure Subject Author Status
SB-81 Corporation taxes. Nguyen Senate - Died - Rules
SB-141 Personal income taxes: exclusion: loan discharge. Nguyen Chaptered
SB-151 Property tax postponement. Nguyen Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-177 Cognitively impaired adults: caregiver resource centers. Nguyen Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-186 Food safety. Nguyen Senate - Died - Rules
SB-236 Public postsecondary education: University of California: California State University: student financial assistance: tuition and mandatory systemwide fees: admission of out-of-state students. Nguyen Senate - Died - Education
SB-264 High-occupancy toll lanes: Interstate 405 Improvement Project high-occupancy toll lanes. Nguyen Senate - Died - Transportation and Housing
SB-284 Criminal procedure: misdemeanor citations. Nguyen Senate - Died - Public Safety
SB-296 Barbering and cosmetology: nail care: superfluous hair removal. Nguyen Senate - Died - Business, Professions and Economic Development
SB-307 Postsecondary education: task force: study of student housing insecurity and homelessness. Nguyen Assembly - Appropriations
SB-314 Massage therapy: certification: credit hours. Nguyen Chaptered
SB-315 California Massage Therapy Council: material for non-English speakers. Nguyen Chaptered
SB-319 California Community Colleges: remedial coursework. Nguyen Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-326 Postsecondary education: Middle Class Scholarship Program. Nguyen Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-342 Pupil curriculum: history-social science curriculum framework: Vietnamese-American refugee experience. Nguyen Senate - Died - Education
SB-408 Income taxes withholding: exemption: active duty residents. Nguyen Senate - Died - Governance and Finance
SB-409 Veterans’ homes: services: complex mental and behavioral health needs. Nguyen Assembly - Appropriations
SB-410 Civil service: veterans’ hiring preference: active duty members. Nguyen Chaptered
SB-411 State military reservists: service awards. Nguyen Senate - Died - Appropriations
SB-476 Discount Prescription Drug Program. Nguyen Senate - Died - Rules
SB-509 Crimes: invasion of privacy: wiretapping. Nguyen Senate - Died - Rules
SB-529 Inspection of public records. Nguyen Senate - Died - Elections and Constitutional Amendments
SB-556 Employees: regulation and supervision. Nguyen Senate - Died - Rules
SB-610 Wrongful concealment: statute of limitations. Nguyen Chaptered
SB-893 Planning and zoning: density bonus: vehicular parking ratio. Nguyen Senate - Failed Passage in Committee
SB-895 Pupil instruction: model curricula: Vietnamese American refugee experience, the Cambodian genocide, and Hmong history and cultural studies. Nguyen Enrolled
SB-908 Legislature: sexual harassment records and tracking. Nguyen Senate - Rules
SB-922 Surplus state property: affordable student housing. Nguyen Senate - Governmental Organization
SB-938 Health care service plans. Nguyen Senate - Rules
SB-971 Murder: special circumstances. Nguyen Senate - Public Safety
SB-1122 Local government. Nguyen Senate - Rules
SB-1176 Personal income taxes: exemption credit: dependents. Nguyen Senate - Appropriations
SB-1193 Community college districts: sale or lease of real property. Nguyen Senate - Education
SB-1241 Income taxes: credit: healing arts licensees: volunteers. Nguyen Senate - Appropriations
SB-1299 Tidelands: City of Huntington Beach: Huntington Harbor. Nguyen Senate - Appropriations
SB-1314 Veterans’ homes: services: complex mental and behavioral health needs. Nguyen Assembly - Appropriations
SB-1332 Sexual battery. Nguyen Senate - Rules
SB-1353 State Department of Health Care Services. Nguyen Senate - Rules
SB-1378 Postsecondary education: segments. Nguyen Senate - Rules
SB-1420 Licensing: definitions. Nguyen Senate - Rules
SCA-15 Local government taxation, assessments, fees, and charges: voter approval. Nguyen Senate - Governance and Finance
SCR-2 Black April Memorial Month. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-4 Month of the Military Child. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-6 Republic of Vietnam Month. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-19 Periodontal/Gum Disease Awareness Month. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-60 Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thi Hanh Nhon’s Disabled Veterans Memorial Highway. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-61 Veterans of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Day. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-86 Veterans of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Day. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-87 Republic of Vietnam Month. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-88 Black April Memorial Month. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-98 Armed Forces of the United States: active duty and retired military personnel. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-116 Month of the Military Child. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-122 California Surfing Day. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-128 American flag. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-162 Vietnamese Boat People Memorial Intersection. Nguyen Senate - Transportation and Housing
SR-10 x Nguyen Senate - Passed
SR-48 x Nguyen Senate - Passed
SR-71 x Nguyen Senate - Passed