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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-193 Monterey County Water Resources Agency: Lake Nacimiento and Lake San Antonio: white bass. Cannella Senate - Natural Resources and Water
SB-195 Vehicle registration. Cannella Senate - Rules
SB-196 Land use: general plans. Cannella Senate - Rules
SB-209 State Department of Health Care Services. Cannella Senate - Rules
SB-251 Autonomous vehicles: pilot project. Cannella Senate - Transportation and Housing
SB-335 Nursery Advisory Board. Cannella Senate - Appropriations
SB-372 San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Groundwater Sustainability Agency. Cannella Assembly - Pending Referral
SB-373 Infrastructure financing: projects. Cannella Senate - Governance and Finance
SB-403 Sale of county courthouses. Cannella Senate - Appropriations
SB-423 Indemnity: design professionals. Cannella Senate - Judiciary
SB-441 Alternative payment programs: reimbursement. Cannella Senate - Human Services
SB-477 Intercity rail corridors: extensions. Cannella Senate - Transportation and Housing
SB-496 Indemnity: design professionals. Cannella Assembly - Third Reading
SB-707 Medi-Cal: Denti-Cal Advisory Group. Cannella Senate - Health
SR-2 x Cannella Senate - Passed
SR-18 x Cannella Senate - Passed