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Measure Subject Author Status
SB-160 Alcoholic beverages: wine. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-181 Administrative Procedure Act: repeal of regulations. Berryhill Senate - Died - Governmental Organization
SB-187 Sport fishing licenses: duration. Berryhill Assembly - Appropriations
SB-211 Juveniles. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-234 Fishing: local regulation: report. Berryhill Assembly - Appropriations
SB-265 Disaster relief. Berryhill Assembly - Appropriations
SB-291 Disaster relief. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-301 Insurance: licensing. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-330 Building permit fees: waiver. Berryhill Chaptered
SB-353 Insurance: classes. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-397 Elections. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-417 State Water Resources Control Board. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-471 Crimes: bribery. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-518 Sport fishing licenses: 12 consecutive month licenses. Berryhill Assembly - Natural Resources
SB-591 Motor vehicle fuel tax. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-627 Field crops: regulations and standards. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-662 Employment: work hours. Berryhill Senate - Died - Rules
SB-956 Electronic benefits transfer system. Berryhill Senate - Rules
SB-967 State Department of State Hospitals. Berryhill Senate - Rules
SB-983 Food and agriculture: fruit, nut, and vegetable standards. Berryhill Senate - Rules
SB-986 Insurance Commissioner: data reporting. Berryhill Senate - Rules
SB-1020 Sport fishing: daily bag limit: possession. Berryhill Senate - Rules
SB-1044 State Responsibility Area Fire Prevention Fees. Berryhill Senate - Pending Referral
SB-1084 Counties: boundaries. Berryhill Senate - Pending Referral
SB-1102 Gaming. Berryhill Senate - Pending Referral
SB-1140 State Water Resources Control Board. Berryhill Senate - Pending Referral
SB-1175 State property: parking facilities: Purple Heart recipients. Berryhill Senate - Pending Referral
SB-1203 Pupil attendance: school districts of choice. Berryhill Senate - Pending Referral
SB-1258 Department of Consumer Affairs. Berryhill Senate - Pending Referral
SB-1311 Fishing and hunting: annual sportsman’s licenses. Berryhill Senate - Pending Referral
SB-1418 Bribery. Berryhill Senate - Pending Referral
SCR-18 Donate Life/DMV Partnership Month. Berryhill Chaptered