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Measure Subject Author Status
SBX1-9 Department of Transportation. Moorlach Senate - Died - Transportation and Infrastructure Development
SB-1140 Legislature: operation of statutes. Moorlach Senate - Died - Governmental Organization
SB-1141 State highways: transfer to local agencies: pilot program. Moorlach Senate - Died - Transportation and Housing
SB-1142 Disability access. Moorlach Senate - Died - Judiciary
SB-1248 Environmental quality: judicial challenge: identification of contributors. Moorlach Senate - Died - Environmental Quality
SB-1251 Publication of state financial obligations: Internet Web site and ballot pamphlet. Moorlach Senate - Died - Public Employment and Retirement
SB-1253 Real estate brokers: limited liability companies. Moorlach Senate - Died - Judiciary
SB-1255 Dissolution of marriage: date of separation. Moorlach Chaptered
SB-1265 Marital deduction trusts. Moorlach Chaptered
SB-1271 Summary probate procedures. Moorlach Senate - Died - Judiciary
SB-1273 Crisis stabilization units: funding. Moorlach Assembly - Died
SB-1275 Public records. Moorlach Senate - Died - Rules
SB-1276 Local agencies. Moorlach Senate - Died - Rules
SB-1437 Personal income taxes: deductions: education expenses: education savings accounts. Moorlach Senate - Died - Governance and Finance
SB-1463 Electrical lines: mitigation of wildfire risks. Moorlach Senate - Unfinished Business
SR-65 x Moorlach Senate - Passed
SR-88 x Moorlach Senate - Passed