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Measure Subject Author Status
AB-79 Parole. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Public Safety
AB-308 Medi-Cal: HIV drug treatment: developmental services: financing. Galgiani Senate - Died - Health
AB-379 Crimes: children. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Public Safety
AB-381 Medi-Cal: provider reimbursement. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-406 Homicide trial costs: Merced County. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-426 Felonies: serious and violent. Galgiani Senate - Died - Public Safety
AB-447 Pupils: AVID program. Galgiani Senate - Died - Education
AB-533 Local publicly owned electric utilities: cost responsibility surcharge. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Utilities and Commerce
AB-570 Medi-Cal reimbursement: intermediate care facilities. Galgiani Senate - Died - Appropriations
AB-606 Medi-Cal: reimbursement rates. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Health
AB-633 Grade separation projects. Galgiani Senate - Died - Transportation and Housing
AB-660 Railroad-highway grade separations. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-663 Alcoholic beverages: advertising. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-805 Firearms. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-856 Agriculture. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-857 Sales and use taxes: exemptions: diabetic supplies. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Revenue and Taxation
AB-1084 Highway signs. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Transportation
AB-1233 State Library: homework assistance. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-1349 Corrections: facilities: county consultation. Galgiani Senate - Died
AB-1428 Energy: agricultural byproducts customer-generator program. Galgiani Senate - Died - Environmental Quality
AB-1475 Crime: child abuse reporting. Galgiani Senate - Died - Rules
AB-1760 Veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians. Galgiani Vetoed
AB-1769 Jury service: peace officer exemption. Galgiani Vetoed
AB-1780 Mental health managed care contracts. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-1810 Horses: shows, competitions, and sales. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-1816 Cemeteries: temporary manager. Galgiani Vetoed
AB-1820 Counties: homicide trials: reimbursement. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-1911 Funeral establishments. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-1927 Vocational nursing and psychiatric technicians. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-2119 Corrections: medical equipment and care. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-2120 Medical telemedicine. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-2284 Market milk standards: frozen yogurt: Milk Producers Security Trust Fund. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-2354 Sex offenses: obscene matter: punishment. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Public Safety
AB-2474 Health care programs: provider reimbursement rates. Galgiani Chaptered
AB-2509 Housing finance: mortgage guarantee program. Galgiani Senate - Died - Banking, Finance and Insurance
AB-2525 Criminal behavior: preschool attendance. Galgiani Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-3034 Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act for the 21st Century. Galgiani Chaptered
ACR-13 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Galgiani Chaptered
ACR-70 Red Ribbon Week. Galgiani Chaptered
ACR-137 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Galgiani Chaptered