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Measure Subject Author Status
ABX2-1 California Coastal Commission: membership. Jackson Chaptered
AB-16 Oil and gas development: pipelines. Jackson Chaptered
AB-28 Public resources. Jackson Chaptered
AB-252 Paternity judgments. Jackson Chaptered
AB-260 State highways: litter control. Jackson Chaptered
AB-358 Gender discrimination. Jackson x
AB-406 Environmental quality. Jackson x
AB-468 Budget: federal funds. Jackson x
AB-659 Radioactive waste: high-level radioactive materials and spent nuclear fuel: transportation. Jackson x
AB-702 State agencies: state and consumer services. Jackson Chaptered
AB-738 Child support enforcement. Jackson Chaptered
AB-739 Child support: State Disbursement Unit. Jackson Chaptered
AB-772 Educational equity. Jackson x
AB-818 Domestic violence: task force. Jackson x
AB-826 The Perchlorate Contamination Prevention Act: perchlorate materials: statewide database. Jackson Chaptered
AB-897 Water quality. Jackson Chaptered
AB-901 Solid waste: hazardous electronic waste. Jackson Chaptered
AB-947 Natural resources: California Ocean Resources Management Act of 1990. Jackson x
AB-1032 State contracts: prospective bidders: disclosure of violations. Jackson x
AB-1105 Identity theft: limitations period. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1131 Crime. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1252 Insurance. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1290 Firearms: prohibitions. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1323 Student financial aid: Ortiz-Pacheco-Poochigian-Vasconcellos Cal Grant Program: decentralized campus-based approach. Jackson x
AB-1342 Discrimination: state policies and programs. Jackson x
AB-1619 Public employees’ retirement: compensation. Jackson x
AB-1760 Victims of crimes. Jackson x
AB-2089 Marriage: factsheet. Jackson x
AB-2128 Air pollution: smog check: voluntary vehicle retirement incentives. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2151 Medi-Cal: reimbursement rates: community and free clinics. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2177 Community colleges: nursing programs. Jackson x
AB-2311 Energy efficiency: sustainable building. Jackson x
AB-2323 Gender equity: athletics. Jackson x
AB-2342 Drinking water: public health goals. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2352 Residential care facilities for persons with chronic, life-threatening illness. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2403 Crime. Jackson x
AB-2417 Continuous child abuse. Jackson x
AB-2607 Recall elections: petition gatherers. Jackson x
AB-2656 Motor vehicles: civil actions: waivers. Jackson x
AB-2662 Gender discrimination. Jackson x
AB-2686 Schools: National School Lunch Program. Jackson x
ACR-13 Girls and Women in Sports Week. Jackson Chaptered
ACR-64 Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Jackson Chaptered
AJR-2 Reproductive rights: Roe v. Wade. Jackson Chaptered
AJR-11 Sierra Nevada Conservation Framework. Jackson x
AJR-57 Reproductive rights: Roe v. Wade. Jackson Chaptered
HR-7 x Jackson x