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Measure Subject Author Status
AB-19 Vehicles: school zones: fines. Jackson x
ABX1-38 Energy resources: renewable energy generation measures. Jackson x
AB-87 Community colleges: worksite-based training. Jackson Chaptered
AB-203 Privacy: financial transactions: personal information. Jackson x
AB-284 Public health: fungal contamination in indoor environments. Jackson Chaptered
AB-329 Court proceedings: disqualification of judges. Jackson x
AB-556 Oil and gas development: pipelines. Jackson x
AB-560 Local used oil collection programs: storm water runoff pollution. Jackson Chaptered
AB-583 Dissolution of marriage: community property. Jackson Chaptered
AB-640 Coastal resources: local coastal programs. Jackson x
AB-702 Hazardous substance remediation: pilot project. Jackson x
AB-751 Mercury-containing lamp waste. Jackson x
AB-819 School safety. Jackson Chaptered
AB-947 Pesticides: schoolsites. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1006 Courts: Ventura County. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1017 Victims of crime. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1067 Arbitration. Jackson x
AB-1078 Driving under the influence. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1088 Civil rights: gender discrimination. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1145 Regional open-space district: County of Ventura. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1236 Volunteer qualified initiatives advertisement. Jackson x
AB-1485 Family planning: informational materials. Jackson x
AB-1886 Vehicles: school zone fines. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1928 Civil actions: gender-related violence. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2053 Teachers. Jackson x
AB-2054 Wages: discrimination. Jackson x
AB-2070 State contracts: disclosure of violations. Jackson x
AB-2071 Public water systems: contaminants: damages recoverable. Jackson x
AB-2079 Mobilehomes: new tenancies: rent increases. Jackson x
AB-2083 Public resources: oil spill prevention and response. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2194 Obstetrics and gynecology residency requirements. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2327 Oil and gas development: pipelines. Jackson x
AB-2378 State agencies: agency reports. Jackson x
AB-2409 Emergency notification systems. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2435 Victims of crime: services. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2456 Employment of offenders. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2470 Minors: statements. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2479 Chemical security. Jackson x
AB-2484 School violence prevention. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2498 Consumer credit reporting agencies: credit scores. Jackson x
AB-2504 Judges: arbitration. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2525 Accessible voting systems. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2528 Postsecondary education: nursing science. Jackson x
AB-2533 Postsecondary education: campus crime reporting. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2542 Victims of crime: reimbursement. Jackson x
AJR-47 Commending Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Jackson Chaptered