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Measure Subject Author Status
AB-17 Firearms: state preemption. Jackson x
AB-384 Sales and use taxes: prepayments. Jackson Chaptered
AB-389 Community colleges: work force training. Jackson x
AB-391 Spousal support. Jackson Chaptered
AB-558 Domestic violence prevention instruction. Jackson x
AB-604 Nonpoint source pollution. Jackson x
AB-606 Victims of crimes: payments. Jackson Chaptered
AB-610 Health care coverage: children’s cancer. Jackson x
AB-612 Armories: homeless shelters. Jackson Chaptered
AB-885 Onsite sewage treatment systems. Jackson Chaptered
AB-887 Tobacco Settlement Fund. Jackson x
AB-889 Marriage: fact sheet. Jackson x
AB-1052 Child Care Initiative Project. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1102 Environmental protection. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1105 State government. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1280 Oil and gas development: pipelines. Jackson x
AB-1282 Teacher credentialing. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1284 Stalking. Jackson Chaptered
AB-1896 Long-term care. Jackson x
AB-1909 Storm water street runoff. Jackson x
AB-1917 Domestic violence prevention instruction. Jackson x
AB-1920 Marriage: fact sheet. Jackson x
AB-1954 Armories: homeless shelter. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2074 Pupils: supplemental instruction. Jackson x
AB-2253 Elder and dependent financial abuse: reporting. Jackson x
AB-2491 Victims of crimes: indemnification. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2546 Radon certification guidelines. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2567 Criminal actions: access to jurors. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2701 State employees: medical examinations. Jackson x
AB-2767 Vehicles: engineering and traffic surveys. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2778 Child care facilities. Jackson Chaptered
AB-2879 Income Taxes: credit: teacher retention. Jackson Chaptered
AJR-53 Gun control. Jackson Chaptered
HR-20 x Jackson x