Senate Floor Session Bills - 07/17/2017

Bills Returned: 242
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SR-40   Morrell Senate - Passed
2 AB-557 CalWORKs: victims of abuse. Rubio Chaptered
3 AB-1398 Annuities: cash surrender benefits. Kalra Chaptered
4 AB-1698 Driver records: points: distracted driving. Daly Senate - Appropriations
5 AB-1696 Insurance omnibus: developmental services. Committee on Insurance Chaptered
6 AB-1520 Lifting Children and Families Out of Poverty Task Force. Burke Chaptered
7 AB-996 Contractors Licensing Board Web site: search function for workers’ compensation claims. Cunningham Senate - Appropriations
8 AB-1705 State Board of Guide Dogs for the Blind: guide dog instructors. Low Chaptered
9 AB-84 Primary elections: election date. Mullin Senate - Inactive
10 AB-467 Local transportation authorities: transactions and use taxes. Mullin Chaptered
11 AB-1228 Marine fisheries: experimental fishing permits. Bloom Assembly - In Desk Process
12 AB-1386 Genomic cancer testing information. Waldron Chaptered
13 AB-148 California Physician Corps Program: practice setting. Mathis Senate - Appropriations
14 AB-614 Area agency on aging: Alzheimer’s disease and dementia: training and services. Limón Senate - Appropriations
15 AB-1688 Community health services: California Mental Health Planning Council, California Children’s Services program, Alameda County pilot program, and Medi-Cal managed care. Committee on Health Chaptered
16 AB-1533 Pupil instruction: College Promise Partnership Act. O'Donnell Chaptered
17 AB-920 Electricity: procurement plans: integrated resource plans. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Appropriations
18 AB-507 Resource families: training topics. Rubio Chaptered
19 AB-149 Personal income taxes: Habitat for Humanity Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
20 AB-1145 Conversion of existing overhead electric and communication facilities to underground locations: cable television corporations and cable operators. Quirk Chaptered
21 AB-1330 Park property: Ayala Park. Reyes Senate - Inactive
22 AB-345 Vehicular air pollution: regulations: exemption. Caballero Senate - Environmental Quality
23 AB-44 Workers’ compensation: medical treatment: terrorist attacks: workplace violence. Reyes Chaptered
24 AB-739 State vehicle fleet: purchases. Chau Chaptered
25 AB-1221 Alcoholic beverage control: Responsible Beverage Service Training Program Act of 2017. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
26 AB-1724 Alcoholic beverages: licenses: suspension and revocation tied-house exception. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
27 AB-22 Secretary of State: storing and recording electronic media. Bonta Chaptered
28 AB-958 Product safety: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Ting Senate - Appropriations
29 AB-1328 Oil and gas: water quality. Limón Chaptered
30 AB-352 State Housing Law: efficiency units. Santiago Chaptered
31 AB-400 Crimes: alcoholic beverages: State Capitol. Cooper Chaptered
32 AB-693 Firearms. Irwin Chaptered
33 AB-879 Planning and zoning: housing element. Grayson Chaptered
34 AB-1405 Digital sign demonstration pilot program. Mullin Senate - Transportation and Housing
46 SCR-21 Joint Rules. De León Chaptered
47 SCR-12 Philippine Independence Day. Pan Chaptered
48 SCR-38 Recording legislative meetings. De León Assembly - Rules
49 SCA-3 Local government financing: public libraries: voter approval. Dodd Senate - Inactive
50 SB-57 Natural gas storage: moratorium. Stern Senate - Died
51 SCR-55 Purple Heart Day. Newman Chaptered
52 SR-45   Mendoza Senate - Inactive
53 SB-558 Property taxation: new construction exclusion: rain water capture system. Glazer Chaptered
54 SCR-65 Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention Awareness Week. Newman Chaptered
55 SR-21   Skinner Senate - Inactive
56 SJR-7 Public resources: salmon: fishery restoration. McGuire Chaptered
57 SB-507 Tijuana River Valley. Hueso Chaptered
58 SB-714 State Coastal Conservancy: West Coyote Hills Conservancy Program. Newman Assembly - Natural Resources
59 SJR-8 California Nonmotorized Trails Master Plan. Allen Chaptered
60 SCR-60 Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Thi Hanh Nhon’s Disabled Veterans Memorial Highway. Nguyen Chaptered
61 SR-49   Bradford Senate - Passed
62 AJR-1 Presidential elections: electoral college. Low Chaptered
63 AB-1516 Maintenance of the codes. Cunningham Chaptered
64 AB-727 Mental Health Services Act: housing assistance. Nazarian Chaptered
65 AB-1115 Convictions: expungement. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
66 AB-1639 Crime victims: the California Victim Compensation Board. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Appropriations
67 AB-101 Education. Ting Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
68 AB-105 Budget Act of 2017. Committee on Budget Chaptered
69 AB-106 Cannabis: licenses: criminal records. Committee on Budget Chaptered
70 AB-108 Education: Child care: individualized county child care subsidy plans: the Every Kid Counts (EKC) Act. Committee on Budget Chaptered
71 AB-110 In-home supportive services provider wages: emergency caregiver payments for foster care: civil immigration detainees: recording fees. Committee on Budget Chaptered
72 AB-112 State Government. Committee on Budget Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
73 AB-1378 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. Gray Chaptered
74 AB-500 Employee codes of conduct: employee interactions with pupils. Bloom Chaptered
75 AB-1556 Employment discrimination: unlawful employment practices. Mark Stone Chaptered
76 AB-238 Emergency response: trauma kits. Steinorth Senate - Rules
77 AB-789 Criminal procedure: release on own recognizance. Rubio Chaptered
78 AJR-4 Home Ownership. Cervantes Chaptered
79 AJR-10 Access to Counsel Act. Santiago Chaptered
80 AJR-14 135th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act. Ting Chaptered
81 AB-104 State government. Committee on Budget Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
82 AB-113 Health. Committee on Budget Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
83 AB-121 State government. Committee on Budget Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
84 AB-122 Budget Act of 2016. Committee on Budget Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
85 AB-123 Budget Act of 2017. Committee on Budget Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
86 AB-125 Clean Energy Job Creation Program and citizen oversight board. Committee on Budget Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
87 AB-469 Candidates: nomination documents. Cooper Chaptered
88 AB-765 Local initiative measures: submission to the voters. Low Chaptered
89 AB-901 County of San Diego: local elections. Gloria Chaptered
90 AB-291 Housing: immigration. Chiu Chaptered
91 AB-1159 Cannabis: legal services. Chiu Chaptered
92 AB-1459 Murder: peace officers. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
93 AB-691 Pupil nutrition: almond milk. Levine Chaptered
94 AB-350 Cannabis edibles: appealing to children. Salas Assembly - In Desk Process
95 AB-191 Mental health: involuntary treatment. Wood Chaptered
96 AB-733 Enhanced infrastructure financing districts: projects: climate change. Berman Chaptered
97 AB-89 Psychologists: suicide prevention training. Levine Chaptered
98 AB-184 Sea level rise planning: database. Berman Chaptered
99 AB-187 Political Reform Act of 1974: local ballot measure contribution and expenditure reporting. Gloria Chaptered
100 AB-335 Parole: placement at release. Kiley Chaptered
101 AB-508 Health care practitioners: student loans. Santiago Chaptered
102 AB-609 Alcoholic beverages: licensee promotion events: sunset. Santiago Chaptered
103 AB-818 CalWORKs: welfare to work. Burke Chaptered
104 AB-819 California State University: regulations. Medina Chaptered
105 AB-830 High school exit examination: repeal. Kalra Chaptered
106 AB-840 Elections: vote by mail and provisional ballots. Quirk Chaptered
107 AB-850 Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission. Chau Assembly - In Desk Process
108 AB-867 Political Reform Act of 1974: contributions. Cooley Chaptered
109 AB-905 Money judgments of other jurisdictions. Maienschein Chaptered
110 AB-1021 In-home supportive services: application. Baker Chaptered
111 AB-1027 Driver’s licenses: examinations: motorcycle licenses. Acosta Chaptered
112 AB-1149 Workforce investment boards: funding. Arambula Chaptered
113 AB-1243 Public Employees’ Retirement System: replacement benefits plan. Arambula Chaptered
114 AB-1309 Employment without reinstatement: failure to enroll or report: fee. Cooley Chaptered
115 AB-1336 California Workforce Development Board. Mullin Chaptered
116 AB-1367 Improper signature-gathering tactics. Berman Chaptered
117 AB-1425 Apprentices. Kalra Senate - Inactive
118 AB-1452 Parking: exclusive electric charging and parking on public streets. Muratsuchi Chaptered
119 AB-1453 Schoolbuses: adult volunteer transportation. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
120 AB-1486 Milk products: licenses: fees. Caballero Chaptered
121 AB-1487 Public Employees’ Retirement System: limited term appointments. Rodriguez Chaptered
122 AB-1651 Community colleges: academic employees: involuntary administrative leave. Reyes Chaptered
123 AB-1162 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Low-Carbon Fuel Standard regulations. O'Donnell Senate - Rules
124 AB-359 In-custody informants. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Third Reading
125 AB-878 Juveniles: restraints. Gipson Chaptered
126 AB-1578 Cannabis programs: cooperation with federal authorities. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Inactive
127 AB-118 Transportation. Committee on Budget Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review
128 ACR-50 2016 U.S.-China Tourism Year. Chu Chaptered
129 ACR-94 Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and The Longest Day. Cooley Chaptered
130 AB-261 School districts: governing boards: pupil members: preferential voting. Thurmond Chaptered
131 AB-462 Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission: wage information data access. Thurmond Chaptered
132 AB-981 Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions. Gray Senate - Inactive
133 AB-1167 Horse racing: quarter horse races. Gray Senate - Inactive
134 AB-299 Hiring of real property: immigration or citizenship status. Calderon Chaptered
135 AB-597 Child abuse and neglect: information: computerized database system. Mark Stone Chaptered
136 AB-1189 Riverside County Transportation Commission: transactions and use tax. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
137 AB-25 Tour buses: modified tour buses. Nazarian Chaptered
138 AJR-9 The March for Science. Mark Stone Chaptered
139 AB-688 Enforcement of money judgments: exemptions. Calderon Chaptered
140 AB-556 County ordinances: violations: fines. Limón Chaptered
141 AB-841 Pupil nutrition: food and beverages: advertising: corporate incentive programs. Weber Chaptered
142 AB-1131 District agricultural associations: joint powers agreements: audits. Lackey Chaptered
143 AB-1205 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: contracting. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Third Reading
144 AB-260 Human trafficking. Santiago Chaptered
145 AB-747 Taxation: nitrogen-based fertilizer application: County of Monterey. Caballero Senate - Rules
146 AB-1132 Nonvehicular air pollution: order for abatement. Cristina Garcia Chaptered
147 AB-367 Water supply: building permits. Obernolte Chaptered
148 AB-265 Prescription drugs: prohibition on price discount. Wood Chaptered
149 AB-383 Civil actions: discovery status conference. Chau Chaptered
150 AB-24 Instructional programs: State Seal of Civic Engagement. Eggman Chaptered
151 AB-1286 Airports: alternative customer facility charges. Friedman Chaptered
152 AB-1726 Vital records: confidentiality. Committee on Health Chaptered
153 AB-395 Substance use treatment providers. Bocanegra Chaptered
154 AB-275 Long-term care facilities: requirements for changes resulting in the inability of the facility to care for its residents. Wood Chaptered
155 AB-218 Local agencies: airports: customer facility charges. Bonta Chaptered
156 AB-1303 Vehicles: window tinting. McCarty Chaptered
157 AB-55 Hazardous materials management: stationary sources. Thurmond Chaptered
158 AB-56 California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank: housing. Holden Chaptered
159 AB-180 Medi-Cal. Wood Senate - Inactive
160 AB-264 Protective orders. Low Chaptered
161 AB-297 Alcoholic beverages: licenses: wine and food cultural museum and educational center. Levine Chaptered
162 AB-424 Possession of a firearm in a school zone. McCarty Chaptered
163 AB-515 State Highway System Management Plan. Frazier Chaptered
164 AB-539 Search warrants. Acosta Chaptered
165 AB-551 Political Reform Act of 1974: postemployment restrictions. Levine Chaptered
166 AB-593 Structural Fumigation Enforcement Program. Gloria Chaptered
167 AB-606 State voter information guides. Berman Chaptered
168 AB-618 Local Agency Public Construction Act: job order contracting: school districts: community college districts. Low Chaptered
169 AB-697 Tolls: exemption for privately owned emergency ambulances. Fong Senate - Inactive
170 AB-711 Beer manufacturers: free or discounted rides. Low Chaptered
171 AB-712 Civil actions: change of venue. Bloom Chaptered
172 AB-804 Controller: internal control guidelines. Cristina Garcia Chaptered
173 AB-837 No party preference voters: partisan primary elections. Low Chaptered
174 AB-978 Employment safety: injury and illness prevention program. Limón Assembly - In Desk Process
175 AB-979 Local agency formation commissions: district representation. Lackey Chaptered
176 AB-993 Examination of victims of sex crimes. Baker Chaptered
177 AB-994 Health care districts: design-build. Muratsuchi Chaptered
178 AB-997 Alcoholic beverage licensees: winegrowers and beer manufacturers. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
179 AB-1086 Housing: regional housing needs. Daly Chaptered
180 AB-1130 Heavy equipment rentals. Bocanegra Chaptered
181 AB-1283 Mutual aid: reimbursements: volunteer firefighters. Rodriguez Senate - Inactive
182 AB-1292 Electrical corporations: computation of average residential consumption of electricity and the baseline quantity for electricity usage. Patterson Vetoed
183 AB-1340 Continuing medical education: mental and physical health care integration. Maienschein Chaptered
184 AB-1344 Voting rights: inmates and persons formerly incarcerated. Weber Chaptered
185 AB-1400 Public Interest Research, Development, and Demonstration Program and Electric Program Investment Charge program: microgrid projects: diesel backup generators. Friedman Chaptered
186 AB-1424 University of California: Best Value Construction Contracting Program. Levine Chaptered
187 AB-1444 Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority: demonstration project. Baker Chaptered
188 AB-1590 Structural Pest Control Board: complaints: structural pest control operators. Chen Chaptered
189 AB-1593 Personal income tax. Ridley-Thomas Chaptered
190 AB-1604 CalWORKs: welfare-to-work: education. Nazarian Chaptered
191 AB-1647 Petroleum refineries: air monitoring systems. Muratsuchi Chaptered
192 AB-326 State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology: physical and sexual abuse awareness training. Salas Chaptered
193 AB-1505 Land use: zoning regulations. Bloom Chaptered
194 AB-280 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Rape Kit Backlog Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Low Chaptered
195 AB-519 Personal income tax: California Senior Citizen Advocacy Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Levine Chaptered
196 AB-1031 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Rare and Endangered Species Preservation Program: Native California Wildlife Rehabilitation Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Waldron Chaptered
197 AB-1337 Fish and Game Commission: meetings and hearings: live broadcast. Patterson Vetoed
198 AB-1525 Firearms warnings. Baker Chaptered
199 AB-1560 Nurse practitioners: certified nurse-midwives: physician assistants: physician and surgeon supervision. Friedman Senate - Inactive
200 AB-32 California State Auditor. Rodriguez Chaptered
201 AB-1168 Gambling: local moratorium. Gipson Senate - Inactive
202 AB-1540 State dinosaur: Augustynolophus morrisi. Bloom Chaptered
203 AB-413 Confidential communications: domestic violence. Eggman Chaptered
204 ACR-85 Parks Make Life Better! Month. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
205 ACR-107 4th of July. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
206 AJR-11 California agricultural industry. Flora Chaptered
207 AJR-13 National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Lackey Chaptered
208 AB-1437 California Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Act: licensing. Patterson Senate - Inactive
209 AB-411 Witness testimony: therapy and facility dogs. Bloom Chaptered
210 AB-1418 City prosecutors. O'Donnell Chaptered
211 AB-1725 Local agency formation. Committee on Local Government Chaptered
212 AB-1439 Hazardous materials: reporting. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Chaptered
213 AB-1206 Vehicles: impoundment: pilot program. Bocanegra Chaptered
214 AB-1541 Examination of prospective jurors. Kalra Chaptered
215 AB-1625 Inoperable parking meters. Rubio Chaptered
216 AB-154 Prisoners: mental health treatment. Levine Assembly - In Desk Process
217 AB-644 Civil procedure: pleadings. Berman Chaptered
218 AB-1613 San Mateo County Transit District: retail transactions and use tax. Mullin Chaptered
219 AB-1550 School finance: school bonds: small school district. Limón Chaptered
220 AB-186 Controlled substances: safer drug consumption program. Eggman Senate - Inactive
221 AB-1024 Grand juries: peace officers: proceedings. Kiley Chaptered
222 AB-846 Voluntary contributions: California YMCA Youth and Government Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Cooley Chaptered
223 AB-468 Transit districts: prohibition orders. Santiago Chaptered
224 ACR-95 Philippine Independence Day. Bonta Chaptered
225 ACR-97 The 2017 International Day of Yoga. Kalra Chaptered
226 ACR-98 Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Awareness Month. Kalra Chaptered
227 AB-671 Veterans: services. Chávez Chaptered
228 AB-407 Fraternal fire insurers: coverage. Bigelow Chaptered
229 AB-428 Local government: the Ralph M. Brown Act. Ridley-Thomas Chaptered
230 AB-61 State Compensation Insurance Fund: board. Holden Assembly - In Desk Process
231 ACR-54 California Nonprofits Day. Limón Chaptered
232 ACR-72 Robotics Technology Day. Patterson Chaptered
233 ACR-100 Juneteenth. Holden Chaptered
234 AJR-18 Korean Peninsula: regional peace and stability. Choi Chaptered
A- 1 SCR-9 Hmong History Month. Pan Chaptered
A- 2 SCR-10 Filipino American History Month. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 3 SCR-3 Cambodia: sister-state relationship. Lara Senate - Inactive
A- 4 SCR-6 Republic of Vietnam Month. Nguyen Chaptered
A- 5 SR-8   Moorlach Senate - Inactive
A- 6 SCA-2 Motor vehicle fees and taxes: restriction on expenditures: appropriations limit. Newman Senate - Inactive
A- 7 SCR-49 Day of Inclusion. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 8 SR-37   Hertzberg Senate - Passed
A- 9 SB-602 Fish: sport and commercial marine fisheries: reports. Allen Senate - Died - Rules
A- 10 SB-327 Information privacy: connected devices. Jackson Assembly - Privacy and Consumer Protection
A- 11 SB-168 Recycling: beverage containers. Wieckowski Assembly - Natural Resources
A- 12 SB-705 Solid waste: expanded polystyrene food service containers. Allen Senate - Failed
A- 13 SB-567 Taxation. Lara Senate - Died
A- 14 AB-1284 California Financing Law: Property Assessed Clean Energy program: program administrators. Dababneh Chaptered
A- 15 AB-1294 Solid waste: plastic products. Berman Chaptered
A- 16 AB-987 California Environmental Quality Act: sports and entertainment project. Kamlager-Dove Senate - Judiciary
A- 17 AB-394 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. Mathis Chaptered
A- 18 AB-802 Voter intimidation: public official: disqualification. Low Senate - In Desk Process
A- 19 AB-1694 Foster care payments: income. Mark Stone Chaptered