Senate Floor Session Bills - 07/01/2013

Bills Returned: 218
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SBX1-3 Health care coverage: bridge plan. Hernandez Chaptered
1 SCR-49 Firearms. Knight Senate - Died
2 AB-241 Domestic work employees: labor standards. Ammiano Chaptered
3 AB-1373 Workers’ compensation: firefighters and peace officers. John A. Pérez Assembly - Died
4 AB-1315 California Green Collar Jobs Act of 2008: Green Collar Jobs Council. John A. Pérez Senate - Died
5 AB-1383 District-based municipal elections. Roger Hernández Senate - Died - Rules
6 AB-1235 Local agencies: financial management training. Gordon Assembly - Died
7 AB-182 Bonds: school districts and community college districts. Buchanan Chaptered
8 AB-1392 Unemployment insurance: work sharing plans. Committee on Insurance Chaptered
9 ACR-3 The CHP Officer Robert J. Quirk Memorial Highway. Logue Chaptered
10 AB-691 State lands: granted trust lands: sea level rise. Muratsuchi Chaptered
11 AB-594 State parks: operating agreements: park closures. Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife Chaptered
12 AB-721 Controlled substances: transporting with intent to sell. Bradford Chaptered
23 AB-77 Budget Act of 2013: public resources. Committee on Budget Legislature - Died
24 SB-540 Career technical education: recognition certificates. Wyland Senate - Died
25 SCR-30 Equal Pay Day. Jackson Chaptered
26 SB-426 Civil procedure: deficiency judgments. Corbett Chaptered
27 SB-581 School bonds: bond accountability. Wyland Chaptered
28 SCR-33 Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Gaines Chaptered
29 SB-546 Education employment: termination: hearing. Wright Chaptered
30 SCA-6 Initiative measures: funding source. DeSaulnier Senate - Died
31 SB-434 Public Utilities Commission: removal of a commissioner. Hill Chaptered
32 SJR-13 Immigration reform: F3 and F4 visa categories. Yee Chaptered
33 SCR-42 Valley Fever Awareness Month. Fuller Chaptered
34 SCR-51 California Bullying Prevention Day. Lieu Chaptered
35 SCA-3 Public information. Leno Chaptered
36 SCR-52 California Plan Your Giving Day. Wolk Chaptered
37 SCR-56 National Night Out. Torres Chaptered
38 ACR-31 Cinco de Mayo Week. V. Manuel Pérez Chaptered
39 AJR-16 State preschool programs: early learning. Bonilla Chaptered
40 ACR-13 25th Annual State Scientist Day. Pan Chaptered
41 AB-121 Counties: disposition of real property. Dickinson Chaptered
42 AJR-6 Unmanned aircraft systems. Fox Chaptered
43 AB-652 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act: homeless children. Ammiano Chaptered
44 AB-206 Vehicles: length limitations: buses: bicycle transportation devices. Dickinson Chaptered
45 AB-493 Toll facilities. Daly Chaptered
46 AB-722 Vehicles: driver’s licenses: medical examinations. Lowenthal Chaptered
47 AB-267 Evidentiary privileges: lawyer referral service-client privilege. Chau Chaptered
48 AB-374 Eminent domain: compensation: loss of goodwill. Wagner Assembly - Died
49 AB-381 Estates and trusts: undue influence and elder abuse. Chau Chaptered
50 AB-1029 Trusts and estates: allocations of receipts. Maienschein Chaptered
51 AB-131 Voter registration: affidavits: rebuttable presumptions. Williams Chaptered
52 AB-210 Transactions and use taxes: County of Alameda and the County of Contra Costa. Wieckowski Chaptered
53 AB-58 Medical experiments: human subjects. Wieckowski Chaptered
54 AB-457 Shareholders. Torres Chaptered
55 AJR-3 Immigration. Alejo Chaptered
56 AB-1382 Reporting. Committee on Health Chaptered
57 AB-848 Adoption. Patterson Chaptered
58 AB-1030 Community colleges: organization of governing boards: nonvoting student members. Cooley Chaptered
59 AB-20 Obscene matter: minors. Waldron Chaptered
60 AB-139 Domestic violence: fees. Holden Chaptered
61 AB-743 The Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000. Logue Chaptered
62 AB-841 Junk dealers and recyclers: nonferrous materials: payment. Torres Assembly - Died
63 ACR-45 Early care and education. Weber Chaptered
64 AB-161 Restraining orders. Campos Chaptered
65 AB-205 Public employees’ retirement: pension fund management. Pan Chaptered
66 AB-1289 State government: California Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Cooley Chaptered
67 AB-1332 California State Lottery: assignment of prize payments. Hagman Chaptered
68 AB-568 Criminal procedure: testimony of law enforcement officers. Muratsuchi Chaptered
69 AB-694 Admissibility of evidence: victims of human trafficking. Bloom Chaptered
70 AB-884 County Board of Parole Commissioners: parole terms. Bonilla Chaptered
71 AB-1325 Vandalism: punishment. John A. Pérez Chaptered
72 AB-61 Parking: parking meters. Gatto Chaptered
73 AB-1253 Vehicles: mobile advertising displays. Blumenfield Chaptered
74 AB-937 Conservators and guardians: personal rights of conservatees. Wieckowski Chaptered
75 AB-1275 Unclaimed property: filing of claims. Chau Chaptered
76 AB-1167 Court records: electronic forms. Dickinson Chaptered
77 AB-1393 Personal income taxes: income exclusion: mortgage debt forgiveness. Perea Chaptered
78 AB-631 Pupils: juvenile court schools. Fox Chaptered
79 AB-1266 Pupil rights: sex-segregated school programs and activities. Ammiano Chaptered
80 AB-379 Manufactured housing: removal. Brown Chaptered
81 AB-95 Budget Act of 2012: augmentation. Committee on Budget Senate - Died
82 AB-1424 Alcoholic beverages: instruction: tastings: tied-house restrictions: advertising. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
83 AB-1426 Tribal gaming. Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Died
84 AB-926 Reproductive health and research. Bonilla Vetoed
85 AJR-11 Bankruptcy. Wieckowski Chaptered
86 AB-630 Architects. Holden Chaptered
87 AB-978 Financial institutions: Iran sanctions. Blumenfield Chaptered
88 AB-180 Registration and licensing of firearms: City of Oakland. Bonta Assembly - Died
89 AB-986 Postrelease community supervision: flash incarceration: city jails. Bradford Chaptered
90 AB-1004 Criminal procedure. Gray Chaptered
91 AB-233 Wage garnishment: restrictions: student loans. Wieckowski Senate - Failed
92 AB-637 Housing assistance. Atkins Chaptered
93 AB-499 Judicial proceedings: injunctions prohibiting harassment. Ting Chaptered
94 AB-583 County free public libraries: withdrawal: use of private contractors. Gomez Chaptered
95 AB-624 County jail: rehabilitation credits. Mitchell Chaptered
96 ACR-50 Parks Make Life Better! Month. Gordon Chaptered
97 ACR-64 Little Saigon. Allen Chaptered
98 AB-635 Drug overdose treatment: liability. Ammiano Chaptered
99 AB-1339 Professional fiduciaries: guardians and conservators. Maienschein Chaptered
100 AB-133 Instructional materials: digital format. Hagman Chaptered
101 AB-868 Courts: training programs: gender identity and sexual orientation. Ammiano Chaptered
102 AB-11 Employees: reserve peace officers and emergency rescue personnel. Logue Chaptered
103 AB-25 Employment: social media. Campos Senate - Died - Rules
104 AB-68 Parole. Maienschein Chaptered
105 AB-116 Land use: subdivision maps: expiration dates. Bocanegra Chaptered
106 AB-166 Pupil instruction: financial literacy. Roger Hernández Chaptered
107 AB-170 Assault weapons and .50 BMG rifles. Bradford Chaptered
108 AB-178 Highways: exit information signs. Beth Gaines Chaptered
109 AB-229 Local government: infrastructure and revitalization financing districts. John A. Pérez Chaptered
110 AB-285 Microenterprises: economic development. Brown Assembly - Died
111 AB-400 Petitions: initiative, referendum, or recall. Fong Vetoed
112 AB-404 Healing arts: behavioral sciences: retired licenses. Eggman Chaptered
113 AB-428 Healing arts: marriage and family therapists: clinical social workers: coursework. Eggman Chaptered
114 AB-432 Horse racing: exchange wagering. V. Manuel Pérez Chaptered
115 AB-451 Healing arts: therapists and counselors: licensing. Eggman Chaptered
116 AB-461 Alcoholic beverages: licenses. Achadjian Chaptered
117 AB-494 Prisoners: literacy and education. V. Manuel Pérez Chaptered
118 AB-508 Debt collection: homeless veterans. Ian Calderon Chaptered
119 AB-528 State Rail Plan and High-Speed Rail Authority business plan. Lowenthal Chaptered
120 AB-556 Fair Employment and Housing Act: military veterans. Salas Chaptered
121 AB-672 Tax administration: tax clearance certificates. Harkey Chaptered
122 AB-701 General Subject: Local government finance: property tax revenue allocation: vehicle license fee adjustments: County of Orange. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
123 AB-776 Medi-Cal. Yamada Chaptered
124 AB-789 Trapping. Williams Chaptered
125 AB-813 Election results. Melendez Chaptered
126 AB-829 Election management systems. Fong Chaptered
127 AB-855 State employees: absence without leave: reinstatement. Brown Assembly - Died
128 AB-917 Charter schools: authorization: petition: signatures. Bradford Assembly - Died
129 AB-1019 State prisons: correctional education and vocational training. Ammiano Chaptered
130 AB-1054 Mental health: skilled nursing facility: reimbursement rate. Chesbro Chaptered
131 AB-1057 Professions and vocations: licenses: military service. Medina Chaptered
132 AB-1195 Public records: crime victims. Eggman Chaptered
133 AB-1297 Coroners: organ donation. John A. Pérez Chaptered
134 AB-1386 Employment: employee complaints: final orders. Committee on Labor and Employment Chaptered
135 AB-195 Counties: construction projects: design-build. Hall Chaptered
136 AB-209 Medi-Cal: managed care: quality, accessibility, and utilization. Pan Senate - Died
137 AB-235 State claims. Gatto Chaptered
138 AB-238 Protective and restraining orders: computer database system. Gomez Chaptered
139 AB-373 Public Employees’ Long-Term Care Act. Mullin Chaptered
140 AB-505 Medi-Cal: managed care: language assistance services. Nazarian Chaptered
141 AB-512 Healing arts: licensure exemption. Rendon Chaptered
142 AB-535 Emergency Alert System. Quirk Chaptered
143 AB-538 Firearms. Pan Chaptered
144 AB-636 Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions. Hall Chaptered
145 AB-767 Vehicles: additional registration fees: vehicle-theft crimes. Levine Chaptered
146 AB-797 Transit districts: contracts. Gordon Chaptered
147 AB-836 Dentists: continuing education. Skinner Chaptered
148 AB-902 Vehicles: rules of the road: right-of-way. Beth Gaines Vetoed
149 AB-989 State teachers’ retirement: account statements. Mullin Chaptered
150 AB-1005 Judicial appointments: demographic data. Alejo Chaptered
151 AB-1006 Juvenile court records: sealing and destruction. Yamada Chaptered
152 AB-1025 Public postsecondary education: credit by examination. Garcia Chaptered
153 AB-1144 Public Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act: City of Carson. Hall Chaptered
154 AB-1282 Financial institutions: credit unions. Bonta Chaptered
155 AB-1346 Postemployment health benefits: Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District: employer contributions. Pan Chaptered
156 AB-1384 Garment manufacturing: civil penalties. Committee on Labor and Employment Chaptered
157 AB-619 Court facilities. Garcia Chaptered
158 AB-240 Mutual water companies. Rendon Chaptered
159 AB-491 Corporations: bylaws: emergency powers. Torres Chaptered
160 AB-1181 Public employee organizations: members: paid leaves of absence. Gray Chaptered
161 AB-279 Financial affairs. Dickinson Chaptered
162 AB-979 Peace officers: Maritime Peace Officer Standards Training Act of 2013. Weber Chaptered
163 AB-325 Land use and planning: cause of actions: time limitations. Alejo Chaptered
164 AB-370 Consumers: internet privacy. Muratsuchi Chaptered
165 AB-545 Dependent children: placement: nonrelative extended family member. Mitchell Chaptered
166 AB-1401 Jury duty: eligibility. Committee on Judiciary Assembly - Died
167 AB-817 Elections officials. Bonta Chaptered
168 AB-81 Public safety: domestic abuse. Committee on Budget Chaptered
169 AB-1347 Horse racing: out-of-state thoroughbred races. Gray Senate - Died
170 AB-157 Protective orders: credibly impersonating and falsely personating. Campos Chaptered
171 AB-1143 Tax administration: suspension or forfeiture: limited liability companies: check the box regulations: property tax assessment. Skinner Chaptered
172 AB-1133 Foster children: special health care needs. Mitchell Chaptered
173 AB-382 State and local government: alternative investments: public access. Mullin Chaptered
174 AB-1286 Personal income tax: voluntary contributions: California Breast Cancer Research Fund. Skinner Chaptered
175 AB-256 Pupils: grounds for suspension and expulsion: bullying. Garcia Chaptered
176 AB-420 Pupil discipline: suspensions and expulsions: willful defiance. Dickinson Chaptered
177 AB-402 Disability income insurance: mental illness. Ammiano Chaptered
178 AB-1394 State Compensation Insurance Fund: executive appointments. Committee on Insurance Chaptered
179 AJR-18 Equality of rights for men and women. Skinner Chaptered
180 AB-625 Notaries public: acceptance of identification. Quirk Chaptered
181 AB-1236 Contractors: limited liability companies. Hagman Chaptered
182 AB-331 Consolidation of elections. Garcia Chaptered
183 SCR-43 CHP Officer Kenyon Youngstrom Memorial Undercrossing. DeSaulnier Chaptered
184 SCR-45 Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Highway. Wolk Chaptered
185 AB-163 Sales and use taxes: exemption: military thrift store. Atkins Chaptered
186 AB-201 Office of Small Business Advocate: small business financial development corporations: Internet Web site information. Holden Chaptered
187 AB-306 Vehicles: motor carrier. Lowenthal Chaptered
188 AB-372 Civil service: veterans’ preference in hiring. Eggman Chaptered
189 AB-392 State mandates: prorated claims. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
190 AB-443 Vehicles: delinquent parking and traffic violations. Lowenthal Chaptered
191 AB-464 Vital records. Daly Chaptered
192 AB-727 Public trust lands: dredging: notice and leases. Stone Chaptered
193 AB-1232 Developmental services: quality assessment system. V. Manuel Pérez Chaptered
194 AB-1316 Election ballots: identical candidate names. Harkey Chaptered
195 ACR-14 Deputy Tony Diaz, Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, Memorial Rest Area. Yamada Chaptered
196 ACR-16 Gerald “Blackie” Sawyer Memorial Highway. Hagman Chaptered
197 ACR-41 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Bridge. Chávez Chaptered
198 ACR-51 Jimmy A. Arevalo Memorial Highway. Jones Chaptered
199 AB-309 CalFresh: homeless youth. Mitchell Chaptered
200 AB-1058 San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. Chávez Chaptered
201 AB-1380 County employees’ retirement. Committee on Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Chaptered
202 AB-383 Maintenance of the codes. Wagner Chaptered
A- 1 SCR-9 Black History Month. Wright Senate - Died
A- 2 SB-785 Design-build. Wolk Chaptered
A- 3 SB-658 Orange County Water District Act: investigation, cleanup, and liability. Correa Senate - Died
A- 4 SB-673 County employees’ retirement: Contra Costa County. DeSaulnier Chaptered
A- 5 SB-395 Hazardous waste: wells. Jackson Senate - Died
A- 6 SB-761 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund. DeSaulnier Chaptered
A- 7 SB-603 Landlord and tenant: security deposit. Leno Senate - Died
A- 8 SB-383 Credit cards: personal information. Jackson Assembly - Died - Banking and Finance
A- 9 SB-307 Healing arts: Veterinary Medical Board. Price Senate - Died
A- 10 SB-617 California Environmental Quality Act. Evans Senate - Died
A- 11 SB-405 Solid waste: single-use carryout bags. Padilla Senate - Died
A- 12 SB-182 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
A- 13 SB-183 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
A- 14 ACR-27 César Chávez. V. Manuel Pérez Senate - Died
A- 15 AB-816 Sales and use taxes: exemption: public utility: energy efficiency program. Hall Senate - Died - Rules
A- 16 AB-1303 Horse racing: northern zone: fairs: satellite wagering. Hall Chaptered
A- 17 AB-1425 Alcoholic beverages. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
A- 18 AB-882 Voter registration and recall elections. Gordon Chaptered
A- 19 AB-78 Energy: Proposition 39 implementation. Committee on Budget Senate - Died
A- 20 AB-79 Budget Act of 2013. Committee on Budget Senate - Died
A- 21 AB-80 Drought relief. Committee on Budget Senate - Died
A- 22 AB-83 Public health: Medi-Cal managed care plan taxes. Committee on Budget Senate - Died
A- 23 AB-87 Investment in Mental Health Wellness Act of 2013. Committee on Budget Senate - Died
A- 24 AB-91 Transportation. Blumenfield Senate - Died
A- 25 AB-100 Medi-Cal: managed care: long-term services and supports: in-home supportive services. Committee on Budget Senate - Died