Sen. Check-in Session Bills - 06/12/2019

Bills Returned: 83
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-1336 Child health and safety fund. Smith Chaptered
2 AB-737 Residential care facilities for the elderly: licensing and regulation. Eggman Chaptered
3 ACR-59 Autism: sensory-friendly movie screenings. Grayson Chaptered
4 AB-205 Alcoholic beverages: beer. Daly Chaptered
5 AB-759 Traffic safety: work zones: positive protection measures. Bigelow Chaptered
6 AB-1265 Alcoholic beverage licensees: donations. Robert Rivas Chaptered
7 AB-1013 State agencies: grant applications. Obernolte Chaptered
8 AB-1432 Water shortage emergencies: declarations: wildfires. Dahle Chaptered
9 AB-543 Education: sexual harassment: written policy: posters. Smith Chaptered
10 AB-982 Pupils: homework assignments for suspended pupils. Holden Chaptered
11 AB-1215 Law enforcement: facial recognition and other biometric surveillance. Ting Chaptered
12 AB-1390 Deferred entry of judgment pilot program. Mark Stone Chaptered
13 AB-1537 Juvenile records: inspection: prosecutorial discovery. Cunningham Chaptered
14 AB-185 California Transportation Commission: transportation and transportation-related policies: joint meetings. Grayson Chaptered
15 AB-1266 Traffic control devices: bicycles. Robert Rivas Chaptered
16 AB-335 Imperial County Transportation Commission. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
17 AB-1821 Contracts. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
18 AB-1373 Adoption. Patterson Chaptered
19 AB-1497 Hosting platforms. Holden Chaptered
23 AB-74 Budget Act of 2019. Ting Chaptered
24 SCR-30 Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month. Pan Chaptered
25 SB-232 Hazardous substances: regulated metals: packaging materials. Dodd Vetoed
26 SCR-54 Gold Star families. Grove Chaptered
27 SCR-57 50th anniversary of the Special Olympics. Hueso Chaptered
28 SR-44   Wiener Senate - Passed
29 SR-46   Rubio Senate - Passed
30 AB-956 Telecommunications: automatic dialing-announcing devices: emergency alert notifications. Diep Chaptered
31 AB-679 Voter qualifications: residence and domicile. Gonzalez Chaptered
32 AB-484 Crimes: probation. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
33 AB-597 Probation and mandatory supervision: flash incarceration. Levine Chaptered
34 AB-603 Firearms: retired peace officers. Melendez Vetoed
35 AB-327 Estates and trusts: at-death transfers. Maienschein Chaptered
36 ACR-88 Older Americans Month. Reyes Chaptered
37 ACR-92 Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. Waldron Chaptered
38 AB-1577 Microenterprise development: local partnerships. Burke Senate - Inactive
39 AB-1129 Privacy. Chau Chaptered
40 AB-212 Counties: recording fees. Bonta Chaptered
41 AB-1533 Public contracts: local agencies: preferences. Eggman Chaptered
42 AB-514 Trustees of the California State University: student members. Medina Chaptered
43 AB-1063 Healthcare coverage: waivers. Petrie-Norris Senate - Inactive
44 AB-851 Drug masking products. Cooper Chaptered
45 AB-1289 Alarm Company Act: local use permit. Chen Chaptered
46 AB-1079 Telecommunications: privacy protections. Santiago Chaptered
47 AB-1817 Family law omnibus. Committee on Judiciary Chaptered
48 AB-595 Community colleges: apprenticeship programs. Medina Chaptered
49 ACR-1 Immigration: public charges. Bonta Chaptered
50 AJR-4 Firearms. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
51 AJR-5 Firearm safety. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
52 AJR-9 Immigration enforcement tactics. Cristina Garcia Chaptered
53 AB-496 Business and professions. Low Chaptered
54 AB-716 Fictitious business name statements. Chen Chaptered
55 AB-1529 Cannabis vaporizing cartridges: universal symbol. Low Chaptered
56 AJR-2 The federal Pell Grant Program awards. Voepel Chaptered
57 AB-1062 Pupil instruction: community emergency response training. Limón Chaptered
58 AB-1234 Standardized tests. Patterson Chaptered
59 AB-698 Elections: initiative and referendum petitions: signature verification. Obernolte Chaptered
60 AB-127 Driving under the influence: research. Lackey Chaptered
61 AB-814 Vehicles: unlawful access to computer systems. Chau Chaptered
62 AB-46 Individuals with mental illness: change of term. Carrillo Chaptered
63 AB-328 Estates and trusts: undue influence. Maienschein Chaptered
64 AB-622 Service of process or subpoena. Chen Chaptered
65 AB-692 Attorneys: arbitration of attorney’s fees. Maienschein Chaptered
66 AB-1203 Rental passenger vehicle transactions. O'Donnell Senate - Inactive
67 AB-1361 Civil actions: satisfaction of money judgments. Obernolte Chaptered
68 SJR-8 Special education funding. Wilk Chaptered
69 AB-1822 Local Government: omnibus. Committee on Local Government Chaptered
70 AB-272 Pupils: use of smartphones. Muratsuchi Chaptered
71 AB-853 Student financial aid: Golden State Scholarshare Trust Act. Smith Chaptered
72 AB-1429 Hazardous materials: business plans. Chen Chaptered
73 AB-781 Medi-Cal: family respite care. Maienschein Chaptered
A- 1 SCR-18 Pain Awareness Month and Women In Pain Awareness Day. Jackson Senate - Inactive
A- 2 SCA-3 Property taxation: change in ownership: inheritance exclusion. Hill Senate - Inactive
A- 3 SCA-5 Taxation: school districts: parcel tax. Hill Senate - Inactive
A- 4 SB-434 Common interest developments: managing agent: production of client property and client records upon termination of management agreement. Archuleta Senate - Died
A- 5 SB-38 Sales and use taxes: consumer designation: all volunteer fire department. Hill Assembly - Pending Referral
A- 6 SCA-2 Elections: recalls. Allen Assembly - Elections and Redistricting
A- 7 SB-175 Health care coverage. Pan Assembly - Pending Referral
A- 8 SB-756 Charter schools: moratorium. Durazo Senate - Died
A- 9 SB-772 Long duration bulk energy storage: procurement. Bradford Senate - Died
A- 10 SB-135 Paid family leave. Jackson Senate - Died
A- 11 AB-946 Political Reform Act of 1974. Committee on Elections and Redistricting Chaptered
A- 12 AB-1752 South Coast Water District. Petrie-Norris Chaptered
A- 13 AB-1829 Elections. Committee on Elections and Redistricting Chaptered