Senate Floor Session Bills - 05/17/2018

Bills Returned: 205
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-2901 Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Senate - Consent
9 SB-840 Budget Act of 2018. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Legislature - In Conference
10 SCR-59 Arthritis Awareness Month. Bates Chaptered
11 SB-606 Water management planning. Hertzberg Enrolled
12 SR-87   De León Senate - Third Reading
13 SB-1287 Medi-Cal: medically necessary services. Hernandez Senate - Third Reading
14 SR-96   Wilk Senate - Third Reading
15 SR-106   Wilk Senate - Passed
16 SB-1358 Public Utilities Commission: proceedings: hearings. Hueso Senate - Second Reading
17 SB-1370 Well stimulation treatments. Stern Senate - Third Reading
18 SB-897 Residential property insurance: wildfires. McGuire Senate - Third Reading
19 SB-917 Insurance policies. Jackson Assembly - Insurance
20 SB-894 Property insurance. Dodd Senate - Third Reading
21 SCR-135 Portugal Day. Cannella Senate - Third Reading
22 SCR-136 Infrastructure Week. Newman Assembly - Second Reading
23 SB-820 Settlement agreements: confidentiality. Leyva Assembly - Pending Referral
24 SR-75   Morrell Senate - Passed
25 SB-1269 Schoolbus safety: child safety alert system. Hueso Senate - Third Reading
26 SB-1136 Electricity: load-serving entities: resource adequacy requirements. Hertzberg Assembly - Utilities and Energy
27 SB-1137 Veterans: professional licensing benefits. Vidak Assembly - Pending Referral
28 SB-1166 Public Employees’ Retirement System: contracting agency: contributions. Pan Senate - Third Reading
29 SB-1304 Veterans: transitional assistance program: funding. Newman Assembly - Pending Referral
30 SB-1313 California Gambling Control Commission. Vidak Assembly - Pending Referral
31 SB-1333 Planning and zoning: general plan: zoning regulations: charter cities. Wieckowski Senate - Second Reading
32 SB-1412 Applicants for employment: criminal history. Bradford Senate - Second Reading
33 SCR-91 California Law Revision Commission: studies. Roth Assembly - Pending Referral
34 SB-1250 Voting: domicile. Bradford Assembly - Elections and Redistricting
35 SB-965 California Cattle Council. McGuire Assembly - Agriculture
36 SB-987 Driver’s licenses: organ and tissue donation registry: consent. Galgiani Senate - Third Reading
37 SB-1262 Construction Manager/General Contractor project delivery method: Department of Transportation. Newman Assembly - Pending Referral
38 SB-1360 Driver’s license: driving test: Republic of Korea. Portantino Assembly - Transportation
39 SCR-139 No Straw November. Monning Senate - Third Reading
40 SCR-140 Elder and Vulnerable Adult Abuse Awareness Month. Dodd Senate - Third Reading
41 SCR-141 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Awareness Month. Moorlach Assembly - Second Reading
42 SCR-142 Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Gaines Assembly - Pending Referral
43 SB-954 Mediation: confidentiality: disclosure. Wieckowski Assembly - Judiciary
44 SB-838 Corporate records: articles of incorporation: blockchain technology. Hertzberg Assembly - Pending Referral
45 SB-1235 Commercial financing: disclosures. Glazer Senate - Third Reading
46 SB-1416 Local government: nuisance abatement. McGuire Assembly - Pending Referral
47 SCR-110 Sex characteristics. Wiener Assembly - Pending Referral
48 SB-1039 Market milk: ultra-filtered milk products. Pan Assembly - Pending Referral
49 SB-1392 Sentencing. Mitchell Senate - Third Reading
50 SB-1129 Spousal support award: conviction for act of domestic violence. Monning Assembly - Pending Referral
51 SB-1128 Common interest developments: governance. Roth Assembly - Pending Referral
52 SB-1265 Common interest developments: elections. Wieckowski Senate - Second Reading
53 SB-1127 Pupil health: administration of medicinal cannabis: schoolsites. Hill Assembly - Pending Referral
54 SB-1244 Public records: disclosure. Wieckowski Senate - Third Reading
55 SB-819 Electrical and gas corporations: rates. Hill Assembly - Pending Referral
56 SB-904 Alarm companies: business conditions: limited liability companies. Wieckowski Assembly - Pending Referral
57 SB-910 Short-term limited duration health insurance. Hernandez Assembly - Pending Referral
58 SB-920 Engineering, land surveying, and architecture: limited liability partnerships. Cannella Assembly - Pending Referral
59 SB-1034 Health care: mammograms. Mitchell Senate - Third Reading
60 SB-1076 Emergency preparedness: electrical utilities: electromagnetic pulse attacks and geomagnetic storm events. Hertzberg Senate - Third Reading
61 SB-1108 Medi-Cal: conditions of eligibility or coverage. Hernandez Assembly - Pending Referral
62 SB-1152 Hospital patient discharge process: homeless patients. Hernandez Senate - Third Reading
63 SB-1164 Craft distillers. Skinner Assembly - Governmental Organization
64 SB-1184 Vehicles: City of Sacramento shared autonomous vehicle pilot project. Pan Assembly - Pending Referral
65 SB-1192 Children’s meals. Monning Assembly - Pending Referral
66 SB-1201 Contracts: consumer protection: residential mortgage lending. Jackson Assembly - Pending Referral
67 SB-1227 Density bonuses. Skinner Assembly - Pending Referral
68 SB-1245 Covered California. Leyva Assembly - Pending Referral
69 SB-1293 California State Auditor: high-risk local government agency audit program. Lara Assembly - Pending Referral
70 SB-1305 Sutter Brown Act: emergency medical services providers: dogs and cats. Glazer Senate - Second Reading
71 SB-1307 High-Speed Rail Authority: property acquisition: capital outlays: public contracts: county assessor’s records. Galgiani Senate - Third Reading
72 SB-1408 Cigarettes: seizure. Pan Assembly - Pending Referral
73 SB-1423 Medi-Cal: oral interpretation services. Hernandez Assembly - Pending Referral
74 SB-1451 Licenses: sale to underaged persons: penalties. Fuller Assembly - Pending Referral
75 SB-1202 Land use: development fees. Stone Assembly - Pending Referral
76 SB-1109 Controlled substances: Schedule II drugs: opioids. Bates Assembly - Pending Referral
77 SCR-92 Deputy Sheriff Robert Rumfelt Memorial Highway. McGuire Senate - Third Reading
78 SCR-105 CHP Officer Archie E. Nichols Memorial Highway. Nielsen Assembly - Pending Referral
79 SCR-112 Cesar Chavez Memorial Highway. Leyva Assembly - Pending Referral
80 SCR-124 Harold Del Ponte Memorial Highway. McGuire Senate - Third Reading
81 SCR-133 Senator David E. Cogdill, Sr., Memorial Highway. Berryhill Senate - Third Reading
82 SB-958 Davis Joint Unified School District: special taxes: exemptions: teachers and district employees. Dodd Assembly - Pending Referral
83 SB-1018 Elections: state and local reapportionment. Allen Assembly - Pending Referral
84 SJR-26 Mare Island Naval Cemetery. Dodd Assembly - Pending Referral
85 AB-1527 Cannabis: Cannabis Control Appeals Panel. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Third Reading
86 ACR-172 Historical state anti-LGBT laws. Low Senate - Third Reading
87 AB-282 Aiding, advising, or encouraging suicide: exemption from prosecution. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Third Reading
88 AB-870 Prisoners: mental health treatment. Levine Senate - Inactive
89 AB-1192 Firearms: retired peace officers. Lackey Senate - Third Reading
90 AB-1736 Evidence: hearsay: prior inconsistent statements. Cunningham Senate - Third Reading
91 AB-1872 Firearms: unsafe handguns. Voepel Senate - Third Reading
92 AB-1205 Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: contracting. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Third Reading
93 AB-306 Vote by mail ballots. Gonzalez Fletcher Senate - Third Reading
94 AB-1116 Peer Support and Crisis Referral Services Pilot Program. Grayson Senate - Third Reading
95 ACR-177 Intergenerational trauma: epigenetics. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Third Reading
96 ACR-180 Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. Waldron Senate - Special Consent
97 ACR-190 Blue Star Mothers of America Month. Salas Senate - Special Consent
98 ACR-209 Compost Awareness Week. Eggman Senate - Special Consent
99 ACR-218 Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Obernolte Senate - Special Consent
100 AJR-28 Financial institutions: cannabis. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Third Reading
101 AB-1941 Misdemeanors. Jones-Sawyer Enrolled
102 AB-1985 Hate crimes: law enforcement policies. Ting Assembly - In Floor Process
103 AB-2197 Custodial officers. Bigelow Enrolled
104 AB-2243 Evidence: admissibility. Friedman Assembly - In Floor Process
105 AB-2349 Humane officers: authorization to carry a wooden club or baton. Chen Enrolled
106 AB-1041 Bay Area Toll Authority and oversight committee: conflict of interest. Levine Enrolled
107 AB-2307 High-Speed Rail Authority: Senate confirmation. Frazier Enrolled
108 AB-3077 Vehicles: bicycle helmets. Caballero Senate - Third Reading
109 AB-3124 Vehicles: length limitations: buses: bicycle transportation devices. Bloom Enrolled
110 AB-1888 Peace officers: basic training requirements. Salas Enrolled
111 SB-1173 Common interest developments: annual notices: time-share plan interests. Vidak Assembly - Housing and Community Development
112 SB-1431 Obligations: release. Morrell Assembly - Judiciary
113 SB-1436 Natural parent and child relationship: establishment. Portantino Assembly - Judiciary
114 SCR-128 American Flag. Nguyen Assembly - Judiciary
115 SB-829 Cannabis: compassion care license. Wiener Assembly - Rules
116 SB-1084 Mono County Tri-Valley Groundwater Management District. Berryhill Assembly - Local Government
117 SB-1251 Local government: general plans. McGuire Assembly - Local Government
118 AB-2800 High school athletics: California High School Coaching Education and Training Program: heat illness. Chu Enrolled
119 SB-997 Health care service plans: physician to enrollee ratios. Monning Assembly - Health
120 SB-1077 Construction contracts: wrap-up insurance and indemnification. Wilk Assembly - Judiciary
121 SB-1151 Neighborhood electric vehicles: County of San Diego. Bates Assembly - Pending Referral
122 SB-1162 Capitol area planning: height limits. Pan Assembly - Pending Referral
123 SB-1274 Developmental services: data exchange. McGuire Assembly - Human Services
124 SB-1435 State military: officer commissions. Newman Assembly - Veterans Affairs
125 SB-1491 Healing arts. Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development Assembly - Business and Professions
126 SB-1492 The Department of Consumer Affairs. Committee on Business, Professions and Economic Development Assembly - Business and Professions
127 SB-1494 Public Safety Omnibus. Committee on Public Safety Assembly - Public Safety
128 SB-1495 Health. Committee on Health Assembly - Health
129 SB-1500 Prohibited discrimination against service members. Committee on Veterans Affairs Assembly - Veterans Affairs
130 ACR-153 Pet adoptions. Santiago Chaptered
131 ACR-207 California Holocaust Memorial Day. Friedman Chaptered
132 ACR-200 Child Abuse Prevention Month. Baker Assembly - In Floor Process
133 ACR-213 Autism: sensory-friendly movie screenings. Grayson Chaptered
134 AJR-37 Armenian Genocide. Friedman Chaptered
135 AJR-38 Dams and reservoirs: federal jurisdiction: safety. Mathis Chaptered
A- 1 SCR-10 Filipino American History Month. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 2 SCR-3 Cambodia: sister-state relationship. Lara Senate - Inactive
A- 3 SR-8   Moorlach Senate - Inactive
A- 4 SCA-2 Motor vehicle fees and taxes: restriction on expenditures: appropriations limit. Newman Senate - Inactive
A- 5 SCR-49 Day of Inclusion. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 6 SR-21   Skinner Senate - Inactive
A- 7 SR-45   Mendoza Senate - Inactive
A- 8 SR-52   Skinner Senate - Inactive
A- 9 SCR-83 Pain Awareness Month and Women In Pain Awareness Day. Jackson Senate - Third Reading
A- 10 SB-727 Public postsecondary education: instructional materials: innovative pricing. Galgiani Senate - Inactive
A- 11 SCA-3 Local government financing: public libraries: voter approval. Dodd Senate - Inactive
A- 12 SCR-86 Veterans of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Day. Nguyen Senate - Inactive
A- 13 SCR-87 Republic of Vietnam Month. Nguyen Senate - Inactive
A- 14 SCR-99 Military and Veteran Suicide Prevention Awareness Week. Newman Senate - Inactive
A- 15 SCR-101 Purple Heart Day. Newman Senate - Inactive
A- 16 SR-82   Gaines Senate - Inactive
A- 17 SR-92   Cannella Senate - Inactive
A- 18 SJR-17 Temporary Protected Status. Hueso Senate - Inactive
A- 19 SB-1302 Cannabis: local jurisdiction: prohibitions on delivery. Lara Senate - Second Reading
A- 20 AB-180 Medi-Cal. Wood Senate - Inactive
A- 21 AB-171 Airport districts: temporary negotiable notes. Lackey Senate - Inactive
A- 22 AB-1330 Park property: Ayala Park. Reyes Senate - Inactive
A- 23 AB-1162 Electrical contractors: local permits: use of certified electricians. Bocanegra Senate - Inactive
A- 24 AB-84 Primary elections: election date. Mullin Senate - Inactive
A- 25 AB-613 Healing arts: clinical laboratories. Nazarian Senate - Inactive
A- 26 AB-1283 Mutual aid: reimbursements: volunteer firefighters. Rodriguez Senate - Inactive
A- 27 AB-1534 Health care coverage: HIV specialists. Nazarian Senate - Inactive
A- 28 AB-1062 Postsecondary education: Trustees of the California State University. Levine Senate - Inactive
A- 29 AB-1446 Dependent children: periodic review hearing. Cooley Senate - Inactive
A- 30 AB-1368 Health professionals: authorization forms. Calderon Senate - Inactive
A- 31 AB-779 Gambling establishments. Burke Senate - Inactive
A- 32 AB-1680 Director of Technology: procurement: training program. Burke Senate - Inactive
A- 33 AB-887 Public safety officers: investigations and interviews. Cooper Senate - Inactive
A- 34 AB-1372 Crisis stabilization units: psychiatric patients. Levine Senate - Inactive
A- 35 AB-724 Foreign adoption: domestication. Choi Senate - Inactive
A- 36 AB-1560 Nurse practitioners: certified nurse-midwives: physician assistants: physician and surgeon supervision. Friedman Senate - Inactive
A- 37 AB-1425 Apprentices. Kalra Senate - Inactive
A- 38 AB-251 Health and care facilities: dialysis clinics. Bonta Senate - Inactive
A- 39 AB-315 Pharmacy benefit management. Wood Senate - Inactive
A- 40 AB-1184 Vehicular air pollution: incentives. Ting Senate - Inactive
A- 41 AB-1578 Cannabis programs: cooperation with federal authorities. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Inactive
A- 42 AB-1441 Hazardous waste: transportation: electronic manifests. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Senate - Inactive
A- 43 AB-1437 California Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly Act: licensing. Patterson Senate - Inactive
A- 44 AB-193 Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Reused Vehicle Rebate Project. Cervantes Senate - Inactive
A- 45 AB-235 School finance: school district annual budgets: reserve balances. O'Donnell Senate - Inactive
A- 46 AB-1151 Vaquita-friendly fish and fish products. Gloria Senate - Inactive
A- 47 AB-1168 Gambling: local moratorium. Gipson Senate - Inactive
A- 48 AB-157 Small group market: single risk pool: index rate. Wood Senate - Inactive
A- 49 AB-359 In-custody informants. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Inactive
A- 50 AB-425 Timber harvesting plans: exemptions: temporary roads. Caballero Senate - Inactive
A- 51 AB-880 Tribal Nation Grant Fund. Gray Senate - Inactive
A- 52 AB-222 False documents. Bocanegra Senate - Inactive
A- 53 AB-1564 Agricultural preserves: Williamson Act. Arambula Senate - Inactive
A- 54 AB-807 Daylight saving time. Chu Senate - Second Reading
A- 55 AB-981 Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions. Gray Senate - Inactive
A- 56 AB-1167 Horse racing: quarter horse races. Gray Senate - Inactive
A- 57 AB-1290 Lawyer-client privilege: holder of the privilege. Obernolte Senate - Inactive
A- 58 AB-216 Vote by mail ballots: identification envelopes: prepaid postage. Gonzalez Fletcher Senate - Second Reading
A- 59 AB-386 Legal services for deported veterans. Gonzalez Fletcher Senate - Inactive
A- 60 AB-668 Voting Modernization Bond Act of 2018. Gonzalez Fletcher Senate - Inactive
A- 61 AB-1080 Public contracts: bid preferences: employee health care coverage. Gonzalez Fletcher Senate - Inactive
A- 62 AB-91 High-occupancy vehicle lanes. Cervantes Senate - Inactive
A- 63 AB-1217 Pupil instruction: state school: STEM instruction. Bocanegra Senate - Inactive
A- 64 AB-186 Controlled substances: safer drug consumption program. Eggman Senate - Inactive
A- 65 AB-1529 Cross-connection control and backflow protection. Thurmond Senate - Inactive
A- 66 AB-271 Property Assessed Clean Energy program. Caballero Senate - Inactive
A- 67 AB-814 Consumer protection: enforcement powers: investigatory subpoena. Bloom Senate - Inactive
A- 68 AB-1698 Low-cost automobile insurance program. Committee on Insurance Senate - Inactive
A- 69 AB-939 Elections: precincts: postings. Low Senate - Second Reading
A- 70 AB-1603 Meyers-Milias-Brown Act: local public agencies. Ridley-Thomas Senate - Inactive
A- 71 AB-855 Voter registration: regulations. Low Senate - Inactive
A- 72 AB-697 Tolls: exemption for privately owned emergency ambulances. Fong Senate - Inactive
A- 73 AB-375 Broadband Internet access service providers: customer privacy. Chau Senate - Inactive
A- 74 AB-802 Voter intimidation: public official: disqualification. Low Senate - In Desk Process
A- 75 AB-1017 Collective bargaining agreements: arbitration: litigation. Santiago Senate - In Desk Process
A- 76 AB-166 Building Homes and Jobs Act: recording fee: hardship refund. Salas Senate - In Desk Process
A- 77 AB-1691 Consumer credit reports: consumer credit reporting agencies. Committee on Judiciary Senate - In Desk Process