Senate Floor Session Bills - 05/16/2019

Bills Returned: 82
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SB-676 Transportation electrification: electric vehicles: grid integration. Bradford Chaptered
2 SB-496 Financial abuse of elder or dependent adults. Moorlach Chaptered
3 SB-202 Animal blood donors. Wilk Senate - Unfinished Business
11 SB-136 Sentencing. Wiener Chaptered
12 SB-316 Pupil and student safety: identification cards: domestic violence hotline telephone number. Rubio Chaptered
13 SB-644 Tenancy: security deposit: service members. Glazer Chaptered
14 SB-531 Local agencies: retailers. Glazer Senate - Unfinished Business
15 SB-386 California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: irrigation districts. Caballero Senate - Rules
16 SB-323 Common interest developments: elections. Wieckowski Chaptered
17 SB-398 Protection and advocacy agency. Durazo Chaptered
18 SB-438 Emergency medical services: dispatch. Hertzberg Chaptered
19 SB-176 State Bar of California. Jackson Chaptered
20 SB-434 Common interest developments: managing agent: production of client property and client records upon termination of management agreement. Archuleta Senate - Inactive
21 SB-47 Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: disclosures. Allen Chaptered
22 SB-212 Elections: local voting methods. Allen Senate - Unfinished Business
23 SB-359 Elections: referendum. Moorlach Chaptered
24 SB-377 Juveniles: psychotropic medications: medical information. McGuire Chaptered
25 SB-400 Reduction of greenhouse gases emissions: mobility options. Umberg Chaptered
26 SB-423 Political Reform Act of 1974: committee accounts. Umberg Assembly - Elections and Redistricting
27 SB-616 Enforcement of money judgments: exemptions. Wieckowski Chaptered
28 SB-638 Leases: electric vehicle charging stations: insurance coverage. Allen Chaptered
29 SB-639 Medical services: credit or loan. Mitchell Chaptered
30 SB-742 Intercity passenger rail services: motor carrier transportation of passengers. Allen Chaptered
31 SB-506 Energy crisis litigation. Hueso Chaptered
32 SCR-47 California Small Business Month. Rubio Chaptered
33 SR-36   Wiener Senate - Passed
34 SB-305 Compassionate Access to Medical Cannabis Act or Ryan’s Law. Hueso Senate - Unfinished Business
35 SB-707 Arbitration agreements: enforcement. Wieckowski Chaptered
36 SB-25 California Environmental Quality Act: projects funded by qualified opportunity zone funds or other public funds. Caballero Assembly - Natural Resources
37 SB-155 California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program: integrated resource plans. Bradford Chaptered
38 SB-156 Health facilities: emergency medical services. Nielsen Chaptered
39 SB-313 Animals: prohibition on use in circuses. Hueso Chaptered
40 SB-369 Vehicle repair assistance program: safe parking program participants. Hertzberg Assembly - Transportation
41 SB-387 Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency: board of directors. Wilk Chaptered
42 SB-475 Cannabis: trade samples. Skinner Assembly - Appropriations
43 SB-481 State military: inspector general. Umberg Chaptered
44 SB-535 Greenhouse gases: wildfires and forest fires: air emissions. Moorlach Assembly - Appropriations
45 SB-583 Clinical trials. Jackson Chaptered
46 SB-621 California Environmental Quality Act: expedited judicial review: affordable housing projects: reports. Glazer Assembly - Natural Resources
47 SB-632 California Environmental Quality Act: State Board of Forestry and Fire Protection: vegetation treatment program: final program environmental impact report. Galgiani Chaptered
48 SB-672 Planning and zoning: regional housing need allocation: City of Brisbane. Hill Assembly - Appropriations
49 SB-677 Retail food safety: nonlatex gloves. Allen Chaptered
50 SB-688 Failure to pay wages: penalties. Monning Chaptered
51 SB-701 Firearms: prohibited persons. Jones Senate - Unfinished Business
52 SB-708 Electricity: Independent System Operator. Hueso Assembly - Utilities and Energy
53 SB-714 Immunizations. Pan Chaptered
54 SB-740 Insurance: unclaimed life insurance. Mitchell Chaptered
55 SB-741 Change of gender. Galgiani Assembly - Health
56 SB-744 Planning and zoning: California Environmental Quality Act: permanent supportive housing. Caballero Chaptered
57 SB-746 Health care coverage: anticancer medical devices. Bates Assembly - Appropriations
58 SB-758 Hospitals: seismic safety. Portantino Assembly - Health
59 SB-788 Alcoholic beverages: appeals: decision: tied-house restrictions. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
60 SB-240 Insurance Adjuster Act. Dodd Chaptered
61 SB-382 Medi-Cal: managed care health plan. Nielsen Senate - Unfinished Business
62 SB-534 Insurers: minority, women, LGBT, veteran, and disabled veteran business enterprises. Bradford Chaptered
63 SB-570 Insurance: low-cost automobile insurance program. Rubio Chaptered
64 SB-699 San Francisco Bay Area regional water system. Hill Chaptered
65 SB-402 Vehicles: off-highway vehicle recreation: County of Inyo. Borgeas Chaptered
66 SB-754 Common interest developments: board members: election by acclamation. Moorlach Chaptered
67 SB-674 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. McGuire Chaptered
68 SCR-45 California Grown Flower Month. McGuire Chaptered
69 SCR-48 National Military Appreciation Month. Archuleta Chaptered
70 SCR-50 International Midwives’ Day. Skinner Chaptered
71 SR-38   Borgeas Senate - Passed
72 SR-39   Jackson Senate - Passed
73 SR-42   Rubio Senate - Passed
74 AB-74 Budget Act of 2019. Ting Chaptered
75 ACR-70 Bone Marrow Donation Awareness Month. Berman Chaptered
76 ACR-72 Star Wars Day. Daly Chaptered
77 ACR-83 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Awareness Month. Ramos Chaptered
78 SB-99 General plans: safety element: emergency evacuation routes. Nielsen Chaptered
79 SB-601 State agencies: licenses: fee waiver. Morrell Chaptered
80 SB-656 San Diego-Coronado Bridge: physical suicide deterrent system. Hueso Chaptered
81 SB-779 Water. Committee on Natural Resources and Water Chaptered
82 SB-780 Local Government Omnibus Act of 2019. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered
83 SB-784 Medicare supplement benefit coverage. Committee on Health Chaptered
84 ACR-54 California Holocaust Memorial Day. Gabriel Chaptered
85 ACR-63 Child Abuse Prevention Month. Cooley Chaptered
86 ACR-68 Girls on the Run of Greater Sacramento Day. McCarty Chaptered
87 ACR-77 Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Frazier Chaptered
A- 1 SCR-18 Pain Awareness Month and Women In Pain Awareness Day. Jackson Senate - Inactive
A- 2 AB-946 Political Reform Act of 1974. Committee on Elections and Redistricting Chaptered