Senate Floor Session Bills - 03/20/2017

Bills Returned: 36
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 SB-44 State lands: coastal hazard and legacy oil and gas well removal and remediation program. Jackson Senate - Appropriations
2 SB-42 Public lands: Martins Beach: property acquisition. Hill Senate - Appropriations
3 SB-50 Federal public lands: conveyances. Allen Senate - Appropriations
11 SR-8   Moorlach Senate - Inactive
12 SCR-21 Joint Rules. De León Senate - Third Reading
13 SCR-26 Pakistani American Day. Mendoza Assembly - Rules
14 SB-6 Immigrants: removal proceedings: legal services. Hueso Assembly - Pending Referral
15 SB-31 California Religious Freedom Act: state agencies: disclosure of religious affiliation information. Lara Assembly - Pending Referral
16 SB-54 Law enforcement: sharing data. De León Assembly - Pending Referral
17 SR-23   Wiener Senate - Passed
18 SCR-33 Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month Pan Assembly - Rules
19 SCR-34 PTA Day. Allen Assembly - Rules
20 SCR-35 Infrastructure Week. Beall Assembly - Rules
21 SR-24   Hill Senate - Passed
22 SR-28   Galgiani Senate - Passed
23 ACR-16 Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Baker Chaptered
24 ACR-14 Rare Disease Day. Nazarian Chaptered
25 ACR-26 Month of the Young Professional. Harper Chaptered
26 ACR-27 Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week. McCarty Chaptered
27 ACR-28 Irish American Heritage Month. Mullin Chaptered
28 SB-206 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Assembly - Pending Referral
29 SB-207 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Assembly - Pending Referral
30 SB-208 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Assembly - Pending Referral
A- 1 SCR-2 Black April Memorial Month. Nguyen Assembly - Third Reading
A- 2 SCR-4 Month of the Military Child. Nguyen Enrolled
A- 3 SR-10   Nguyen Senate - Inactive
A- 4 SCR-9 Hmong History Month. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 5 SCR-10 Filipino American History Month. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 6 SCR-12 Philippine Independence Day. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 7 SCR-14 May 2017: Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month. Pan Senate - Inactive
A- 8 SCR-3 Cambodia: sister-state relationship. Lara Senate - Inactive
A- 9 SCR-6 Republic of Vietnam Month. Nguyen Senate - Inactive
A- 10 SCR-18 Donate Life/DMV Partnership Month. Berryhill Assembly - Second Reading
A- 11 SCR-22 Autism Awareness Month. Hueso Senate - Third Reading
A- 12 SR-21   Skinner Senate - Inactive
A- 13 SCR-31 California Transverse Myelitis Awareness Day. Pan Senate - Inactive