Asm Appropriations Bills - 05/16/2019

Bills Returned: 721
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-2 Community colleges: California College Promise. Santiago Senate - Appropriations
AB-3 Cannabis: Adolescent Cannabis Prevention Fund. Cooper Assembly - Appropriations
AB-4 Medi-Cal: eligibility. Arambula Senate - Health
AB-5 Worker status: employees and independent contractors. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-6 Early childhood education: Early Childhood Education Branch. Reyes Senate - Appropriations
AB-8 Pupil health: mental health professionals. Chu Senate - Health
AB-9 Employment discrimination: limitation of actions. Reyes Senate - Appropriations
AB-10 Income taxes: credits low-income housing: farmworker housing. Chiu Senate - Appropriations
AB-15 Student financial aid: Children’s Savings Account Program. Nazarian Senate - Education
AB-16 Homeless children and youths: reporting. Luz Rivas Senate - Appropriations
AB-18 Firearms: excise tax. Levine Assembly - Appropriations
AB-20 Computer science strategic implementation plan: California Computer Science Coordinator. Berman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-21 Driver’s licenses: veteran designation. Obernolte Assembly - Appropriations
AB-23 Office of Small Business Advocate: Deputy of Business and Workforce Coordination. Burke Senate - Appropriations
AB-24 Personal income taxes: Targeted Child Tax Credit. Burke Assembly - Appropriations
AB-28 High school diplomas: State Seal of STEM. Obernolte Senate - Appropriations
AB-30 Community colleges: College and Career Access Pathways partnerships. Holden Senate - Appropriations
AB-31 Sales and use taxes: exemption: sanitary napkins: tampons: menstrual sponges and menstrual cups. Cristina Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-32 Detention facilities: private, for-profit administration services. Bonta Senate - Appropriations
AB-35 Worker safety: blood lead levels: reporting. Kalra Senate - Appropriations
AB-37 Personal income taxes: deductions: business expenses: commercial cannabis activity. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
AB-38 Fire safety: low-cost retrofits: Fire Hardened Homes Revolving Loan and Rebate Fund: regional capacity review. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-39 Education finance: local control funding formula: aspirational funding level: reports. Muratsuchi Senate - Appropriations
AB-41 Disaster relief: Camp Fire. Gallagher Senate - Appropriations
AB-43 Mental health. Gloria Senate - Appropriations
AB-44 Fur products: prohibition. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
AB-45 Inmates: medical care: fees. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-47 Driver records: points: distracted driving. Daly Senate - Third Reading
AB-48 Education finance: school facilities: Kindergarten-Community Colleges Public Education Facilities Bond Acts of 2020 and 2022. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
AB-50 Medi-Cal: Assisted Living Waiver program. Kalra Senate - Appropriations
AB-51 Employment discrimination: enforcement. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-52 Computer science strategic implementation plan. Berman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-55 Department of Veterans Affairs: veterans’ services. Eduardo Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-56 Electricity: procurement by the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Failed Passage in Committee
AB-60 Water conservation: water meters: accuracy standards. Friedman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-63 State government. Fong Assembly - Appropriations
AB-67 Homeless integrated data warehouse. Luz Rivas Senate - Appropriations
AB-68 Land use: accessory dwelling units. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-69 Land use: accessory dwelling units. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-123 Early childhood education: state preschool program: access: standards. McCarty Senate - Education
AB-124 Childcare: local planning councils. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-125 Early childhood education: reimbursement rates. McCarty Senate - Appropriations
AB-126 Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Cooper Senate - Transportation
AB-130 Postsecondary education: Higher Education Performance, Accountability, and Coordination Commission. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-133 Property tax postponement. Quirk-Silva Senate - Appropriations
AB-134 Safe Drinking Water Restoration. Bloom Senate - Environmental Quality
AB-135 Sex crimes: communication with a minor. Cervantes Senate - Public Safety
AB-136 Personal Income Tax Law: deductions: charitable contributions: business expenses. Quirk-Silva Senate - Third Reading
AB-139 Emergency and Transitional Housing Act of 2019. Quirk-Silva Senate - Appropriations
AB-140 California Kickstart My Future Loan Forgiveness Program. Cervantes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-141 County reimbursement: Joseph James DeAngelo, Jr. costs. Cooper Assembly - Appropriations
AB-142 Lead-acid batteries. Cristina Garcia Senate - Appropriations
AB-144 Public resources management: organic waste. Aguiar-Curry Assembly - Appropriations
AB-152 Personal income taxes: gross income: exclusion: student loan assistance. Voepel Assembly - Appropriations
AB-154 Public postsecondary education: income share agreement: pilot program. Voepel Assembly - Appropriations
AB-158 Roadside rest areas: commercial vehicles: parking. Voepel Assembly - Appropriations
AB-160 Employment policy: voluntary veterans’ preference. Voepel Senate - Judiciary
AB-161 Solid waste: paper waste: proofs of purchase. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-163 Services for unaccompanied undocumented minors: facilities liaison. Cristina Garcia Senate - Appropriations
AB-164 Firearms: prohibited persons. Cervantes Senate - Appropriations
AB-165 Peace officer training: gun violence restraining orders. Gabriel Senate - Appropriations
AB-166 Medi-Cal: violence preventive services. Gabriel Senate - Appropriations
AB-167 Childcare and development services: infants and toddlers: state funding. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
AB-171 Employment: sexual harassment. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-173 Mobilehomes: payments: nonpayment or late payments. Chau Senate - Appropriations
AB-174 Health care coverage: financial assistance. Wood Senate - Third Reading
AB-175 Foster care: rights. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-176 California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority: sales and use taxes: exclusions. Cervantes Senate - Third Reading
AB-177 Election day holiday. Low Assembly - Appropriations
AB-180 Institutional and community corrections: Smart Justice Student Program. Gipson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-181 Asset management: emerging managers. Rodriguez Senate - Rules
AB-182 Teacher credentialing: computer science: workgroup. Luz Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-183 Telecommunications service: natural disasters: reports. Wood Assembly - Appropriations
AB-192 California Integrated Community Living Program. Mathis Assembly - Appropriations
AB-194 Childcare and development services. Reyes Assembly - Governance and Finance
AB-195 Department of Housing and Community Development: housing bond programs. Patterson Senate - Housing
AB-196 Paid family leave. Gonzalez Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
AB-197 Full-day kindergarten. Weber Senate - Appropriations
AB-203 Occupational safety and health: Valley Fever. Salas Senate - Appropriations
AB-204 Hospitals: community benefits plan reporting. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-209 Parks: outdoor environmental education: grant program. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-211 Personal income taxes: deduction: California qualified tuition program. Calderon Senate - Appropriations
AB-213 Local government finance: property tax revenue allocations: vehicle license fee adjustments. Reyes Senate - Appropriations
AB-214 The Spinal Cord Injury Research Program. Mullin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-215 Dumping. Mathis Assembly - Appropriations
AB-217 Income taxation: credits: exclusions: federal conformity. Burke Assembly - Second Reading
AB-221 Teachers: third-party contracts: prohibitions. Cristina Garcia Assembly - Inactive
AB-227 Crimes: assessments: restitution: ability to pay. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Appropriations
AB-228 Food, beverage, and cosmetic adulterants: industrial hemp products. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Appropriations
AB-229 In-home supportive services: written content translation. Nazarian Assembly - Appropriations
AB-230 Disabled veteran business enterprises. Brough Senate - Appropriations
AB-232 Veteran suicides: report and recommendations. Cervantes Senate - Health
AB-234 Income taxes: credit: seismic retrofits. Nazarian Assembly - Appropriations
AB-235 Electrical corporations: recovery of catastrophic wildfire costs and expenses. Mayes Senate - Energy, Utilities and Communications
AB-236 Special education programs: Family Empowerment Centers on Disability. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Appropriations
AB-238 Unlicensed automobile dismantlers: enforcement and compliance activities. Santiago Assembly - Appropriations
AB-243 Implicit bias training: peace officers. Kamlager-Dove Senate - Appropriations
AB-245 California Aerospace and Aviation Commission: establishment. Muratsuchi Senate - Governmental Organization
AB-247 Disaster relief: Carr and Klamathon fires. Dahle Senate - Appropriations
AB-251 Personal income taxes: credit: family caregiver. Patterson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-252 Department of Transportation: environmental review process: federal program. Daly Chaptered
AB-257 Solid waste: woody biomass: collection and conversion. Mathis Assembly - Appropriations
AB-258 Pupil health: School-Based Pupil Support Services Program Act. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
AB-259 Vehicle registration: Voluntary Deaf or Hard of Hearing Notification Program. Calderon Assembly - Appropriations
AB-261 Developmental services: regional centers: suspension of services. Mathis Assembly - Appropriations
AB-263 Taxation: tax expenditures: information. Burke Senate - Third Reading
AB-265 Elections: state and county voter information guides: judicial candidates. Choi Assembly - Appropriations
AB-266 Income taxes: credits: attic vent closures. Choi Assembly - Appropriations
AB-269 Foreign driver’s licenses. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Appropriations
AB-271 Civil service: Personnel Classification Plan: salary equalization. Cooper Senate - Appropriations
AB-274 Water treatment facility: State Water Resources Control Board: grant. Mathis Assembly - Appropriations
AB-275 Native American cultural preservation. Ramos Senate - Appropriations
AB-277 Parole: reintegration credits. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-278 California Conservation Corps: community conservation corps: applicant selection: parolees. McCarty Senate - Appropriations
AB-283 CalWORKs: school attendance: immunizations. Chu Senate - Appropriations
AB-284 Junior hunting licenses: eligibility: age requirement. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-285 California Transportation Plan. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
AB-286 Taxation: cannabis. Bonta Assembly - Appropriations
AB-289 California Public Records Act Ombudsperson. Fong Senate - Judiciary
AB-290 Health care service plans and health insurance: third-party payments. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-291 Local Emergency Preparedness and Hazard Mitigation Fund. Chu Assembly - Appropriations
AB-296 Climate change: Climate Innovation Grant Program: voluntary tax contributions. Cooley Senate - Appropriations
AB-297 Emergency average daily attendance. Gallagher Assembly - Appropriations
AB-300 Hate crime and incident reporting. Chu Senate - Appropriations
AB-301 Hate crime data collection and outreach. Chu Assembly - Appropriations
AB-302 Parking: homeless students. Berman Senate - Appropriations
AB-303 Mental health: sexually violent predators: trial. Cervantes Senate - Appropriations
AB-304 Wiretapping: authorization. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
AB-307 Homeless youth: grant program. Reyes Senate - Appropriations
AB-308 Taxation: corporations: minimum franchise tax: limited liability companies: annual tax. Muratsuchi Senate - Appropriations
AB-310 Trial Jury Selection and Management Act. Santiago Senate - Public Safety
AB-311 Regional centers: billing: daily rates. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-312 State government: administrative regulations: review. Cooley Assembly - Appropriations
AB-313 Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account: University of California: California State University: reports. Frazier Senate - Rules
AB-314 Public employment: labor relations: release time. Bonta Senate - Appropriations
AB-316 Medi-Cal: benefits: beneficiaries with special dental care needs. Ramos Assembly - Appropriations
AB-317 Department of Motor Vehicles: appointments: unlawful sale. Diep Senate - Third Reading
AB-318 Medi-Cal materials: readability. Chu Senate - Appropriations
AB-319 Narcotic treatment: medication-assisted treatment: Drug Medi-Cal. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
AB-320 Pest control: mosquito abatement. Quirk Senate - Appropriations
AB-322 Political Reform Act of 1974: online filing and disclosure system. Gallagher Assembly - Appropriations
AB-324 Childcare services: state-subsidized childcare: professional support stipends. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Appropriations
AB-326 Vehicles: motorized carrying devices. Muratsuchi Assembly - Appropriations
AB-329 Hospitals: assaults and batteries. Rodriguez Senate - Public Safety
AB-331 Pupil instruction: high school graduation requirements: ethnic studies. Medina Senate - Appropriations
AB-332 Peace officers: training. Lackey Assembly - Passed
AB-333 Whistleblower protection: county patients’ rights advocates. Eggman Senate - Appropriations
AB-336 State parks: park entrance fees: waivers: 4th grade children. Mathis Assembly - Appropriations
AB-337 Foster care payments: reasonable travel reimbursement for school. Quirk-Silva Senate - Appropriations
AB-338 Manufactured housing: smoke alarms: emergency preparedness. Chu Senate - Appropriations
AB-339 Gun violence restraining orders: law enforcement procedures. Irwin Senate - Appropriations
AB-340 Firearms: armed prohibited persons. Irwin Senate - Appropriations
AB-341 CalHEERS: application for CalFresh. Maienschein Assembly - Appropriations
AB-342 Public lands: leasing: oil and gas: prohibition. Muratsuchi Senate - Second Reading
AB-343 Forestry: fuels transportation program: grant program. Patterson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-344 New Beginnings California Program. Calderon Senate - Appropriations
AB-345 Oil and gas: operations: location restrictions. Muratsuchi Assembly - Appropriations
AB-351 Payment options for criminal fines and fees. Choi Assembly - Appropriations
AB-352 Wildfire Prevention, Safe Drinking Water, Drought Preparation, and Flood Protection Bond Act of 2020. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Environmental Quality
AB-354 School meals: free or reduced-price meals. Quirk-Silva Senate - Appropriations
AB-357 Taxation: tax liability: collections. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
AB-358 Sexual assault forensic examination kits: databases. Low Assembly - Appropriations
AB-363 Elections: vote by mail ballots. Gonzalez Assembly - Appropriations
AB-365 State civil service: examination and hiring processes. Cristina Garcia Senate - Appropriations
AB-368 Southern California Veterans Cemetery. Quirk-Silva Senate - Appropriations
AB-369 Public postsecondary education: California State University: support staff employees: merit salary adjustments. Weber Senate - Appropriations
AB-371 Transportation: freight: statewide economic growth, prosperity, and resiliency assessment. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-372 State employees: Infant at Work programs. Voepel Senate - Appropriations
AB-376 Student loan servicing. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-378 Childcare: family childcare providers: bargaining representative. Limón Senate - Third Reading
AB-380 Office of the Transportation Inspector General. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-382 Integrated regional water management plans: grant funding: upper watershed health. Mathis Assembly - Appropriations
AB-383 Clean Energy Financing Clearinghouse. Mayes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-385 Medi-Cal: Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment mental health services: performance outcomes system: platform. Calderon Assembly - Appropriations
AB-386 Agricultural Working Poor Energy Efficient Housing Program. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Appropriations
AB-387 Task force: adverse drug events: prescriptions. Gabriel Senate - Appropriations
AB-388 Alzheimer’s disease. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-393 Building codes: earthquake safety: functional recovery standard. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
AB-395 Child abuse or neglect: foster children. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
AB-396 School employees: School Social Worker Pilot Program. Eggman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-397 Vehicles: driving under the influence. Chau Senate - Appropriations
AB-402 State Water Resources Control Board: local primacy delegation: funding stabilization program. Quirk Senate - Appropriations
AB-403 Division of Labor Standards Enforcement: complaint. Kalra Senate - Appropriations
AB-405 Sales and use taxes: exemption: water treatment. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
AB-406 Disability compensation: paid family leave: application in non-English languages. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-408 Vehicles: disabled veterans. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-409 Climate change: agriculture: Agricultural Climate Adaptation Tools Program: grants. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-411 Redevelopment: City of Santa Cruz: bond proceeds: affordable housing. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-414 Health care coverage: minimum essential coverage. Bonta Senate - Third Reading
AB-415 Victim compensation: relocation: pets. Maienschein Senate - Appropriations
AB-416 Personal income taxes: deductions: CalABLE contributions. Fong Assembly - Appropriations
AB-417 Agriculture and Rural Prosperity Act. Arambula Senate - Appropriations
AB-419 Food and agriculture. Committee on Agriculture Senate - Special Consent
AB-423 San Diego County Air Pollution Control District: members. Gloria Senate - Appropriations
AB-425 Firearms: ammunition sales. Cooley Senate - Appropriations
AB-426 In-Home Supportive Services program. Maienschein Senate - Appropriations
AB-427 Personal income taxes: exclusion: uniformed services: retirement pay. Brough Assembly - Appropriations
AB-428 Special education funding. Medina Senate - Appropriations
AB-429 Seismically vulnerable buildings: inventory. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
AB-432 Released waste: certification of local officers. Quirk Assembly - Appropriations
AB-434 Housing financing programs: universal application. Daly Senate - Housing
AB-437 Move-In Loan Program. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-438 Regional center services: holidays. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-441 Water: underground storage. Eggman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-448 Water rights: stockponds. Eduardo Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-449 Local alternative transportation improvement program: Feather River crossing. Gallagher Senate - Appropriations
AB-452 Childcare: facilities: grants. Mullin Senate - Education
AB-454 Migratory birds: California Migratory Bird Protection Act. Kalra Senate - Third Reading
AB-459 State government: Artificial Intelligence in State Government Services Commission: report. Kiley Assembly - Appropriations
AB-463 Community colleges: faculty members: loan forgiveness. Cervantes Senate - Appropriations
AB-466 Interstate shipments: market milk: 6 percent milk: Office of Farm to Fork: report. Committee on Agriculture Senate - Consent
AB-470 California Green Business Program. Limón Assembly - Appropriations
AB-474 Capital Access Loan Program for Small Businesses. Reyes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-476 Department of Consumer Affairs: task force: foreign-trained professionals. Blanca Rubio Senate - Appropriations
AB-477 Emergency preparedness: vulnerable populations. Cervantes Assembly - Passed
AB-479 School meals: plant-based food and milk options: California School Plant-Based Food and Beverage Program. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
AB-480 Mental health: older adults. Salas Senate - Appropriations
AB-486 Disaster preparedness: local government: animal wildfire evacuation plan. Limón Assembly - Appropriations
AB-489 Flood control: state financial assistance: Pajaro River. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-491 Energy: hydrogen. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
AB-493 Teachers: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning pupil resources and training. Gloria Senate - Appropriations
AB-497 Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program. Santiago Senate - Third Reading
AB-500 School and community college employees: paid maternity leave. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-505 Student financial aid: Cal Grant B, Cal Grant C, and federal Pell Grant awards: financial aid book advance program. Patterson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-508 Drinking water: consolidation and extension of service: domestic wells. Chu Senate - Third Reading
AB-512 Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-515 Medi-Cal: unrecovered payments: interest rate. Mathis Senate - Appropriations
AB-517 Orange County Property Crime Task Force. Chen Assembly - Appropriations
AB-518 Accounts Receivable Management Act. Committee on Accountability and Administrative Review Senate - Rules
AB-521 Physicians and surgeons: firearms: training. Berman Senate - Appropriations
AB-526 Medi-Cal: California Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. Petrie-Norris Senate - Appropriations
AB-529 Psychiatric technicians and psychiatric technician assistants: overtime. Ramos Senate - Appropriations
AB-531 Foster youth: housing. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
AB-532 California State University Parking Fairness Act. Weber Assembly - Appropriations
AB-533 Income taxes: exclusion: turf removal water conservation program. Holden Assembly - Appropriations
AB-534 Social services: access to food. Mayes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-536 Developmental services. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-537 Medi-Cal managed care: quality improvement and value-based financial incentive program. Wood Assembly - Appropriations
AB-539 California Financing Law: consumer loans: charges. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-540 Postsecondary education: student financial aid: Cal Grant B Service Incentive Grant Program. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-544 Professions and vocations: inactive license fees and accrued and unpaid renewal fees. Brough Assembly - Appropriations
AB-550 Veterans: Medical Foster Home Pilot Program. Flora Senate - Appropriations
AB-552 Coastal resources: Program for Coastal Resilience, Adaptation, and Access. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-555 Paid sick leave. Gonzalez Assembly - Inactive
AB-556 Outdoor experiences: community access program: grant program. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-557 Atmospheric Rivers: Research, Mitigation, and Climate Forecasting Program. Wood Assembly - Appropriations
AB-563 Mental health: funding. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Appropriations
AB-567 Long-term care insurance. Calderon Senate - Appropriations
AB-568 California Care Corps Act. Reyes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-571 Political Reform Act of 1974: contribution limits. Mullin Senate - Appropriations
AB-572 California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act: public works projects: wood and wood products. Kalra Senate - Appropriations
AB-576 State Board of Equalization: transfer of duties. Nazarian Assembly - Appropriations
AB-577 Health care coverage: maternal mental health. Eggman Senate - Third Reading
AB-578 Teachers: The California STEM Teaching Pathway Act of 2019. Mullin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-581 Sentencing: members of military: trauma. Levine Senate - Appropriations
AB-594 Artificial intelligence. Salas Senate - Appropriations
AB-598 Hearing aids: minors. Bloom Senate - Appropriations
AB-607 Probation: eligibility: crimes relating to controlled substances. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-612 CalFresh: Restaurant Meals Program. Weber Senate - Appropriations
AB-614 Income taxes: credits: food banks. Eggman Senate - Appropriations
AB-616 Fire safety: California Forest Carbon Plan: reports. Patterson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-617 Stem Cell and Regenerative Therapy Regulation Advisory Group. Mullin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-625 Service contracts: public transit: collection and transportation of solid waste: retention of employees. Kalra Senate - Appropriations
AB-627 Developmental services: regional centers. Frazier Senate - Appropriations
AB-628 Employment: victims of sexual harassment: protections. Bonta Assembly - Failed
AB-629 Crime victims: the California Victim Compensation Board. Smith Senate - Appropriations
AB-635 Horse racing: state-designated fairs: employees. Bigelow Assembly - Agriculture
AB-637 State Water Resources Control Board: disadvantaged communities: drinking water. Gray Assembly - Appropriations
AB-638 Department of Water Resources: water storage: climate change impacts. Gray Senate - Appropriations
AB-639 Task Force on Addressing Workforce Impacts of Transitioning Seaports to a Lower Carbon Economy: scoping plan. Cervantes Senate - Appropriations
AB-641 Developmental services: integrated competitive employment. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-642 California Financing Law. Limón Senate - Banking and Financial Institutions
AB-646 Elections: voter eligibility. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-648 Wellness programs. Nazarian Assembly - Appropriations
AB-650 Violent death: data. Low Assembly - Appropriations
AB-651 Air ambulance services. Grayson Senate - Appropriations
AB-656 Office of Healthy and Safe Communities. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Appropriations
AB-657 Agriculture: commercial feed. Eggman Senate - Third Reading
AB-658 Water rights: water management. Arambula Senate - Appropriations
AB-659 Transportation: emerging transportation technologies: California Smart City Challenge Grant Program. Mullin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-661 Wildfire Smoke Air Pollution Emergency Plan: Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District. McCarty Senate - Appropriations
AB-662 Crimes against minors. Cunningham Senate - Appropriations
AB-663 Prostitution. Cunningham Senate - Appropriations
AB-666 Pupil mental health: model referral protocols. Gabriel Assembly - Appropriations
AB-668 Courthouses: Privilege from civil arrest. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-671 Accessory dwelling units: incentives. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
AB-673 Failure to pay wages: penalties. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-675 Prisons: security assessments. Rodriguez Assembly - Appropriations
AB-677 Intercountry adoption finalized in a foreign country. Choi Senate - Appropriations
AB-678 Medi-Cal: podiatric services. Flora Assembly - In Floor Process
AB-680 Public safety dispatchers: mental health training. Chu Senate - Appropriations
AB-681 Elections: voter registration: presidential primary elections. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-682 Health facilities: residential mental health or substance use disorder treatment. Eggman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-683 Medi-Cal: eligibility. Carrillo Assembly - Appropriations
AB-684 Building standards: electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Levine Senate - Appropriations
AB-685 Juveniles: Indian tribes: counsel. Reyes Senate - Judiciary
AB-688 Firearms: vehicle storage. Chu Assembly - Appropriations
AB-691 Child death investigations: review teams. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-694 Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2020. Irwin Senate - Appropriations
AB-696 County juvenile facilities: pepper spray. Lackey Assembly - Appropriations
AB-701 Prisoners: exoneration: housing costs. Weber Senate - Appropriations
AB-702 Counsel representing indigent defendants: payment. Weber Assembly - Appropriations
AB-704 Alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities. Patterson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-708 Traffic violator schools. Frazier Senate - Appropriations
AB-713 Early Psychosis Intervention Plus (EPI Plus) Program. Mullin Senate - Health
AB-715 Richard Paul Hemann Parkinson’s Disease Program. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
AB-717 Public contracts: armored courier services. Nazarian Assembly - Appropriations
AB-718 Dependent children: documents. Eggman Senate - Appropriations
AB-719 Endangered wildlife: crocodiles and alligators. Blanca Rubio Senate - Appropriations
AB-720 Community colleges: funding: instructional service agreements with public safety agencies. Muratsuchi Senate - Appropriations
AB-721 Workforce training programs: supportive services. Grayson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-722 Water: dams: fees. Bigelow Senate - Natural Resources and Water
AB-724 Rental property data registry. Wicks Assembly - Appropriations
AB-731 Health care coverage: rate review. Kalra Senate - Appropriations
AB-732 County jails: prisons: incarcerated pregnant persons. Bonta Assembly - Appropriations
AB-733 Hazardous waste: identification: testing. Quirk Senate - Appropriations
AB-734 Resource families: supportive services pilot program. Maienschein Senate - Appropriations
AB-740 Property insurance: fire hazard severity zones. Burke Senate - Third Reading
AB-741 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program: trauma screening. Kalra Assembly - Appropriations
AB-742 Place-Based Economic Strategies Act. Cervantes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-744 Health care coverage: telehealth. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Appropriations
AB-745 Sales and use taxes: exemption: retail hydrogen vehicle fuel. Petrie-Norris Assembly - Appropriations
AB-748 Nonminor dependents. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-751 Pupil assessments: Pathways to College Act. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
AB-752 Public transit: transit stations: lactation rooms. Gabriel Senate - Appropriations
AB-753 Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program: fuels: fueling infrastructure. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Transportation
AB-755 California tire fee: Stormwater Permit Compliance Fund. Holden Assembly - Inactive
AB-758 Solicitation of employees: strikes, lockouts, and labor disturbances. Carrillo Assembly - Appropriations
AB-763 Medi-Cal specialty mental health services. Gray Senate - Appropriations
AB-764 Sugar-sweetened beverages: nonsale distribution incentives. Bonta Assembly - Third Reading
AB-767 Health care coverage: in vitro fertilization. Wicks Senate - Health
AB-769 Federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics: licensed professional clinical counselor. Smith Senate - Appropriations
AB-770 Medi-Cal: federally qualified health clinics: rural health clinics. Eduardo Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-773 Voter education: high school pupils. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-776 Education data: pupil identifiers: early childhood education programs. Kalra Senate - Appropriations
AB-777 Property tax postponement. Patterson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-780 Hearing aid dispensers: practice: cerumen management: apprentice license. Brough Assembly - Appropriations
AB-783 State parks: American River: concessionaires. Bigelow Senate - Natural Resources and Water
AB-784 Sales and use taxes: exemption: California Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project: transit buses. Mullin Senate - Appropriations
AB-787 Elections: voter registration. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-790 Eligible employers: personal services contracts. Levine Assembly - Appropriations
AB-791 Income taxes: credits: low-income housing: qualified opportunity zone. Gabriel Assembly - Appropriations
AB-792 Recycling: plastic containers: minimum recycled content and labeling. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-794 Beverage container recycling: report to the Legislature. Ting Assembly - Appropriations
AB-798 Maternal mental health. Cervantes Senate - Appropriations
AB-800 Civil actions: confidentiality. Chu Senate - Third Reading
AB-801 Photovoltaic requirements: tariffs and programs: study. Levine Assembly - Appropriations
AB-803 Peace Officer Peer Support Labor Management Committee. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-807 CalWORKs eligibility: income exemptions. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Appropriations
AB-810 Organ and tissue transplantation: uninsured or undocumented individuals. Gipson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-812 Developmental services: Inspector General. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-813 Developmental services: alternative dispute resolution. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-816 California Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool Program. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Appropriations
AB-818 Local government finance: vehicle license fee adjustment amounts. Cooley Assembly - Appropriations
AB-822 Phlebotomy. Irwin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-824 Business: preserving access to affordable drugs. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-826 Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services: foster youth. Reyes Senate - Human Services
AB-829 California State University: Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program. Bloom Assembly - Passed
AB-831 Department of Housing and Community Development: study: local fees: new developments. Grayson Senate - Rules
AB-832 Income taxes: credits: qualified developer: affordable housing. Gipson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-834 Safe recreational water use: standards: Freshwater and Estuarine Harmful Algal Bloom Program. Quirk Senate - Appropriations
AB-835 Safe recreational water use: standards: harmful algal blooms. Quirk Assembly - Appropriations
AB-836 Wildfire Smoke Clean Air Centers for Vulnerable Populations Incentive Program. Wicks Senate - Appropriations
AB-837 Peace officers: training: hate crimes. Holden Assembly - Appropriations
AB-838 Agriculture: small- and moderate-scale diversified farms and ranches: assistance program. Eggman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-839 Climate adaptation strategy: strategic resiliency framework: Resiliency through Adaptation, Economic Vitality, and Equity Account. Mullin Senate - Appropriations
AB-841 Drinking water: contaminants: perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Ting Senate - Environmental Quality
AB-842 Child nutrition: school, childcare, and preschool meals. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-843 Student financial aid: Assumption Program of Loans for Education. Rodriguez Senate - Education
AB-848 Medi-Cal: covered benefits: continuous glucose monitors. Gray Senate - Appropriations
AB-849 Elections: city and county redistricting. Bonta Senate - Appropriations
AB-852 Pupil instruction: academic content standards: update of adopted standards. Burke Senate - Appropriations
AB-854 Imperial Irrigation District: retail electric service. Mayes Assembly - Rules
AB-857 Public banks. Chiu Senate - Appropriations
AB-859 Juveniles: dependency: judicial caseloads. Maienschein Senate - Appropriations
AB-861 Juveniles. Chen Senate - Appropriations
AB-865 Resource families: training. Reyes Senate - Appropriations
AB-868 Electrical corporations: wildfire mitigation plans. Bigelow Assembly - Appropriations
AB-875 Pupil health: in-school support services. Wicks Senate - Education
AB-879 Firearms. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-883 Fish and wildlife: catastrophic wildfires: report. Dahle Assembly - Appropriations
AB-885 Property taxation: new construction: definition. Irwin Senate - Appropriations
AB-887 Office of Health Equity: Surgeon General. Kalra Assembly - Appropriations
AB-890 Nurse practitioners: scope of practice: unsupervised practice. Wood Assembly - Appropriations
AB-891 Public property: safe parking program. Burke Senate - Appropriations
AB-894 Attorney General: directors and employees: exempt from civil service. Santiago Senate - Appropriations
AB-897 Community colleges: part-time employees. Medina Assembly - Appropriations
AB-898 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment services: behavioral health. Wicks Senate - Appropriations
AB-901 Juveniles. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-906 California Economic Development Strategic Action Plan. Cooley Assembly - Appropriations
AB-907 Threats: schools and places of worship. Grayson Senate - Appropriations
AB-908 Pupil assessments: interim assessments and formative assessment tools. O'Donnell Assembly - Appropriations
AB-911 Office of Emergency Services: emergency information system. Rodriguez Senate - Appropriations
AB-914 Medi-Cal: inmates: eligibility. Holden Senate - Appropriations
AB-917 Victims of crime: nonimmigrant status. Reyes Senate - Appropriations
AB-918 Local educational agencies: mental health professionals. Smith Assembly - Appropriations
AB-919 Alcoholism and drug abuse recovery and treatment programs. Petrie-Norris Senate - Appropriations
AB-926 Oil revenue: Oil Trust Fund. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
AB-927 Crimes: fines and fees: defendant’s ability to pay. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
AB-930 California State University: executive compensation: campus budget quarterly reporting. Gloria Senate - Appropriations
AB-931 Local boards and commissions: representation: appointments. Boerner Horvath Senate - Appropriations
AB-933 Ecosystem resilience: watershed protection: watershed coordinators. Petrie-Norris Senate - Appropriations
AB-936 Oil spills: response and contingency planning. Robert Rivas Senate - Appropriations
AB-938 Sales and use taxes: exclusion: low-emission motor vehicle: trade-in. Robert Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-941 Crimes: public records: disclosure of information. Cunningham Assembly - Appropriations
AB-942 CalFresh: Restaurant Meals Program. Weber Senate - Appropriations
AB-944 CalWORKs: sponsored noncitizen: indigence exception. Quirk Senate - Appropriations
AB-954 Dental services: third-party network access. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-955 Water replenishment districts: water system needs assessment program. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-958 The California Organic-to-School Pilot Program. Aguiar-Curry Assembly - Appropriations
AB-959 Human trafficking: vertical prosecution program. Melendez Assembly - Appropriations
AB-960 CalWORKs: homeless assistance. Maienschein Senate - Appropriations
AB-961 Energy programs and projects: nonenergy benefits. Reyes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-962 Hospitals: procurement contracts. Burke Senate - Appropriations
AB-963 Public postsecondary education: Student Civic and Voter Empowerment Act. Petrie-Norris Senate - Appropriations
AB-965 Youth offender hearings: credits. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-967 Local control and accountability plans. Smith Senate - Appropriations
AB-970 California Department of Aging: grants: transportation. Salas Senate - Third Reading
AB-971 Public contracts: information technology services: contractor evaluations. Salas Senate - Third Reading
AB-972 Proposition 47: resentencing. Bonta Assembly - Appropriations
AB-976 Artificial Intelligence in State Government Services Commission. Chau Senate - Appropriations
AB-980 Department of Motor Vehicles: records: confidentiality. Kalra Assembly - Appropriations
AB-986 Agricultural land: socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers: REEAL Act of 2019. Robert Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-987 CalWORKs: special diet and food preparation allowance. Robert Rivas Senate - Appropriations
AB-995 Transitional Housing Program-Plus. Ting Senate - Human Services
AB-1001 Child care: strategic planning councils. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-1002 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Low-Carbon Fuel Standard regulations: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. Quirk-Silva Senate - Rules
AB-1004 Developmental screening services. McCarty Senate - Appropriations
AB-1007 State Civil Service Act: adverse action: notice. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
AB-1010 Housing programs: eligible entities. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Appropriations
AB-1012 Bilingual education: bilingual and biliteracy program support and recognition. Reyes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1016 Rare Disease Advisory Council. Maienschein Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1019 Apprenticeship: developmentally disabled persons. Frazier Chaptered
AB-1020 State of California Housing Agency Act. Irwin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1022 California Antihunger Response and Employment Training Act of 2019. Wicks Senate - Appropriations
AB-1025 Transportation: California Transportation Commission: San Ramon Branch Corridor: reimbursement. Grayson Senate - Appropriations
AB-1027 Income taxes: California Competes tax credit: private ownership share agreement. Burke Senate - Appropriations
AB-1028 Clean Energy Job Creation Program. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-1031 Youth Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Program Act of 2019. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
AB-1033 State employment: new employees: information. Cooper Senate - Appropriations
AB-1034 Health and care facilities: emergency and disaster plan. Friedman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1036 Elections: civic outreach and voter engagement. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Appropriations
AB-1042 Medi-Cal: beneficiary maintenance needs: home upkeep allowances: transitional needs funds. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-1046 Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-1049 Sales and use taxes: exemption: all volunteer fire department: equipment. Grayson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1051 Community colleges: temporary faculty members: clinical nursing faculty. Smith Senate - Special Consent
AB-1052 Peace officer training: hate crimes. Chu Senate - Appropriations
AB-1057 Oil and gas: wells and facilities: disposition and acquisition notices: indemnity bonds and remediation: additional security: civil penalty. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-1058 Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services and substance use disorder treatment. Salas Senate - Appropriations
AB-1061 Foster care. Gipson Assembly - In Floor Process
AB-1064 Firearms dealers: conduct of business. Muratsuchi Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1066 Unemployment insurance: trade disputes: eligibility for benefits. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-1067 Public lands: Department of Parks and Recreation: wildfire management plan: fire hazard severity zones. Bigelow Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1068 Juveniles: dependency: child and family teams. Cooley Senate - Appropriations
AB-1075 California State University: speech-language pathologist programs. Holden Senate - Appropriations
AB-1076 Criminal records: automatic relief. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-1077 Collaborative court program incentives. Eggman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1080 California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-1081 After School Education and Safety Program: funding: authorized purposes. Gallagher Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1085 After school programs: substance use prevention: funding: cannabis revenue. McCarty Senate - Appropriations
AB-1086 Cannella Environmental Farming Act of 1995: State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Agriculture
AB-1087 Pupil instruction: California Financial Literacy Initiative. Cunningham Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1088 Medi-Cal: eligibility. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-1092 Child support: enforcement. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
AB-1093 Municipal separate storm sewer systems: financial capability analysis. Blanca Rubio Senate - Appropriations
AB-1097 Pupil instruction: credit recovery programs: report. Holden Senate - Appropriations
AB-1098 Substance use disorders: youth programs. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
AB-1104 California Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association. Calderon Senate - Third Reading
AB-1105 Sickle cell disease. Gipson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1111 Outdoor recreation: Office of Outdoor Recreation: California Outdoor Recreation Account. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
AB-1113 Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs. Chiu Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1114 Crisis nurseries: study. Aguiar-Curry Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1116 Firefighters: peer support. Grayson Senate - Appropriations
AB-1117 Peace officers: peer support. Grayson Senate - Appropriations
AB-1119 Teacher and Substitute Shortage Workgroup: small school districts. Eduardo Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1120 Sales and use taxes: exemptions: oak barrels. Cunningham Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1121 Firearms: prohibited persons. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1122 Health data: County of Ventura: super user pilot project. Irwin Senate - Appropriations
AB-1126 Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission. O'Donnell Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1128 Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. Petrie-Norris Senate - Appropriations
AB-1130 Personal information: data breaches. Levine Senate - Appropriations
AB-1131 Medi-Cal: comprehensive medication management. Gloria Senate - Appropriations
AB-1133 Beer: premiums, gifts, and free goods. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1134 Traffic violator school: fees. Limón Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1136 California Department of Community Living. Nazarian Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1137 The California Department of Aging. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
AB-1140 Tax preparers: disclosures. Mark Stone Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1153 Mandated Child Abuse Reporting Employee Training Act of 2020. Wicks Senate - Appropriations
AB-1156 Methane: dairy and livestock: pilot financial mechanism: Environmental Credit Insurance Program. Eduardo Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1157 Time Deposit Program: report. Burke Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1158 Conveyances: permit: suspensions. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-1162 Lodging establishments: personal care products: small plastic bottles. Kalra Senate - Appropriations
AB-1165 Child custody: supervised visitation. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Appropriations
AB-1169 Personal income taxes: credit: employer: qualified wages. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1170 Peace officer training: intellectual and developmental disabilities. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1172 Special education: nonpublic, nonsectarian schools or agencies. Frazier Senate - Appropriations
AB-1173 California State University: Center to Close Achievement Gaps. O'Donnell Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1174 Health care: anesthesia services. Wood Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1175 Medi-Cal: mental health services. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-1180 Water: recycled water. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
AB-1182 Post-release supervision of offenders. Carrillo Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1184 Public records: writing transmitted by electronic mail: retention. Gloria Senate - Appropriations
AB-1191 State Lands Commission: exchange of trust lands: City of Oakland: Howard Terminal property: Oakland Waterfront Sports and Mixed-Use Project, Waterfront Access, Environmental Justice, and Revitalization Act. Bonta Senate - Appropriations
AB-1196 Community schools: California Community Schools Act. Gipson Assembly - Inactive
AB-1200 Whistleblower protection. Patterson Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1202 Privacy: data brokers. Chau Senate - Appropriations
AB-1212 Public employees’ retirement: pension fund management: in-state infrastructure. Levine Senate - Third Reading
AB-1214 School employees: training: cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Melendez Senate - Appropriations
AB-1216 Solid waste: illegal dumping. Bauer-Kahan Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1217 Political Reform Act of 1974: electioneering and issue lobbying communications: disclosures. Mullin Senate - Elections and Constitutional Amendments
AB-1219 Teacher credentialing: certificated employee assignment monitoring. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
AB-1222 Alcohol and drug abuse treatment services. Flora Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1224 Disability insurance: paid family leave program. Gray Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1227 Health and human services: information sharing: administrative actions. Obernolte Senate - Appropriations
AB-1229 End Foster Youth Student Hunger in California Act of 2019. Wicks Senate - Appropriations
AB-1232 Affordable housing: weatherization. Gloria Senate - Appropriations
AB-1233 Advanced placement examinations: fees. Smith Senate - Appropriations
AB-1236 Public resources: greenhouse gases: recycling: California Environmental Quality Act. Lackey Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1242 Information security. Irwin Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1246 Health care coverage: basic health care services. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-1249 Health care service plans: regulations: exemptions. Maienschein Senate - Appropriations
AB-1253 Local agency formation commissions: grant program. Robert Rivas Senate - Governance and Finance
AB-1254 Bobcats: take prohibition. Kamlager-Dove Senate - Appropriations
AB-1255 Surplus public land: database. Robert Rivas Senate - Appropriations
AB-1259 Personal income taxes: corporation taxes: credits: California New Markets Tax Credit. Luz Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1260 Endangered wildlife. Maienschein Senate - Appropriations
AB-1262 California Sustainable Freight Action Plan. O'Donnell Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1267 Driver’s licenses: instruction permits and provisional licenses. Robert Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1268 Health care coverage: prospective review. Rodriguez Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1270 False Claims Act. Mark Stone Senate - Appropriations
AB-1275 Mental health services: county pilot program. Santiago Senate - Appropriations
AB-1279 Planning and zoning: housing development: high-resource areas. Bloom Senate - Housing
AB-1287 Universal assessments: No Wrong Door system. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
AB-1288 Cannabis: track and trace. Cooley Senate - Appropriations
AB-1293 Public Utilities Commission: reports. Levine Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1295 Temporary housing and supportive services program. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1296 Tax Recovery in the Underground Economy Criminal Enforcement Program. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-1300 State Coastal Conservancy: Explore the Coast Program. Kamlager-Dove Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1303 School facilities: Civic Center Act: direct costs. O'Donnell Senate - Special Consent
AB-1306 Political Reform Act of 1974: misuse of funds. Cristina Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1307 Student financial aid: Cal Grant program. Blanca Rubio Senate - Appropriations
AB-1309 Health care coverage: enrollment periods. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Third Reading
AB-1310 Traffic violator school: fees. Reyes Senate - Appropriations
AB-1312 College Consultants Act. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1313 Higher education: prohibited debt collection practices. Luz Rivas Senate - Appropriations
AB-1314 Student financial aid: Cal Grant Reform Act. Medina Senate - Education
AB-1317 Personal income taxes: gross income exclusion: homeownership savings accounts. Brough Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1320 Public employee retirement systems: prohibited investments: Turkey. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations
AB-1321 Public lands: State Lands Commission: coastal ports: automated technology. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-1325 Parking penalties: community service. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1328 Oil and gas: notice of intention to abandon well: study of fugitive emissions from idle, idle-deserted, and abandoned wells. Holden Senate - Appropriations
AB-1331 Criminal justice data. Bonta Senate - Appropriations
AB-1332 Sanctuary State Contracting and Investment Act. Bonta Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1340 Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009: labor market outcome data reporting. Chiu Senate - Appropriations
AB-1341 Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009. Berman Senate - Appropriations
AB-1342 Nonprofit corporations: private postsecondary educational institutions: sale of assets: Attorney General approval. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1343 Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009. Eggman Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
AB-1344 Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Act of 2009. Bauer-Kahan Senate - Appropriations
AB-1346 Postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009: Student Tuition Recovery Fund. Medina Senate - Appropriations
AB-1348 Criminal fines: state surcharge. Gray Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1351 Transit operators: paratransit and dial-a-ride services: assessment. Lackey Senate - Appropriations
AB-1354 Juvenile court school pupils: joint transition planning policy: individualized transition plan. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-1356 Cannabis: local jurisdictions: retail commercial cannabis activity. Ting Assembly - Inactive
AB-1360 Third-party food delivery. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-1362 Electricity: load-serving entities: rate and program information. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
AB-1363 Electrical corporations: financing wildfire expenses: executive compensation. Mark Stone Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1364 Nursing: schools and programs: exemptions. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1365 Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Program. Committee on Veterans Affairs Senate - Appropriations
AB-1366 Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet Protocol enabled communications services. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-1375 Disaster relief: dead and dying tree removal: allocation to local agencies. Bigelow Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1377 CalFresh. Wicks Senate - Appropriations
AB-1382 Master Plan for Aging. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Appropriations
AB-1383 Public postsecondary education: admission by exception. McCarty Senate - Third Reading
AB-1385 Court reporter fees. Santiago Senate - Appropriations
AB-1387 Sport fishing licenses: 12-consecutive-month licenses. Wood Senate - Natural Resources and Water
AB-1391 Elections: voter language preference. Bonta Senate - Appropriations
AB-1393 Pupil instruction: model curriculum: Laotian history and cultural studies. Weber Senate - Third Reading
AB-1401 Surcharges on parking violations. Fong Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1403 General assistance: eligibility. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-1405 Permanent supportive housing for parolees. Gloria Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1409 California Teleconnect Fund Administrative Committee Fund: Digital Divide Grant Program: homework gap projects. Chau Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1410 Teachers: Computer Science Access Initiative. Quirk-Silva Senate - Appropriations
AB-1415 Department of Water Resources: reporting requirements: civil penalties. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
AB-1417 Cannabis advertisement and marketing. Blanca Rubio Senate - Appropriations
AB-1424 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Open Access Act. Berman Senate - Appropriations
AB-1426 State beaches: San Onofre State Beach: report on encroaching state or local agency infrastructure project. Boerner Horvath Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1430 State government: public investment opportunities: cost-effective definition. Eduardo Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1434 Public social services: SSI/SSP. Kalra Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1435 The State Department of State Hospitals: investigations. Nazarian Senate - Health
AB-1436 CalWORKs: eligibility: income exemptions. Mark Stone Senate - Human Services
AB-1437 Local government: redevelopment: revenues from property tax override rates. Chen Senate - Appropriations
AB-1440 Oil and gas: development. Levine Senate - Third Reading
AB-1443 Mental health: technical assistance centers. Maienschein Senate - Appropriations
AB-1449 California Victim Compensation Board: victim restitution: eligibility for compensation. Cristina Garcia Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1451 Petition circulators. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1459 Qualified grocery employee: certification and apprenticeship. Arambula Senate - Appropriations
AB-1460 California State University: graduation requirement: ethnic studies. Weber Senate - Appropriations
AB-1462 Hazardous substances: lead: cleanup: Exide Technologies facility. Santiago Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1464 California State Lottery: audits. Gray Senate - Appropriations
AB-1465 Cannabis: consumption cafe/lounge license. Bloom Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1466 Employee classification: professional classification: specified educational employees. Irwin Senate - Third Reading
AB-1468 Opioid Prevention and Rehabilitation Act. McCarty Assembly - Third Reading
AB-1471 State-mandated local costs: preventable loss revenue. Gray Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1479 Opportunity Zone Credit Enhancement Act. Cervantes Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1483 Housing data: collection and reporting. Grayson Senate - Appropriations
AB-1486 Surplus land. Ting Senate - Appropriations
AB-1487 San Francisco Bay area: housing development: financing. Chiu Senate - Third Reading
AB-1488 Recycling: plastic beverage containers: reporting. Burke Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1494 Medi-Cal: telehealth: state of emergency. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Appropriations
AB-1496 Sexual assault: evidence. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1499 Interoperability systems. Flora Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1500 Hazardous substances. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-1501 Forensic ballistic and firearms procedures. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1503 Distributed energy and microgrids: policies: report. Burke Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1505 Charter schools: petitions. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
AB-1506 Charter schools: statewide total: authorization restrictions. McCarty Assembly - Third Reading
AB-1508 Pupil nutrition: Breakfast After the Bell Program. Bonta Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1509 Solid waste: lithium-ion batteries. Mullin Senate - Environmental Quality
AB-1511 Coastal resources: Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission. Bloom Senate - Appropriations
AB-1516 Fire prevention: wildfire risk: defensible space and fuels reduction management. Friedman Senate - Appropriations
AB-1519 Healing arts. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1520 Court Reporters Board of California. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1521 Accountancy: California Board of Accountancy. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1522 Board for Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologists: licensees. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1523 State Athletic Commission. Low Senate - Appropriations
AB-1524 Medi-Cal: provider enrollment. Chiu Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1531 State agencies: bilingual services. Salas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1534 Regional Homeless Management Planning Act. Wicks Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1542 Income taxes: Worker Training Program Tax Credit. Blanca Rubio Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1544 Community Paramedicine or Triage to Alternate Destination Act. Gipson Senate - Appropriations
AB-1545 Civil penalty reduction policy. Obernolte Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1548 California State Nonprofit Security Grant Program. Gabriel Senate - Appropriations
AB-1549 Wildlife: deer: Santa Catalina Island: report. O'Donnell Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1550 Crisis stabilization units: psychiatric patients. Bonta Senate - Appropriations
AB-1557 Medication-Assisted Treatment Drug Reimbursement Pilot Program. Chiu Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1558 Apprenticeship programs: career fairs. Ramos Senate - Third Reading
AB-1568 Housing law compliance: prohibition on applying for state grants. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1576 Secretary of Government Operations: working group: technology. Calderon Senate - Appropriations
AB-1578 School Pavement to Parks Grant Program. Luz Rivas Senate - Appropriations
AB-1580 Major infrastructure construction projects: oversight committees. Levine Senate - Appropriations
AB-1583 The California Recycling Market Development Act. Eggman Senate - Appropriations
AB-1588 Drinking water and wastewater operator certification programs. Gloria Senate - Third Reading
AB-1589 Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Attainment Program: heavy-duty off-road equipment. Salas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1590 Personal income tax: credit: qualified first-time homebuyer. Blanca Rubio Senate - Appropriations
AB-1593 Personal income taxes: earned income credit. Reyes Senate - Governance and Finance
AB-1596 Hazardous substances: contaminated property: fentanyl cleanup. Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Senate - Appropriations
AB-1601 Office of Emergency Services: behavioral health response. Ramos Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1603 California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant Program. Wicks Senate - Appropriations
AB-1606 University of California: school of medicine: San Joaquin Valley Regional Campus Medical Education Endowment Fund. Gray Assembly - Third Reading
AB-1608 Community care facilities: criminal background checks. Holden Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1611 Emergency hospital services: costs. Chiu Senate - Health
AB-1613 Public works: prevailing wages. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
AB-1614 Vehicles: license plate pilot program. Gipson Senate - Third Reading
AB-1619 Mental health careers: funding. Weber Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1620 Public postsecondary education: exemption from payment of nonresident tuition. Santiago Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1623 Teaching credential: teacher recruitment: Golden State Teacher Grant Program. Robert Rivas Senate - Education
AB-1624 School climate: surveys: report. Robert Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1631 Fire protection: volunteer firefighters: training. Gray Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1636 Criminal procedure: determination of probable cause. Bonta Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1642 Medi-Cal: managed care plans. Wood Senate - Appropriations
AB-1645 Student support services: Dreamer Resource Liaisons. Blanca Rubio Senate - Appropriations
AB-1653 Missing or Murdered Indigenous Women Task Force. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1657 Salton Sea: Office of the Salton Sea: Salton Sea Oversight Committee. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Natural Resources and Water
AB-1658 Teacher credentialing: adult education: workgroup. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-1663 California State Library: Lunch at the Library Program. Luz Rivas Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1668 California Conservation Corps: Education and Employment Reentry Program. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-1671 Department of Transportation: motor vehicle technology testing. Berman Senate - Appropriations
AB-1672 Solid waste: flushable products. Bloom Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1676 Health care: mental health. Maienschein Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1677 Call centers: protections. Weber Senate - Appropriations
AB-1679 Motor vehicle insurance: fraud. Daly Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1680 Coastal lands: coastal access plan: Hollister Ranch. Limón Senate - Appropriations
AB-1681 Public employees: collective bargaining: unit determinations. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-1684 Pupil literacy: statewide professional learning infrastructure. Maienschein Senate - Education
AB-1687 Outdoor advertising displays: exemptions. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Transportation
AB-1688 Rehabilitation programs: recidivism. Calderon Senate - Appropriations
AB-1689 College Mental Health Services Program. McCarty Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1694 San Gabriel and Lower Los Angeles Rivers and Mountains Conservancy: territory: Dominguez Channel watershed and Santa Catalina Island. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
AB-1695 Health facilities. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-1696 The California International Trade and Investment Office Act of 2019. Chau Senate - Appropriations
AB-1702 Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council. Luz Rivas Senate - Appropriations
AB-1703 University of California: California Collaborative for Neurodiversity and Learning. Bloom Senate - Education
AB-1705 Medi-Cal: emergency medical transportation services. Bonta Senate - Appropriations
AB-1708 Emergency response: trauma kits. Rodriguez Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1711 Homeless populations: disease outbreak. Santiago Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1717 Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing Funding Program Act. Friedman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1718 State parks: state coastal beaches: smoking ban. Levine Senate - Appropriations
AB-1722 School safety plans. Kiley Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1725 After School Education and Safety Program: funding and grant amounts. Carrillo Senate - Education
AB-1726 Income taxes: California work opportunity tax credit. Arambula Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1727 Community colleges: career development and college preparation courses. Weber Senate - Appropriations
AB-1729 Pupils: attendance at community college. Smith Senate - Appropriations
AB-1731 Short-term rentals: coastal zone: County of San Diego. Boerner Horvath Senate - Governance and Finance
AB-1734 Property taxation: welfare exemption: rental housing: moderate income housing. Chiu Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1736 Notification requirements. Daly Senate - Appropriations
AB-1740 Public postsecondary education: University of California, Riverside School of Medicine: expansion. Medina Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1742 Korean American National Museum. Santiago Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1751 Water and sewer system corporations: consolidation of service. Chiu Senate - Appropriations
AB-1753 Immigration consultants. Carrillo Senate - Appropriations
AB-1754 Office of Emergency Services: California Olympic and Paralympic Public Safety Command. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Appropriations
AB-1759 Health care workers: rural and underserved areas. Salas Senate - Health
AB-1764 Forced or Involuntary Sterilization Compensation Program. Carrillo Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1766 Licensed adult residential facilities and residential care facilities for the elderly: data collection: residents with a serious mental disorder. Bloom Senate - Human Services
AB-1767 Pupil suicide prevention policies. Ramos Senate - Appropriations
AB-1769 County of Solano: mental health facilities. Frazier Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1770 Tire recycling program: rubberized pavement. Frazier Senate - Environmental Quality
AB-1774 Student financial aid: Student Aid Commission: extension of application deadlines. Bonta Senate - Third Reading
AB-1776 Sales and use taxes: exemptions: newspapers. Levine Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1779 Recovery residences. Daly Senate - Appropriations
AB-1783 H-2A worker housing: state funding: streamlined approval process for agricultural employee housing development. Robert Rivas Senate - Appropriations
AB-1784 Elections: open-source paper ballot voting systems. Santiago Senate - Elections and Constitutional Amendments
AB-1796 Community care facilities: criminal background checks. Levine Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1798 California Racial Justice Act: death penalty. Levine Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1799 Natural gas. Friedman Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1801 Cattle: inspections. Committee on Agriculture Senate - Special Consent
AB-1806 GO-Biz Information Technology. Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1807 California Small Business Development Technical Assistance Expansion Act of 2018. Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy Assembly - Appropriations
AB-1808 Public contracts: goods and services: installation of carpet, resilient flooring, and synthetic turf. Cervantes Senate - Governance and Finance
AB-1809 Disabled veteran business enterprises. Cervantes Senate - Appropriations
ACA-1 Local government financing: affordable housing and public infrastructure: voter approval. Aguiar-Curry Assembly - Failed
ACR-64 California State University and University of California: SAT and ACT. McCarty Senate - Appropriations