Asm Transportation Bills - 03/20/2017

Bills Returned: 21
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-66 High-Speed Rail Authority: reports. Patterson Assembly - Died - Transportation
AB-91 High-occupancy vehicle lanes. Cervantes Senate - Inactive
AB-333 State Highway Route 185: relinquishment: County of Alameda. Quirk Chaptered
AB-381 Vehicle registration: Voluntary Deaf or Hard of Hearing Notification Program: establishment. Calderon Assembly - In Desk Process
AB-515 State Highway System Management Plan. Frazier Chaptered
AB-615 Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Cooper Chaptered
AB-630 Vehicles: retirement and replacement. Cooper Chaptered
AB-636 Local streets and roads: expenditure reports. Irwin Senate - Appropriations
AB-695 Avoidance of on-track equipment. Bocanegra Chaptered
AB-696 Department of Transportation: Prunedale Bypass: County of Monterey: disposition of excess properties. Caballero Assembly - In Desk Process
AB-714 Vehicles: automatic registration renewal. Acosta Assembly - Died - Appropriations
AB-790 Identification cards: replacement: reduced fee. Mark Stone Chaptered
AB-857 State highways: property leases. Ting Chaptered
AB-980 Department of Transportation: broadband: fiber optic cables: priority areas. Wood Assembly - Died - Communications and Conveyance
ACR-2 Police Officer Jose “Gil” Vega and Police Officer Lesley Zerebny Memorial Highway. Mayes Chaptered
ACR-9 Officer Jonathan M. De Guzman Memorial Bridge. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered
ACR-22 Detective Sergeant Thomas A. Smith, Jr. Memorial Highway. Baker Chaptered
ACR-23 Ritchie Valens Memorial Highway. Bocanegra Chaptered
ACR-24 California Highway Patrol Officer Nathan Taylor Memorial Overcrossing. Dahle Chaptered
ACR-29 Deputy Sheriff Jack Hopkins Memorial Highway. Dahle Chaptered
ACR-31 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sergeant Steven C. Owen Memorial Highway. Lackey Chaptered