Asm Rules Bills - 06/29/2020

Bills Returned: 11
Measure Subject Author Status
SB-158 County of Los Angeles Citizens Redistricting Commission: membership. Allen Assembly - Third Reading
SB-217 Recreational and organizational camps. Portantino Assembly - Health
SB-275 Health Care and Essential Workers Protection Act: personal protective equipment. Pan Assembly - Appropriations
SB-281 Housing development: permits and other entitlements: extension. Wiener Assembly - Local Government
SB-315 Criminal procedure: COVID-19 Alternative Adjudication Program. Hertzberg Assembly - Appropriations
SB-369 Prisoners: California Reentry Commission. Hertzberg Assembly - Public Safety
SB-474 Very high fire hazard severity zone: state responsibility area: development prohibition. Stern Assembly - Local Government
SB-592 Jury service. Wiener Assembly - Judiciary
SB-629 Public peace: media access. McGuire Assembly - Appropriations
SB-729 Food sector workers: COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave: handwashing. Portantino Assembly - Appropriations
SB-1146 Civil procedure: electronic filing, trial delays, and remote depositions. Umberg Assembly - Judiciary