Asm Rules Bills - 04/16/2018

Bills Returned: 13
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-2213 Firearms: ammunition sales. Cooley Senate - Died - Appropriations
AB-2899 Cannabis: advertisements. Rubio Chaptered
AB-2920 Transactions and use taxes: North Lake Tahoe Transportation Authority and City of Berkeley. Thurmond Chaptered
AB-3052 Special Fund for Economic Uncertainties: rental housing: elderly persons. Chen Assembly - Died - Housing and Community Development
HR-100   Quirk Assembly - Passed
SB-25 Elections: alternate ballot order: Los Angeles County pilot program. Portantino Chaptered
SB-71 Solid waste: disposal. Wiener Assembly - Died - Appropriations
SB-210 Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program. Leyva Assembly - Died - Transportation
SB-502 Commuter rail systems: availability of automated external defibrillators: Construction Manager/General Contractor Project delivery method: Metrolink commuter rail projects. Portantino Chaptered
SB-617 Workers’ compensation: providers. Bradford Assembly - Died - Insurance
SB-773 Terrorist and Criminal Organization Investigation Teams. Stern Assembly - Died - Public Safety
SCR-88 Black April Memorial Month. Nguyen Chaptered
SCR-116 Month of the Military Child. Nguyen Chaptered