Asm Revenue and Taxation Bills - 03/20/2017

Bills Returned: 14
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-162 Income taxation: credits. Cervantes Assembly - Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy
AB-230 Personal income taxes: credit: dependent care. Chávez Assembly - Appropriations
AB-433 Sales and use taxes: claim for refund: customer refunds. Bocanegra Assembly - Appropriations
AB-449 Income taxes: administration. Calderon Assembly - Revenue and Taxation
AB-454 Personal income taxes: exclusion: wrongfully convicted individuals. Ridley-Thomas Senate - Pending Referral
AB-461 Personal income taxes: exclusion: forgiven student loan debt. Muratsuchi Assembly - Appropriations
AB-519 Personal income tax: voluntary contributions: California Senior Citizen Advocacy Fund. Levine Assembly - Appropriations
AB-524 Personal income taxes: deduction: removal of dead or dying trees. Bigelow Assembly - Appropriations
AB-525 State Board of Equalization: offer in compromise: extension. Aguiar-Curry Assembly - Revenue and Taxation
AB-528 Personal income taxes: exclusion: military retirement pay. Gray Assembly - Appropriations
AB-561 Sales and use taxes: exclusion: public safety first responder vehicle and equipment: local public employee retirement: employer contributions. Voepel Assembly - Appropriations
AB-586 Personal income taxes: deductions: qualified teacher: professional development expenses. Holden Assembly - Appropriations
AB-624 Income taxes: credit: robotics club donation. Maienschein Assembly - Engrossing
AB-846 Voluntary contributions: California YMCA Youth and Government Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Cooley Assembly - Revenue and Taxation