Sen Governance and Finance Bills - 06/13/2018

Bills Returned: 18
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-636 Local streets and roads: expenditure reports. Irwin Chaptered
AB-1594 Infrastructure financing: transportation: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: contracting. Bloom Senate - Died
AB-1741 Cannabis: taxation: electronic funds transfer. Bonta Chaptered
AB-1794 Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency: Southern California Water Company. Limón Chaptered
AB-1900 Capital investment incentive programs: repeal date. Brough Chaptered
AB-2096 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Organ and Tissue Donor Registry Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Frazier Chaptered
AB-2137 Regional park and open-space districts: general manager: powers. Mayes Chaptered
AB-2249 Public contracts: local agencies: alternative procedure. Cooley Chaptered
AB-2262 Coast Life Support District Act: urgent medical care services. Wood Senate - Died
AB-2400 Personal income taxes: voluntary contribution fund: Alzheimer’s disease research. Kalra Chaptered
AB-2425 Property taxation: property records: transmission by mail or electronic format. Berman Chaptered
AB-2458 Qualified special taxes: exemption: information. Weber Chaptered
AB-2654 Design-build: Orange County. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
AB-2853 Local government: economic development subsidies. Medina Vetoed
AB-2944 Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: Schools Not Prisons Voluntary Tax Contribution Fund. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
AB-2954 School districts: special taxes: uniformity requirement: unimproved property. Bonta Chaptered
AB-3122 Property taxation: disaster relief: payment of deferred taxes. Gallagher Chaptered
AB-3254 Local government organization: omnibus. Committee on Local Government Chaptered