Sen Health Bills - 06/12/2019

Bills Returned: 10
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-228 Food, beverage, and cosmetic adulterants: industrial hemp products. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Appropriations
AB-798 Maternal mental health. Cervantes Senate - Appropriations
AB-826 Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services: foster youth. Reyes Senate - Human Services
AB-848 Medi-Cal: covered benefits: continuous glucose monitors. Gray Vetoed
AB-898 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment services: behavioral health. Wicks Senate - Appropriations
AB-922 Reproductive health and research: oocyte procurement. Burke Chaptered
AB-1014 Health facilities: notices. O'Donnell Vetoed
AB-1532 Food facilities: food safety: employee knowledge. Bauer-Kahan Chaptered
AB-1802 Health care service plans. Committee on Health Chaptered
AB-1803 Pharmacy: health care coverage: claims for prescription drugs sold for retail price. Committee on Health Chaptered