Sen Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Bills - 06/12/2019

Bills Returned: 19
Measure Subject Author Status
AB-170 Employment: harassment: liability. Gonzalez Senate - Appropriations
AB-267 Employment of infants: entertainment industry. Chu Senate - Third Reading
AB-346 Workers’ compensation: leaves of absence. Cooper Senate - Appropriations
AB-355 Public Employee Relations Board: Orange County Transportation Authority. Daly Senate - Appropriations
AB-457 Occupational safety and health: lead: permissible exposure levels. Quirk Senate - Inactive
AB-520 Public works: public subsidy. Kalra Senate - Third Reading
AB-547 Janitorial workers: sexual violence and harassment prevention training. Gonzalez Senate - Third Reading
AB-589 Employment: unfair immigration-related practices. Gonzalez Senate - Third Reading
AB-593 Unemployment insurance: use of information: public workforce development programs. Carrillo Senate - Third Reading
AB-644 State teachers’ retirement: compensation. Committee on Public Employment and Retirement Chaptered
AB-672 Public employees’ retirement: disability retirement: reinstatement. Cervantes Chaptered
AB-1124 Employment safety: outdoor workers: wildfire smoke. Maienschein Senate - Inactive
AB-1223 Living organ donation. Arambula Senate - Third Reading
AB-1452 State teachers’ retirement. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
AB-1554 Employers: dependent care assistance program: notice to employees. Gonzalez Enrolled
AB-1748 California Family Rights Act: flight crews. Bonta Senate - Third Reading
AB-1768 Prevailing wage: public works. Carrillo Senate - Third Reading
AB-1804 Occupational injuries and illnesses: reporting. Committee on Labor and Employment Enrolled
ACR-50 Workforce development. Chiu Senate - Appropriations