Assembly Recess Bills - 10/11/2018

Bills Returned: 142
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-183 Bill of Rights for State Excluded Employees. Lackey Vetoed
2 AB-2573 Beer: premiums, gifts, and free goods. Low Vetoed
3 AB-2397 Health and human services: information sharing: administrative actions. Obernolte Vetoed
4 AB-2552 Elections: ballot contents. Berman Vetoed
5 AB-697 Tolls: exemption for privately owned emergency ambulances. Fong Vetoed
6 AB-2028 Prisons: security assessments. Rodriguez Vetoed
7 AB-2275 Medi-Cal managed care: quality assessment and performance improvement. Arambula Vetoed
8 AB-2853 Local government: economic development subsidies. Medina Vetoed
9 AB-3178 Integrated waste management plans: source reduction and recycling element: diversion requirements. Rubio Vetoed
10 AB-1715 International trade and investment offices. Quirk-Silva Vetoed
11 AB-2790 Veterans: Internal Audits for Veterans Affairs. Irwin Vetoed
12 AB-2152 CalFresh: able-bodied adults without dependents. Weber Vetoed
13 AB-2656 Vehicle towing and storage. Chen Vetoed
14 AB-2734 California Transportation Commission. Frazier Vetoed
15 AB-1534 Health care coverage: HIV specialists. Nazarian Vetoed
16 AB-1918 Office of Sustainable Outdoor Recreation: California Sustainable Outdoor Recreation Account. Eduardo Garcia Vetoed
17 AB-2143 Mental health: Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program. Caballero Vetoed
18 AB-2240 Trial Jury Selection and Management Act. Grayson Vetoed
19 AB-1947 Petitions: compensation for signatures. Low Vetoed
20 AB-2245 Voter registration. Berman Vetoed
21 AB-2258 Local agency formation commissions: grant program. Caballero Vetoed
22 AB-2528 Climate adaptation. Bloom Vetoed
23 AB-2614 Outdoor experiences: community access program: grant program. Carrillo Vetoed
24 AB-3088 Continuing care contracts: retirement communities. Chu Vetoed
25 AB-3218 Millerton Lake State Recreation Area: acquisition of land. Arambula Vetoed
26 AB-1529 Drinking water: cross-connection or backflow prevention device inspectors: certification. Thurmond Vetoed
27 AB-1863 Personal income tax: deduction: commercial cannabis activity. Jones-Sawyer Vetoed
28 AB-2299 Medi-Cal: managed care plans: informational materials. Chu Vetoed
29 AB-2317 Whistleblower protection: county patients’ rights advocates. Eggman Vetoed
30 AB-2838 Gambling: local ordinances. Low Vetoed
31 AB-3135 Traffic safety: state funding. Frazier Vetoed
32 AB-310 Part-time faculty office hours. Medina Vetoed
33 AB-1996 The California Cannabis Research Program. Lackey Vetoed
34 AB-2168 Special education: teachers: grant program. Thurmond Vetoed
35 AB-2691 Pupil health: pupil and school staff trauma: Trauma-Informed Schools Initiative. Jones-Sawyer Vetoed
36 AB-11 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment Program: screening services. McCarty Vetoed
37 AB-558 Alternative fuel vehicles: flexible fuel vehicles. Quirk-Silva Vetoed
38 AB-1873 Driver’s licenses: veteran designation. Obernolte Vetoed
39 AB-2005 Child Abuse Central Index. Santiago Vetoed
40 AB-2058 Vehicles: driving under the influence: cannabis. Chau Vetoed
41 AB-2135 Vehicles: Gold Star Family license plates. Acosta Vetoed
42 AB-2346 Public utilities: rates: wildfire expense memorandum accounts. Quirk Vetoed
43 AB-2427 Medi-Cal: anticompetitive conduct. Wood Vetoed
44 AB-2994 Building standards: public restroom stalls: disability access. Holden Vetoed
45 AB-3086 Interdistrict attendance: prohibition on transfers by a school district of residence. Kiley Vetoed
46 AB-1165 Agriculture: Agricultural Sustainability Council: regulatory alignment. Caballero Vetoed
47 AB-1247 Professional fiduciaries: prelicensing and renewal or restoration: education. Nazarian Vetoed
48 AB-2122 Medi-Cal: blood lead screening tests. Reyes Vetoed
49 AB-2314 Private employment: domestic workers. Ting Vetoed
50 AB-2749 State agencies: state entities: Internet Web site accessibility: standards: mobile-friendly: requirements. Bonta Vetoed
51 AB-3179 State agencies: bilingual services. Salas Vetoed
52 AB-427 California Aerospace and Aviation Commission. Muratsuchi Vetoed
53 AB-479 Workers’ compensation: permanent disability apportionment. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
54 AB-553 Workers’ compensation: return-to-work program. Daly Vetoed
55 AB-767 GO-Biz Information Technology. Quirk-Silva Vetoed
56 AB-1697 Workers’ compensation. Committee on Insurance Vetoed
57 AB-2384 Medication-assisted treatment. Arambula Vetoed
58 AB-2496 Janitorial employees: employment status: burden of proof. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
59 AB-180 Medi-Cal. Wood Vetoed
60 AB-900 Crime victims: the California Victim Compensation Board. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
61 AB-1927 Firearms: prohibition: voluntary list. Bonta Vetoed
62 AB-2026 Used vehicle salespersons. Lackey Vetoed
63 AB-2298 Parent-child relationship: assisted reproduction agreement for gestational carriers. Chau Vetoed
64 AB-2477 Student support services: Dream Resource Liaisons. Rubio Vetoed
65 AB-2547 Teachers: Teacher Residency Grant Program: Local Solutions Grant Program: evaluation. McCarty Vetoed
66 AB-2602 Homeless youth emergency service projects. McCarty Vetoed
67 AB-2888 Gun violence restraining orders. Ting Vetoed
68 AB-354 Institutional investors: housing. Calderon Vetoed
69 AB-514 Registered sex offenders: day care facilities. Salas Vetoed
70 AB-1116 Peer Support and Crisis Referral Services Pilot Program. Grayson Vetoed
71 AB-1801 Newborns: cytomegalovirus public education and testing. Nazarian Vetoed
72 AB-1865 Guide, signal, and service dogs: injury or death. Lackey Vetoed
73 AB-1882 Sex crimes: communication with a minor. Cervantes Vetoed
74 AB-1945 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: investment plan. Eduardo Garcia Vetoed
75 AB-2043 Foster children and youth: family urgent response system. Arambula Vetoed
76 AB-2294 Child custody proceedings: finding of sexual abuse. Obernolte Vetoed
77 AB-2342 Breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility screening. Burke Vetoed
78 AB-2474 Hazardous waste: identification: testing. Quirk Vetoed
79 AB-2588 Manufactured housing. Chu Vetoed
80 AB-2593 Air ambulance services. Grayson Vetoed
81 AB-2963 Worker safety: blood lead levels: reporting. Kalra Vetoed
82 AB-3131 Law enforcement agencies: military equipment: funding, acquisition, and use. Gloria Vetoed
83 AB-3188 School accountability: local control and accountability plans: state priorities: pupil achievement. Thurmond Vetoed
84 AB-1903 Firearms: buyback programs: gift cards. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
85 AB-1951 Pupil assessments: Pathways to College Act. O'Donnell Vetoed
86 AB-2050 Small System Water Authority Act of 2018. Caballero Vetoed
87 AB-2060 Water: grants: advanced payments. Eduardo Garcia Vetoed
88 AB-2064 Integrated regional water management plans: grants: advanced payment. Gloria Vetoed
89 AB-2163 Department of Technology: GIS data: regional notification centers: subsurface installations. Grayson Vetoed
90 AB-2305 Public employment: collective bargaining: peace officers. Rodriguez Vetoed
91 AB-2362 Safe transportation of dogs and cats. Rubio Vetoed
92 AB-2538 Municipal separate storm sewer systems: financial capability analysis. Rubio Vetoed
93 AB-2596 California Economic Development Strategic Action Plan. Cooley Vetoed
94 AB-2652 Telecommunications: universal service. Quirk Vetoed
95 AB-2681 Seismic safety: potentially vulnerable buildings. Nazarian Vetoed
96 AB-2886 Public Employee Relations Board: Orange County Transportation Authority: San Joaquin Regional Transit District. Daly Vetoed
97 AB-3034 Public transit employer-employee relations: San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District. Low Vetoed
98 AB-3145 Disability insurance: state employees. Salas Vetoed
99 AB-724 Intercountry adoption finalized in a foreign country. Choi Vetoed
100 AB-1097 State beaches and parks: smoking ban. Levine Vetoed
101 AB-1437 Care facilities: criminal record clearances. Patterson Vetoed
102 AB-1921 CalWORKs: housing assistance. Maienschein Vetoed
103 AB-1992 CalWORKs eligibility: immunizations. Chu Vetoed
104 AB-2054 State parks. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
105 AB-2111 CalWORKs: sponsored noncitizen: indigence exception. Quirk Vetoed
106 AB-2233 Medi-Cal: Assisted Living Waiver program. Kalra Vetoed
107 AB-2352 Elections: reportable events. Low Vetoed
108 AB-2360 Pupil nutrition: best practices for school districts to create food bank partnerships. Rodriguez Vetoed
109 AB-2531 Access to judicial and nonjudicial proceedings: individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing: operators of computer-aided transcription systems. Gallagher Vetoed
110 AB-2872 In-home supportive services: peer-to-peer training. Carrillo Vetoed
111 AB-2980 Cannabis: premises: common space. Gipson Vetoed
112 AB-3085 New Beginnings California Program. Calderon Vetoed
113 AB-60 Subsidized child care and development services: stages of child care: CalWORKs. Santiago Vetoed
114 AB-186 Controlled substances: overdose prevention program. Eggman Vetoed
115 AB-1080 Public contracts: bid preferences: employee health care coverage. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
116 AB-1231 Public postsecondary education: California State University: support staff employees: merit salary adjustments. Weber Vetoed
117 AB-1511 Sentencing enhancements: property loss. Low Vetoed
118 AB-1597 Public employee retirement systems: prohibited investments: Turkey. Nazarian Vetoed
119 AB-1857 Building codes: earthquake safety: immediate occupancy standard. Nazarian Vetoed
120 AB-1867 Employment discrimination: sexual harassment: records. Reyes Vetoed
121 AB-1870 Employment discrimination: limitation of actions. Reyes Vetoed
122 AB-1909 In-home supportive services: written content translation. Nazarian Vetoed
123 AB-1916 Civil service: Personnel Classification Plan: salary equalization. Cooper Vetoed
124 AB-1939 Crime victims: compensation: relocation costs: pets. Steinorth Vetoed
125 AB-2079 Janitorial workers: sexual violence and harassment prevention training. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
126 AB-2107 New Motor Vehicle Board. Reyes Vetoed
127 AB-2153 Teachers: in-service training: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning pupil resources. Thurmond Vetoed
128 AB-2255 Cannabis: distribution: deliveries: violations. Lackey Vetoed
129 AB-2361 University of California: outsource contracts. Weber Vetoed
130 AB-2447 California Environmental Quality Act: land use: environmental justice. Reyes Vetoed
131 AB-2534 Public resources: environmental education: grant program: Hollister Ranch. Limón Vetoed
132 AB-2689 Contribution and gift ban: Senate or Assembly confirmation. Gray Vetoed
133 AB-2713 Public employment: sexual harassment tracking. Rodriguez Vetoed
134 AB-2720 Juveniles: juvenile reentry. Waldron Vetoed
135 AB-2732 Employment: unfair immigration-related practices: janitorial workers: sexual violence and harassment prevention training. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
136 AB-2772 Pupil instruction: ethnic studies: grant program. Medina Vetoed
137 AB-2819 University of California: study: high technology companies: employees. Holden Vetoed
138 AB-2908 Tire recycling: California tire regulatory fee and waste tire program. Berman Vetoed
139 AB-3080 Employment discrimination: enforcement. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
140 AB-3081 Employment: sexual harassment. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed
141 AB-3115 Community Paramedicine or Triage to Alternate Destination Act. Gipson Vetoed
142 AB-3120 Damages: childhood sexual assault: statute of limitations. Gonzalez Fletcher Vetoed