Assembly Floor Session Bills - 09/12/2013

Bills Returned: 99
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-300 Telecommunications: prepaid mobile telephony services: state surcharge and fees: local charges collection. Perea Assembly - Died
2 AB-1412 Income taxes: exclusion: deferral: qualified small business stock. Bocanegra Chaptered
3 AB-1024 Attorneys: admission to practice. Gonzalez Chaptered
4 AB-1042 Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund. Hall Chaptered
5 AB-327 Electricity: natural gas: rates: net energy metering: California Renewables Portfolio Standard Program. Perea Chaptered
6 AB-796 Advanced electrical distributed generation technology. Muratsuchi Chaptered
7 AB-1409 Public utilities: voice communications: Moore Universal Telephone Service Act. Bradford Assembly - Died
8 AB-64 Vehicles: fifth-wheel travel trailers. Donnelly Chaptered
9 AB-401 Transportation: design-build: highways. Daly Chaptered
10 AB-106 Economic development: taxation: credits. Committee on Budget Chaptered
11 AB-217 Electricity: solar electricity: low-income households. Bradford Chaptered
12 AB-241 Domestic work employees: labor standards. Ammiano Chaptered
13 AB-417 Environmental quality: California Environmental Quality Act: bicycle transportation plan. Frazier Chaptered
14 AB-537 Meyers-Milias-Brown Act: impasse procedures. Bonta Chaptered
15 AB-595 Community colleges: priority enrollment. Gomez Chaptered
16 AB-787 Foster care. Stone Chaptered
17 AB-899 Academic content standards: English language development standards. Weber Chaptered
18 AB-986 Postrelease community supervision: flash incarceration: city jails. Bradford Chaptered
19 AB-1090 Public officers: conflicts of interest: contracts. Fong Chaptered
20 AB-1097 Fish and Game Commission: Mirage Trail. Nestande Chaptered
21 AB-1247 Business investments: Small Business Financial Assistance Act of 2013. Medina Chaptered
22 AB-1257 Energy: State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission: natural gas. Bocanegra Chaptered
23 AB-1299 Telecommunications: universal service programs: California Advanced Services Fund. Bradford Chaptered
24 AB-1308 Midwifery. Bonilla Chaptered
25 AB-1319 Agriculture. Eggman Chaptered
26 AB-240 Mutual water companies. Rendon Chaptered
27 AB-483 Local government: taxes, fees, assessments, and charges: definitions. Ting Chaptered
28 AB-662 Local government: redevelopment: successor agencies to redevelopment agencies. Atkins Assembly - Died
29 AB-701 General Subject: Local government finance: property tax revenue allocation: vehicle license fee adjustments: County of Orange. Quirk-Silva Chaptered
30 AB-792 Utility user tax: exemption: distributed generation systems. Mullin Chaptered
31 SB-396 Public services. De León Chaptered
32 ACR-82 Food allergy awareness. Pan Chaptered
33 SB-691 Nonvehicular air pollution control: penalties. Hancock Assembly - Died
34 SB-323 Taxes: exemptions: prohibited discrimination. Lara Assembly - Died
35 SB-27 Political Reform Act of 1974. Correa Chaptered
36 SB-209 Income taxes: exclusion: deferral: qualified small business stock. Lieu Chaptered
37 SB-344 Schools. Padilla Vetoed
38 SB-534 Health and care facilities. Hernandez Chaptered
39 SB-639 Health care coverage. Hernandez Chaptered
40 SB-269 Prepaid rental listing service. Hill Chaptered
41 SCR-67 School Attendance Awareness Month. Liu Chaptered
42 SCR-62 Corporations: boards of directors: representation: women. Jackson Chaptered
43 SB-804 Solid waste: energy. Lara Vetoed
44 SB-39 Local agencies: public officers: claims and liability. De León Chaptered
45 SB-239 Medi-Cal: hospitals: quality assurance fees: distinct part skilled nursing facilities. Hernandez Chaptered
46 SB-398 Horse racing: distribution of proceeds. Galgiani Vetoed
47 SB-670 Physicians and surgeons: drug prescribing privileges: investigation. Steinberg Chaptered
48 SB-13 Public employees’ retirement benefits. Beall Chaptered
49 SB-436 Port Hueneme Beach shoreline protection. Jackson Chaptered
50 SB-620 Water replenishment districts. Wright Chaptered
51 SB-459 Vehicle retirement: low-income motor vehicle owners. Pavley Chaptered
52 SB-365 Jail construction: funding. Wolk Chaptered
53 SB-743 Environmental quality: transit oriented infill projects, judicial review streamlining for environmental leadership development projects, and entertainment and sports center in the City of Sacramento. Steinberg Chaptered
54 SCR-61 Shelter Pet Awareness Month. Galgiani Chaptered
55 SCR-71 Suicide Prevention Week in California. Torres Chaptered
56 SB-208 Public social services: contracting. Lara Chaptered
57 SB-819 Horse racing: Breeders’ Cup World Championship series: payment of purses. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
58 SB-135 Earthquake early warning system. Padilla Chaptered
59 AB-77 Budget Act of 2013: public resources. Committee on Budget Legislature - Died
60 AB-976 Coastal resources: California Coastal Act of 1976: enforcement: penalties. Atkins Legislature - Died
A- 1 AB-1406 Energy: renewable energy resources. Committee on Utilities and Commerce Assembly - Died
A- 2 AB-1408 Distributed energy resources: tariffs. Committee on Utilities and Commerce Assembly - Died
A- 3 AB-365 Electricity: distributed generation. Mullin Senate - Died - Rules
A- 4 AB-371 Sewage sludge: Kern County. Salas Senate - Died - Rules
A- 5 AB-874 Public utilities: unionization. Williams Assembly - Died
A- 6 AB-973 Long-term health facilities: culture change. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Died
A- 7 AB-802 Private arbitration companies: disclosures. Wieckowski Chaptered
A- 8 AB-885 Discovery: prosecutorial duty to disclose information. Ammiano Vetoed
A- 9 AB-953 California Environmental Quality Act. Ammiano Assembly - Died
A- 10 AB-964 Vehicles: dealers. Bonta Assembly - Died
A- 11 AB-203 California Coastal Commission: restoration and cease and desist orders: report. Stone Senate - Died - Rules
A- 12 AB-975 Health facilities community benefits. Wieckowski Assembly - Died
A- 13 AB-288 California Coastal Commission: meeting notices. Levine Chaptered
A- 14 AB-669 Oil and gas: drilling. Stone Assembly - Died
A- 15 AB-880 Medi-Cal program costs: large employer responsibility. Gomez Assembly - Died
A- 16 SB-170 Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park. Wolk Senate - Unfinished Business
A- 17 SB-757 Groundwater management. Berryhill Assembly - Died - Rules
A- 18 SB-473 Human trafficking. Block Senate - Unfinished Business
A- 19 SB-61 Juveniles: solitary confinement. Yee Assembly - Died
A- 20 ACR-76 Freedom of speech: institutions of higher education. Lowenthal Assembly - Died
A- 21 SB-718 Capital investment incentive programs: corporation tax credit: new advanced strategic aircraft program. Roth Chaptered
A- 22 AB-1315 California Green Collar Jobs Act of 2008: Green Collar Jobs Council. John A. Pérez Senate - Died
A- 23 SB-486 Department of Transportation: goals and performance measures. DeSaulnier Chaptered
A- 24 AB-229 Local government: infrastructure and revitalization financing districts. John A. Pérez Chaptered
A- 25 AB-236 State employees: memorandum of understanding. Rendon Assembly - Died
A- 26 AB-237 State employees: memorandum of understanding. Rendon Assembly - Died
A- 27 AB-243 Local government: infrastructure and revitalization financing districts. Dickinson Senate - Died
A- 28 AB-1378 Committee on Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security: state employees: memorandum of understanding. Committee on Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Assembly - Died
A- 29 ACA-6 Constitutional amendments: voter approval. Gatto Assembly - Died - Elections and Redistricting
A- 30 AJR-1 Federal constitutional convention: application. Gatto Chaptered
A- 31 SB-2 Political Reform Act of 1974. Lieu Assembly - Died
A- 32 SB-570 Advanced Alcohol and Drug Licensing Act. DeSaulnier Assembly - Died - Appropriations
A- 33 AB-7 Oil and gas: hydraulic fracturing. Wieckowski Assembly - Died
A- 34 SB-556 Providers of health and safety labor or services: identification. Padilla Chaptered
A- 35 SB-33 Local taxation: County of Sonoma: transactions and use tax. Wolk Assembly - Died - Rules
A- 36 AB-111 Budget Act of 2012. Committee on Budget Assembly - Died
A- 37 AB-112 In-home supportive services. Committee on Budget Assembly - Died
A- 38 SB-77 Health. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Died
A- 39 SB-92 Property insurance: Seismic Safety Account. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Died