Assembly Floor Session Bills - 05/16/2019

Bills Returned: 134
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-59 Elections: polling places: college and university campuses. Kalra Chaptered
2 AB-430 Housing development: Camp Fire Housing Assistance Act of 2019. Gallagher Chaptered
3 AB-626 Conflicts of interest. Quirk-Silva Assembly - Inactive
4 AB-647 Hazardous substances: cosmetics: disinfectants: safety documents. Kalra Chaptered
5 AB-729 Carpet recycling: carpet stewardship. Chu Chaptered
6 AB-873 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Irwin Senate - Judiciary
7 AB-1195 California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: Low-Carbon Fuel Standard regulations. O'Donnell Vetoed
8 AB-1197 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: City of Los Angeles: supportive housing and emergency shelters. Santiago Chaptered
9 AB-1301 Child welfare: adoption. Cooley Chaptered
10 AB-1457 Omnitrans Transit District. Reyes Senate - Governance and Finance
11 AB-1584 Electricity: cost allocation. Quirk Chaptered
12 AB-201 Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign disclosure: text messages. Cervantes Chaptered
13 AB-762 Public health: fish and shellfish: health advisories. Quirk Chaptered
14 AB-825 San Mateo County Flood and Sea Level Rise Resiliency District. Mullin Chaptered
15 AB-872 Property taxation: change in ownership: parent to child transfer: stock. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered
16 AB-948 Coyote Valley Conservation Program. Kalra Chaptered
17 AB-981 Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Act. Daly Senate - Insurance
18 AB-1054 Public utilities: wildfires and employee protection. Holden Chaptered
19 AB-1089 Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District. Mark Stone Chaptered
20 AB-1160 Forestry: timber operations: sustained yield plans. Dahle Chaptered
21 AB-1248 Capital Investment Incentive Program: local governments: property tax abatement. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Inactive
22 AB-1257 Sales and use taxes: exemption: vehicle modifications: physically handicapped persons: veterans. Salas Chaptered
23 AB-1269 Park property: City of El Monte: Pioneer Park. Blanca Rubio Senate - Governance and Finance
24 AB-1406 Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program. O'Donnell Senate - Appropriations
25 AB-1456 State highways: Route 193: relinquishment. Kiley Chaptered
26 AB-1560 California Environmental Quality Act: transportation: major transit stop. Friedman Chaptered
27 AB-1643 Developmental services: fair hearings. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Human Services
28 AB-1644 Coastal resources: California Coastal Commission: scientific advice and recommendations: agriculture. Levine Chaptered
29 AB-1823 Fire protection: local fire planning. Committee on Natural Resources Chaptered
30 AB-1824 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption for closure of railroad grade crossing. Committee on Natural Resources Chaptered
31 AB-1830 State claims. Gonzalez Chaptered
32 AB-162 Communications: universal service programs: Public Utilities Commission reimbursement fees. Kiley Assembly - Failed
33 AB-1125 Animal Control Officer Standards Act. Cooley Chaptered
34 AB-1185 Officer oversight: sheriff oversight board. McCarty Senate - Inactive
35 AB-451 Health care facilities: treatment of psychiatric emergency medical conditions. Arambula Senate - Inactive
36 AB-1060 Attorneys: annual license fees: free legal services. Gray Assembly - Inactive
37 AB-29 State Highway Route 710. Holden Chaptered
38 AB-640 Sex crimes: investigation and prosecution. Frazier Chaptered
39 AB-1118 Land use: livability issues for older adults. Blanca Rubio Chaptered
40 AB-1600 Discovery: personnel records: peace officers and custodial officers. Kalra Chaptered
41 AB-922 Reproductive health and research: oocyte procurement. Burke Chaptered
42 AB-1353 Classified employees: probationary period. Wicks Chaptered
43 AB-330 Appointed legal counsel in civil cases. Gabriel Chaptered
44 AB-1091 Child support: suspension. Jones-Sawyer Assembly - Inactive
45 AB-1669 Firearms: gun shows and events. Bonta Chaptered
46 AB-362 Controlled substances: overdose prevention program. Eggman Senate - Health
47 AB-1319 Migrant education: pupil residency. Arambula Chaptered
48 AB-1274 California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley. Arambula Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
49 AB-1714 Emissions limitations: wine fermentation. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Environmental Quality
50 AB-1710 Cannabis. Wood Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development
51 AB-912 Marine invasive species: ballast water and biofouling management requirements. Muratsuchi Chaptered
52 AB-1399 Residential real property: rent control: withdrawal of accommodations. Bloom Chaptered
53 AB-1478 Employment discrimination. Carrillo Vetoed
54 AB-1481 Tenancy termination: just cause. Grayson Assembly - Inactive
55 AB-1110 Rent increases: noticing. Friedman Chaptered
56 AB-1286 Shared mobility devices: agreements. Muratsuchi Senate - Judiciary
57 AB-1697 Housing: tenancy termination: just cause. Grayson Assembly - Inactive
58 AB-1190 Unmanned aircraft: state and local regulation: limitations. Irwin Senate - Rules
59 AB-1316 Internet: social media or search engine service: censorship. Gallagher Assembly - Rules
60 AB-523 Telecommunications: customer right of privacy. Irwin Senate - Inactive
61 AB-220 Political Reform Act of 1974: campaign funds: childcare costs. Bonta Chaptered
62 AB-384 Information privacy: digital health feedback systems. Chau Senate - Appropriations
63 AB-1345 Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009. McCarty Senate - Appropriations
64 AB-1622 Family physicians. Carrillo Chaptered
65 AB-570 Local Government Investment Act. Aguiar-Curry Senate - Inactive
66 AB-707 Santa Clara Valley Water District: contracts. Kalra Chaptered
67 AB-1413 Transportation: transactions and use taxes. Gloria Chaptered
68 AB-179 New Motor Vehicle Board. Reyes Chaptered
69 AB-1304 Water supply contract: Native American tribes. Waldron Senate - Natural Resources and Water
70 AB-1395 Information privacy: other connected device with a voice recognition feature. Cunningham Senate - Judiciary
71 AB-1416 Business: collection and disclosures of consumer personal information. Cooley Senate - Judiciary
72 AB-1112 Shared mobility devices: local regulation. Friedman Senate - Transportation
73 AB-1790 Marketplaces: marketplace sellers. Wicks Chaptered
74 AJR-9 Immigration enforcement tactics. Cristina Garcia Chaptered
75 AB-1665 The Parent’s Accountability and Child Protection Act. Chau Senate - Inactive
76 AB-407 Fluoroscopy and radiography permit or certification and continuing education: exceptions. Santiago Senate - Appropriations
77 AB-711 Pupil records: name and gender changes. Chiu Chaptered
78 AB-846 Customer loyalty programs. Burke Senate - Inactive
79 AB-1018 Real estate appraisers. Frazier Chaptered
80 AB-1146 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018: exemptions: vehicle information. Berman Chaptered
81 AB-1291 Adult-use cannabis and medicinal cannabis: license application: labor peace agreements. Jones-Sawyer Chaptered
82 AB-1420 Cannabis: licensing fees. Obernolte Senate - Appropriations
83 AB-1482 Tenant Protection Act of 2019: tenancy: rent caps. Chiu Chaptered
84 AB-1782 Automated license plate recognition information: usage and privacy policy. Chau Senate - Judiciary
85 AB-1805 Occupational safety and health. Committee on Labor and Employment Chaptered
86 AB-25 California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. Chau Chaptered
87 AB-1396 Protective orders: elder and dependent adults. Obernolte Chaptered
88 AB-1072 Public Utilities Commission: audits and reviews. Patterson Chaptered
89 AB-697 Postsecondary education: reports: preferential treatment: students related to donors or alumni. Ting Chaptered
90 AJR-11 Immigration: Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals: Deferred Enforced Departure: Temporary Protected Status. Carrillo Chaptered
91 AB-1132 Telecommunications: caller identification fraud. Gabriel Chaptered
92 AB-1138 Social media: the Parent’s Accountability and Child Protection Act. Gallagher Assembly - Failed
93 AB-254 Warewashing machines: water reuse. Quirk-Silva Senate - Health
94 AB-349 Building standards: garages. Choi Senate - Appropriations
95 AB-446 Discrimination: housing: victims of domestic violence. Choi Senate - Judiciary
96 AB-590 Milk. Mathis Chaptered
97 AB-728 Homeless multidisciplinary personnel teams. Santiago Chaptered
98 AB-779 Acupuncture: place of practice: wall license. Low Chaptered
99 AB-840 Alcoholic beverages: licenses: imports. Dahle Chaptered
100 AB-892 Transfers of real property. Holden Chaptered
101 AB-949 Unsafe used tires: installation. Medina Chaptered
102 AB-957 Housing Omnibus. Committee on Housing and Community Development Chaptered
103 AB-1026 Electricity: interconnection rules. Wood Chaptered
104 AB-1161 Recreational water use: wave basins. Calderon Senate - Health
105 AB-1164 Surplus state real property: disposal. Gloria Chaptered
106 AB-1166 Public works: protection of underground infrastructure: regional notification center system: electronic positive response. Levine Chaptered
107 AB-1168 Emergency services: text to 911. Mullin Chaptered
108 AB-1199 State property: Fairview Developmental Center. Petrie-Norris Chaptered
109 AB-1278 Public postsecondary educational institutions: public services and programs: internet website notification. Gabriel Chaptered
110 AB-1290 Water projects: financial assistance and construction financing: Pure Water San Diego Program. Gloria Chaptered
111 AB-1299 Petroleum refineries: air monitoring systems. Salas Senate - Inactive
112 AB-1311 Neighborhood-restricted special on-sale general licenses: transfers. Ting Chaptered
113 AB-1352 Community mental health services: mental health boards. Waldron Chaptered
114 AB-1370 Alcoholic beverage licenses: nonprofit arts foundation. Chiu Chaptered
115 AB-1376 Civil service: veterans’ preference: background checks. Ramos Senate - Appropriations
116 AB-1379 Continuing care contracts. Quirk Senate - Human Services
117 AB-1484 Mitigation Fee Act: housing developments. Grayson Senate - Rules
118 AB-1497 Hosting platforms. Holden Chaptered
119 AB-1535 Pet insurance: disclosures. Carrillo Chaptered
120 AB-1561 Endangered wildlife: crocodiles and alligators. Blanca Rubio Senate - Rules
121 AB-1573 Collegiate athletes: Student Athlete Bill of Rights. Holden Chaptered
122 AB-1666 The California Complete Count: local educational agencies. Reyes Chaptered
123 AB-1709 Nursing homes: staff. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Inactive
124 AB-1802 Health care service plans. Committee on Health Chaptered
125 AB-1810 Transportation: omnibus bill. Committee on Transportation Chaptered
126 AB-1813 Insurance. Committee on Insurance Chaptered
127 AB-1815 Workers’ compensation. Committee on Insurance Senate - Labor, Public Employment and Retirement
128 AB-1825 Alcoholic beverage control. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered
129 AB-1827 California Gambling Control Commission. Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Inactive
130 AB-1828 California Horse Racing Board: public records: votes. Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Inactive
131 ACR-69 “Parks Make Life Better!” Month. Eduardo Garcia Chaptered
132 SCR-35 State Scientist Day. Rubio Chaptered
133 SCR-37 529 College Savings Day. Leyva Chaptered
134 SCR-40 Autism Awareness Month. Hueso Chaptered