2 AB-2913 Building standards: building permits: expiration. Wood Chaptered 3 AB-3086 Interdistrict attendance: prohibition on transfers by a school district of residence. Kiley Vetoed 4 AB-3149 Substitute teachers: Teaching Permit for Statutory Leave: expanded pathways. Limón Senate - Inactive 5 AB-2235 County community schools: funding. Quirk-Silva Chaptered 6 AB-2826 Pupil enrollment: interdistrict attendance. Friedman Chaptered 7 AB-3223 Special education: visually impaired pupils: braille: Unified English Braille. Grayson Chaptered 8 AB-2459 Personal income taxes: credits: health insurance premiums. Friedman Senate - Appropriations 9 AB-2574 Sales and use taxes: exemption: research and development: design: digital interactive media. Bloom Assembly - Appropriations 10 AB-2700 Income taxes: credits: job development. Burke Assembly - Appropriations 11 AB-3029 Income taxes: credits: employment: California New Employment Credit. Arambula Assembly - Appropriations 12 AB-2035 Affordable housing authorities. Mullin Chaptered 13 AB-3022 Retroactive grant of high school diplomas: departed and deported pupils. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered 14 AB-3072 Income taxes: credits: low-income housing: farmworker housing. Chiu Assembly - Appropriations 15 AB-1668 Water management planning. Friedman Chaptered 16 AB-1292 Electrical corporations: computation of average residential consumption of electricity and the baseline quantity for electricity usage. Patterson Assembly - Died 17 AB-1337 Fish and Game Commission: meetings and hearings: live broadcast. Patterson Assembly - Died 18 SB-16 Wage garnishment restrictions: exempt earnings: student loans. Wieckowski Assembly - Third Reading 19 ACA-10 Elections: voter qualifications. Low Assembly - Inactive 20 SB-328 Pupil attendance: school start time. Portantino Senate - Unfinished Business 21 SB-298 Enforcement of money judgments: exemptions. Wieckowski Assembly - Third Reading 22 AB-2972 Vehicles: enforcement: motorcycle profiling. Caballero Assembly - Inactive 23 AB-3042 School holidays: “International Workers’ Day” and “Presidents’ Day.” Santiago Assembly - Inactive 24 AB-2099 Mental health: detention and evaluation. Gloria Chaptered 25 AB-2274 Division of community property: pet animals. Quirk Chaptered 26 AB-2779 Recycling: single-use plastic beverage container caps. Mark Stone Assembly - Inactive 27 AB-2185 Civil actions: appointment of guardian ad litem. Chiu Chaptered 28 AB-2546 Commercial email advertisements. Chau Assembly - Inactive 29 AB-3125 Bail: schedules. Mayes Assembly - Inactive 30 AB-2955 Traffic: Cities of Burbank, Glendale, and Los Angeles. Friedman Chaptered 31 AB-2242 Urban water management planning. Rubio Assembly - Inactive 32 AB-2888 Gun violence restraining orders. Ting Vetoed 33 AB-3104 Murder. Cooper Assembly - Inactive 34 ACR-205 CAL FIRE Firefighter Cory Iverson Memorial Highway. Waldron Chaptered 35 AB-2379 Waste management: plastic microfiber. Bloom Assembly - Inactive 36 AB-2853 Local government: economic development subsidies. Medina Vetoed 37 AB-2423 Physical therapists: direct access to services: plan of care approval. Holden Chaptered 38 AB-2128 School employees: dismissal or suspension: hearings: evidence. Kiley Chaptered 39 AB-2074 Damages: lead-based paint. Bonta Assembly - Inactive 40 AB-2803 Public nuisance: residential lead-based paint. Limón Senate - Appropriations 41 AB-2995 Civil actions: injury to property: lead-based paint. Carrillo Assembly - Failed 42 AB-2935 Health information privacy: digital commercial health monitoring. Chau Senate - Judiciary 43 AB-2392 Vehicles: towing and storage. Santiago Chaptered 44 AB-2487 Physicians and surgeons: continuing education: opiate-dependent patient treatment and management. McCarty Chaptered 45 AB-2167 Information privacy: digital health feedback systems. Chau Senate - Failed 46 AB-1859 Customer records. Chau Chaptered 47 AB-2689 Contribution and gift ban: Senate or Assembly confirmation. Gray Vetoed 48 AB-2632 Packaging and labeling: containers: slack fill. Santiago Chaptered 49 AB-2925 Tenancy: eviction: for cause. Bonta Assembly - Failed 50 AB-2511 The Parent’s Accountability and Child Protection Act. Chau Chaptered 51 AJR-27 Cannabis. Low Chaptered 52 AB-2797 Planning and zoning: density bonuses. Bloom Chaptered 53 AB-2240 Trial Jury Selection and Management Act. Grayson Vetoed 54 AB-3138 Hazardous materials: management: civil liability. Muratsuchi Chaptered 55 AB-1906 Information privacy: connected devices. Irwin Chaptered 56 AB-2364 Rental control: withdraw from accommodation. Bloom Assembly - Failed 57 AB-1761 Employee safety: hotel workers. Muratsuchi Senate - Appropriations 58 AB-3109 Contracts: waiver of right of petition or free speech. Mark Stone Chaptered 59 AB-1741 Cannabis: taxation: electronic funds transfer. Bonta Chaptered 60 AB-2020 Cannabis: local jurisdiction licensees: temporary event license. Quirk Chaptered 61 AB-2119 Foster care: gender affirming health care and mental health care. Gloria Chaptered 62 AB-2215 Veterinarians: cannabis: animals. Kalra Chaptered 63 AB-2570 School facilities: Clean and Healthy Schools Act: environmentally preferable cleaning and cleaning maintenance products. Nazarian Senate - Appropriations 64 AB-2958 State bodies: meetings: teleconference. Quirk Chaptered 65 AB-2975 Wild and scenic rivers. Friedman Chaptered 66 AB-2980 Cannabis: premises: common space. Gipson Vetoed 67 AB-3030 California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: qualified opportunity zones. Caballero Senate - Appropriations 68 AB-1999 Local government: public broadband services. Chau Chaptered 69 ACR-227 California Zinfandel Month. Cooper Chaptered 70 ACR-232 Food Allergy Awareness Week. Baker Chaptered 71 AB-2219 Landlord-tenant: 3rd-party payments. Ting Chaptered 72 AB-2230 Civil actions. Berman Chaptered 73 AB-2353 Construction defects: actions. Frazier Senate - Inactive 74 AB-3217 Legal services: advertising. Berman Senate - Judiciary 75 AB-1792 Affordable housing authorities: infrastructure. Frazier Senate - Inactive 76 AB-1868 Pupil instruction: sexual health education: sexually suggestive or sexually explicit materials. Cunningham Chaptered 77 AB-2012 School and community college employees: parental leave. Medina Chaptered 78 AB-2164 Local ordinances: fines and penalties: cannabis. Cooley Chaptered 79 AB-2179 Municipal corporations: public utility service: water and sewer service. Gipson Chaptered 80 AB-2372 Planning and zoning: density bonus: floor area ratio bonus. Gloria Chaptered 81 AB-2485 Code enforcement: financially interested parties. Chau Chaptered 82 AB-2558 County officers. Brough Senate - Failed 83 AB-3194 Housing Accountability Act: project approval. Daly Chaptered 84 AB-2885 Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Rodriguez Chaptered 85 AB-3254 Local government organization: omnibus. Committee on Local Government Chaptered 86 ACR-174 Hepatitis Awareness Month and Hepatitis Testing Day. Gipson Chaptered 87 ACR-216 529 College Savings Day. Muratsuchi Chaptered 88 ACR-221 California Fairgrounds Appreciation Month. Bigelow Chaptered 89 ACR-233 Ramadan. Reyes Chaptered 90 ACR-237 Foster Care Month. Cooley Chaptered 91 AJR-35 Polish law: Holocaust speech. Levine Senate - Rules 92 AB-1900 Capital investment incentive programs: repeal date. Brough Chaptered 93 AB-2329 Special districts: board of directors: compensation. Obernolte Chaptered 94 AB-3069 Cannabis: informational, educational, or training events. Cooper Vetoed 95 AB-3162 Alcoholism or drug abuse treatment facilities. Friedman Chaptered 96 AB-2071 Accessory dwelling units: owner occupancy. Bloom Senate - Inactive 97 AB-2199 State budget. Irwin Senate - Budget and Fiscal Review 98 SCR-127 National Mental Health Awareness Month. Beall Chaptered 99 SCR-137 Foster Care Month. Lara Chaptered 100 AB-2559 Elections: Democratic Party county central committee. Ting Senate - Elections and Constitutional Amendments 101 AB-2665 Absentee ballots: processing. Salas Chaptered 102 AB-2835 Elections: ballots. Calderon Chaptered 103 ACR-151 Gubernatorial appointments: military service. Voepel Chaptered 104 AB-1744 After school programs: substance use prevention: funding: cannabis revenue. McCarty Senate - Appropriations 105 AB-1786 Community colleges: academic credit for prior military experience. Cervantes Chaptered 106 AB-1790 Valley Fever Education, Early Diagnosis, and Treatment Act. Salas Chaptered 107 AB-1930 Foster care. Mark Stone Chaptered 108 AB-1987 Discovery: postconviction. Lackey Chaptered 109 AB-2026 Used vehicle salespersons. Lackey Vetoed 110 AB-2068 Electricity: rates: public schools. Chu Chaptered 111 AB-2102 State of emergency: out-of-state aid: reciprocity. Rodriguez Senate - Inactive 112 AB-2114 Livestock inspection. Bigelow Chaptered 113 AB-2115 Vehicles: passing and overtaking: waste service vehicles. Santiago Chaptered 114 AB-2134 Cosmetology students: externships. Rubio Chaptered 115 AB-2225 State government: storing and recording: public records. Limón Chaptered 116 AB-2248 Student financial aid: Cal Grant program. McCarty Chaptered 117 AB-2282 Salary history information. Eggman Chaptered 118 AB-2296 Licensed professional clinical counselors: licensed clinical social workers. Waldron Chaptered 119 AB-2396 Public contracting: conflicts of interest: exemption. Bigelow Chaptered 120 AB-2411 Solid waste: use of compost: planning. McCarty Chaptered 121 AB-2428 Federally qualified health centers: rural health clinics. Gonzalez Fletcher Chaptered 122 AB-2456 Arts Council: peer review groups. Bloom Chaptered 123 AB-2468 Bees: apiaries: registration: colony relocation: administrative civil penalty. Arambula Chaptered 124 AB-2564 Civil penalties: glider vehicles. Rodriguez Chaptered 125 AB-2629 Department of Transportation: airspace under state highways: leases. Eggman Chaptered 126 AB-2685 Driving privilege: minors. Lackey Chaptered 127 AB-2694 Domestic violence: ex parte orders. Rubio Chaptered 128 AB-2717 Driving under the influence: blood tests. Lackey Chaptered 129 AB-2734 California Transportation Commission. Frazier Vetoed 130 AB-2753 Density bonuses: density bonus application. Friedman Chaptered 131 AB-2769 Privacy: driver’s license information. Cooper Chaptered 132 AB-2783 Controlled substances: hydrocodone combination products: schedules. O'Donnell Chaptered 133 AB-2880 Political Reform Act of 1974: local enforcement. Harper Chaptered 134 AB-2884 Real estate. Irwin Chaptered 135 AB-2899 Cannabis: advertisements. Rubio Chaptered 136 AB-2928 Hazardous waste: used oil. Chen Chaptered 137 AB-2929 Cannabis. Quirk Senate - Business, Professions and Economic Development 138 AB-2941 Health care coverage: state of emergency. Berman Chaptered 139 AB-2968 Psychotherapist-client relationship: victims of sexual behavior and sexual contact: informational brochure. Levine Chaptered 140 AB-2973 Land use: Subdivision Map Act: expiration dates. Gray Chaptered 141 AB-2986 Transportation network companies: disclosure of participating driver information. Cunningham Chaptered 142 AB-2994 Building standards: public restroom stalls: disability access. Holden Vetoed 143 AB-3012 State Coastal Conservancy: grants: climate change projects. Gallagher Chaptered 144 AB-3032 Maternal mental health conditions. Frazier Chaptered 145 AB-3126 Contractors’ State License Law: cash deposit in lieu of a bond. Brough Chaptered 146 AB-3143 Tax preparers. Low Chaptered 147 AB-3173 Unmanned aircraft systems. Irwin Senate - Inactive 148 AB-3177 North County Transit District: contracting. Chávez Chaptered 149 AB-3192 LEA Medi-Cal billing option: program guide. O'Donnell Chaptered 150 AB-3251 Sale of armories. Committee on Veterans Affairs Chaptered 151 AB-3252 Animal health. Committee on Agriculture Chaptered 152 AB-3255 Postsecondary education: omnibus bill. Committee on Higher Education Chaptered 153 AB-3258 Elections. Committee on Elections and Redistricting Chaptered 154 AB-3260 Department of Food and Agriculture: administrative civil penalties: notice. Committee on Agriculture Chaptered 155 AB-1896 Sexual assault counselor-victim privilege. Cervantes Chaptered 156 AB-2610 Employees: meal periods. Aguiar-Curry Chaptered 157 AB-1794 Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency: Southern California Water Company. Limón Chaptered 158 AB-2898 Emergency services: local emergencies. Gloria Chaptered 159 AB-3262 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. Gray Chaptered 160 AB-3263 Horse racing: minisatellite wagering facilities. Committee on Governmental Organization Senate - Inactive 161 AB-3264 Alcoholic beverages: licensees. Committee on Governmental Organization Chaptered 162 SCR-117 Mendez v. Westminster School District Day. Newman Chaptered 163 SCR-123 Arab American Heritage Month. Newman Chaptered 164 SB-1496 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered 165 SB-1497 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered 166 SB-1499 Validations. Committee on Governance and Finance Chaptered A- 1 SB-642 Civil actions: renewal of judgments. Wieckowski Assembly - Inactive A- 2 SB-381 Victims of crime: indemnification: applications. De León Assembly - Inactive A- 3 SB-152 Transactions and use taxes: County of Sonoma. McGuire Chaptered A- 4 SB-165 Highways: surplus nonresidential property. Portantino Assembly - Transportation A- 5 SB-261 Common interest developments: governance. Roth Chaptered A- 6 ACR-99 Native Sons of the Golden West. Bigelow Assembly - Inactive A- 7 SB-675 Electronic benefits transfer system. Skinner Assembly - Inactive A- 8 SB-24 Political Reform Act of 1974: economic interest disclosure. Portantino Assembly - Inactive A- 9 SB-437 Health care coverage: joint senior level working group. Atkins Assembly - Inactive A- 10 SB-377 Lead-based paint. Monning Assembly - Inactive A- 11 AB-183 Bill of Rights for State Excluded Employees. Lackey Vetoed A- 12 SB-473 California Endangered Species Act. Hertzberg Chaptered A- 13 SB-790 Dreissenid mussel infestation prevention: grants. McGuire Chaptered A- 14 SB-632 Civil discovery: depositions. Monning Assembly - Inactive A- 15 SB-579 Water quality control plans: alternative measures. Galgiani Assembly - Rules A- 16 SB-76 Vehicles: driver’s licenses and foreign vehicle registrations. Bates Assembly - Transportation A- 17 SB-349 Courthouses: Privilege from civil arrest. Lara Senate - Unfinished Business A- 18 SB-573 Student financial aid: student service programs. Lara Assembly - Third Reading A- 19 SB-273 Marriage and domestic partnership: minors. Hill Chaptered A- 20 SB-646 State Civil Service Act: adverse action: notice. Galgiani Assembly - Inactive A- 21 SB-651 Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: disclosures. Allen Assembly - Inactive A- 22 SB-288 Health coverage: small employers. Hernandez Assembly - Inactive A- 23 SB-771 California Environmental Quality Act: continuing education: public employees. De León Assembly - Inactive A- 24 SB-607 Pupil discipline: suspensions and expulsions: willful defiance. Skinner Senate - Unfinished Business A- 25 SB-715 Vehicular air pollution: regulations: exemption. Delgado Senate - Unfinished Business A- 26 SB-244 Privacy: personal information. Lara Chaptered A- 27 SB-548 Public Employment Relations Board: petitions: expedited resolution. Atkins Assembly - Inactive A- 28 SB-774 Research program: firefighting: wildland and wildland-urban interface. Leyva Senate - Unfinished Business A- 29 SB-772 Occupational safety and health: regulations. Leyva Assembly - Inactive A- 30 SB-277 Land use: zoning regulations. Bradford Assembly - Inactive A- 31 SJR-13 White nationalist and neo-Nazi groups: prosecution. Skinner Assembly - Inactive A- 32 SB-134 Regional center contracts. Hernandez Chaptered A- 33 SB-116 Budget Act of 2017. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Inactive A- 34 SB-118 Cannabis: licenses: criminal records. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Inactive A- 35 SB-120 Water conveyance: use of facility with unused capacity. Roth Senate - Appropriations A- 36 SB-121 Education: Child care: individualized county child care subsidy plans: the Every Kid Counts (EKC) Act. Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review Assembly - Inactive A- 37 SB-465 Property Assessed Clean Energy Program: wildfire safety improvements. Jackson Chaptered