Assembly Floor Session Bills - 03/20/2017

Bills Returned: 25
Item Measure Subject Author Status
1 AB-383 Civil actions: discovery status conference. Chau Senate - Pending Referral
2 AB-260 Human trafficking. Santiago Senate - Pending Referral
3 AB-198 Personal income taxes: deductions: first-time home buyers. Patterson Assembly - Appropriations
4 AB-225 Personal income taxes: earned income credit: earned income amount. Caballero Assembly - Appropriations
5 AB-386 Legal services for deported veterans. Gonzalez Fletcher Assembly - Third Reading
6 AB-218 Local agencies: airports: customer facility charges. Bonta Senate - Pending Referral
7 AB-28 Department of Transportation: environmental review process: federal pilot program. Frazier Chaptered
8 AB-18 California Clean Water, Climate, Coastal Protection, and Outdoor Access For All Act of 2018. Eduardo Garcia Senate - Pending Referral
9 AB-149 Criminal procedure: disclosure: felony conviction consequences. Jones-Sawyer Senate - Pending Referral
10 AJR-4 Home Ownership. Cervantes Assembly - Third Reading
11 ACR-19 Persian New Year. Nazarian Assembly - Passed
12 AB-299 Hiring of real property: immigration or citizenship status. Calderon Senate - Pending Referral
13 AB-380 Electronic transactions: motor vehicle finance. Dababneh Assembly - Third Reading
14 AB-368 Criminal procedure: jurisdiction of public offenses. Muratsuchi Senate - Pending Referral
15 AB-411 Witness testimony: therapy and facility dogs. Bloom Assembly - Third Reading
16 ACR-12 Civil Grand Jury Awareness Month. Gallagher Assembly - Passed
17 AB-88 Nowrūz Day. Nazarian Senate - Pending Referral
18 HR-26   Caballero Assembly - Passed
19 SCR-29 Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month. Beall Chaptered
20 AB-309 Testamentary additions to trusts. Maienschein Senate - Pending Referral
21 AB-356 Human remains: disposition. Bigelow Senate - Pending Referral
22 SCR-11 Day of Remembrance. Pan Chaptered
23 AB-307 Allocation of principal income: sale of capital asset. Maienschein Senate - Pending Referral
24 AB-308 Procedures for litigation. Maienschein Senate - Pending Referral
25 AB-369 Appeals: child custody orders or judgments. Waldron Senate - Pending Referral