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ACR-127 Officer Robert W. Winget Memorial Overpass.(2019-2020)

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Assembly Concurrent Resolution
No. 127

Introduced by Assembly Member Flora

August 15, 2019

Relative to Officer Robert W. Winget Memorial Overpass.


ACR 127, as introduced, Flora. Officer Robert W. Winget Memorial Overpass.
This measure would designate a specified overpass on State Route 99 in the City of Ripon as the Officer Robert W. Winget Memorial Overpass. The measure would request the Department of Transportation to determine the cost of appropriate signs showing this special designation and, upon receiving donations from nonstate sources covering that cost, to erect those signs.
Fiscal Committee: YES  

WHEREAS, Officer Robert “Bob” Winget left for patrol from the Ripon Police Department on the morning of April 10, 2007; and
WHEREAS, Officer Bob Winget was assigned to a southern area in the City of Ripon, near the banks of the Stanislaus River in the Ripon River Crossing area in his all-terrain patrol vehicle; and
WHEREAS, At 11:40 a.m., dispatchers received an “undecipherable” transmission from Officer Bob Winget. The Ripon Police Department set up a mobile command center and began assigning Ripon police, fire, public works personnel, and citizens in search grids to attempt to locate Officer Bob Winget; and
WHEREAS, At approximately 1:14 p.m., a Ripon Consolidated Fire District search crew located Officer Bob Winget unconscious following a crash of his all-terrain patrol vehicle along the river area west of Highway 99. Crews immediately began cardiopulmonary resuscitation and brought in a four-wheel drive rescue vehicle that removed him from the area into a waiting Ripon Consolidated Fire District ambulance; and
WHEREAS, Officer Bob Winget was transported to Doctor’s Hospital in the City of Modesto, where he was pronounced deceased at approximately 2:27 p.m. from traumatic injuries associated with the crash; and
WHEREAS, Officer Bob Winget is survived by his wife of 33 years, Chris, daughters Ashley, 22, Kelley, 19, and Bonnie, 16, and son, Edward Amey, 36; and
WHEREAS, Officer Bob Winget was a United States Marine who served in Vietnam; and
WHEREAS, Officer Bob Winget began his 37-year law enforcement career in the early 1970s, serving the Los Angeles Police Department for 20 years, after which he moved north and became a deputy sheriff for the County of Stanislaus, where he served for 12 years and was a longtime Drug Abuse Resistance Education officer; and
WHEREAS, For the past three years, Officer Bob Winget served the Ripon Police Department, where his duties included working with K–9 officers and the all-terrain vehicle patrol. His partner was Topper, the department’s antinarcotics K–9; and
WHEREAS, Officer Bob Winget was memorialized and laid to rest on April 17, 2007. Nearly 1,000 uniformed peace officers from around the state gathered with Officer Bob Winget’s family and friends for the funeral service at First Baptist Church in the City of Modesto. Hundreds of citizens lined the streets of the Cities of Ripon and Modesto to watch the motor procession pass on its way to Burwood Cemetery in the County of San Joaquin, where he was laid to rest; and
WHEREAS, Among those paying respects to Officer Bob Winget were then Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. and a spokesman for then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ripon Police Chief Richard Bull said Officer Bob Winget epitomized the heart and soul of a peace officer, calling him “a fearless warrior who had seen and done it all in a 37-year career in law enforcement”; and
WHEREAS, Ripon Police Chief Richard Bull also said, “Bob was fearless, tough, and crusty, outspoken,” reciting a long list of adjectives that characterized the United States Marine Corps veteran. “He was old school, stern, the town marshal, a one-man riot, and had a huge heart of gold”; and
WHEREAS, From former Ripon Mayor Aaron Kramer, to waitresses in a cafe he frequented with his wife, to his fellow officers throughout the state, Officer Bob Winget is remembered as an “honest officer dedicated to serving his hometown,” “a super-neat guy and my favorite cop,” “always a jokester,” and “a mentor and a friend”; and
WHEREAS, Officer Bob Winget’s wife, Chris, said, “I am going to miss him desperately. I’ve been with him for 33 years, my whole adult life. We are going to miss his police car parked out in front of our house, and everything about him”; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate thereof concurring, That the Legislature hereby designates an overpass in both directions on State Route 99 at Exit 236, Main Street, in the City of Ripon (approximately post mile 99 0.903) in the County San Joaquin as the “Officer Robert W. Winget Memorial Overpass”; and be it further
Resolved, That the Department of Transportation is requested to determine the cost of erecting appropriate signs, consistent with the signing requirements for the state highway system, showing this special designation and, upon receiving donations from nonstate sources covering the cost, to erect those signs; and be it further
Resolved, That the Chief Clerk of the Assembly transmit copies of this resolution to the Director of Transportation and to the author for appropriate distribution.