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ACA-15 Nonpartisan State Legislature.(2019-2020)

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Assembly Constitutional Amendment
No. 15

Introduced by Assembly Member Lackey

May 08, 2019

A resolution to propose to the people of the State of California an amendment to the Constitution of the State, by amending Section 6 of Article II thereof, relating to elections.


ACA 15, as introduced, Lackey. Nonpartisan State Legislature.
The California Constitution requires that a voter-nomination primary election be conducted to select candidates for congressional and state elective offices, and it prescribes that the top two vote-getters at the voter-nominated primary election compete in the ensuing general election, regardless of political party preference. The California Constitution allows a candidate for a congressional or state elective office to have the candidate’s political party preference, or lack of political party preference, indicated upon the ballot for the office in the manner provided by statute. The California Constitution further provides that all judicial, school, county, and city offices are nonpartisan, and it prohibits the inclusion of a candidate’s party preference on the ballot for these offices.
This measure would convert the offices of State Senator and Member of the Assembly into nonpartisan offices.
Vote: 2/3   Appropriation: NO   Fiscal Committee: NO   Local Program: NO  

Resolved by the Assembly, the Senate concurring, That the Legislature of the State of California at its 2019-20 Regular Session commencing on the third day of December 2018, two-thirds of the membership of each house concurring, hereby proposes to the people of the State of California, that the Constitution of the State be amended as follows:

 That Section 6 of Article II thereof is amended to read:

SEC. 6.
 (a) All judicial, school, county, and city offices, including the Superintendent of Public Instruction, The following offices shall be nonpartisan. nonpartisan:
(1) All judicial, school, county, and city offices, including the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
(2) State Senator.
(3) Member of the Assembly.
(b) A political party or party central committee shall not nominate a candidate for nonpartisan office, and the candidate’s party preference shall not be included on the ballot for the nonpartisan office.