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SCR-71 Ocean Institute Day.(2017-2018)

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Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 71

Relative to Ocean Institute Day.

[ Filed with Secretary of State  September 19, 2017. ]


SCR 71, Bates. Ocean Institute Day.
This measure would proclaim September 9, 2017, as Ocean Institute Day, in honor of the Ocean Institute’s 40th anniversary, urge all Californians to join in celebrating Ocean Institute Day, and commend the Ocean Institute for its years of service and contributions to the community.
Fiscal Committee: NO  

WHEREAS, The relationship between a community and its nonprofit organizations is a vital and interdependent one, deriving its strength from the civic involvement and dedication of those who engage with such organizations, the many positive outcomes these organizations make possible, and the spirit of cooperation and respect they foster within the community, and the Ocean Institute is one such stellar nonprofit organization; and
WHEREAS, Marine science and maritime education are critically important in the State of California, which is full of coastal communities, and which is deeply connected to the ocean and maritime life; and
WHEREAS, Originally founded as the Orange County Marine Institute in 1977, the Ocean Institute today educates 250,000 visitors annually through over 60 marine science, maritime history, and outdoor education programs at its location on 2.4 acres in the Dana Point Harbor, adjacent to a state marine conservation area; and
WHEREAS, Since its founding, the Ocean Institute has provided a platform for science and maritime programs for all ages, teacher education, and collaborations with regional maritime partners; and
WHEREAS, In 1981, the Ocean Institute initiated its first summer camp programs for school children, which over the years has grown into its present system of week-long learning camps that give children 5 to 17, inclusive, years of age unique, hands-on opportunities to experience ocean science and maritime history, including introducing them to the mysteries of the oceans, from the tiny world of microscopic plankton to the large creatures of the open seas; and
WHEREAS, As of 1981, the Ocean Institute owns the “Pilgrim,” a 98-foot brig that is a full-size replica of the iconic tall ship made famous by Richard Henry Dana, Jr., in his book “Two Years Before the Mast,” which provides national award-winning living history programs to thousands of students each year, as well as being open to the public every Sunday during Open House, which allows families and individuals of all ages to come aboard and learn more about our unique nautical heritage; and
WHEREAS, In 1984, the Ocean Institute organized the first Ocean Institute Tall Ships Festival in celebration of California’s rich maritime history and since then the Ocean Institute has annually hosted this fleet of historic tall ships that sail into Dana Point Harbor for the enjoyment and education of the public; and
WHEREAS, In 1988, the Ocean Institute founded the Sand Dollar Guild, a fundraising organization that benefits the institute’s learning programs and facilities; and
WHEREAS, As of 1994, the Ocean Institute owns and operates the 65-foot research vessel “RV Sea Explorer,” a marine educational vessel with state-of-the-art oceanography equipment, which gives students the opportunity to become oceanographers for a day, and research conducted aboard the vessel is integrated into the curriculum along with statewide research collaborations on projects with the California Department of Public Health and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography; and
WHEREAS, In 1996, the American Sail Training Association presented the Ocean Institute with the Sea Education Program of the Year Award; and
WHEREAS, Since 2006, the Ocean Institute has held an annual Girls in Ocean Science Teen Conference aimed at encouraging female middle school and high school students to explore college and careers in science; and
WHEREAS, The Ocean Institute’s newest facility, as of 2013, the Maddie James Seaside Learning Center, is a floating classroom directly over harbor waters that sparks passionate environmental advocacy with marine science exhibits and maritime learning stations, and annually hosts more than 115,000 K–12 students and 8,000 teachers from the Counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego; and
WHEREAS, The Ocean Institute, throughout the year, offers immersion-based field trips ranging from one-hour science labs to multiday programs at sea and at the Lazy W Ranch, as well as family programs, summer camps, whale-watching cruises, and tall ship sails; and
WHEREAS, In pursuit of its mission to inspire children to learn using the ocean as its classroom, the Ocean Institute invites visitors to explore the ocean’s underwater world and California’s fascinating maritime history through a wide variety of fun, interactive programs and family activities designed to maximize immersion, spark curiosity, and inspire a deep commitment to learning; and
WHEREAS, By contributing to the success and sustainability of the community in which it serves, for 40 years the Ocean Institute has enhanced the quality of life for residents of the community that it serves and instills a great sense of pride in the individuals who are associated with it; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Senate of the State of California, the Assembly thereof concurring, That the Legislature hereby proclaims September 9, 2017, as Ocean Institute Day, in honor of the Ocean Institute’s 40th anniversary, urges all Californians to join in celebrating Ocean Institute Day, and commends the Ocean Institute for its years of service and contributions to the community; and be it further
Resolved, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this resolution to the author for appropriate distribution.