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AB-1380 State government: California Environmental Protection Agency.(2011-2012)

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Assembly Bill
No. 1380

Introduced  by  Assembly Member Feuer

February 18, 2011

An act to amend Section 12812.5 of the Government Code, relating to state government.


AB 1380, as introduced, Feuer. State government: California Environmental Protection Agency.
Existing law prescribes the powers and duties of the California Environmental Protection Agency.
This bill would require that the California Environmental Protection Agency establish, through applicant fees, an environmental technologies certification.
Vote: MAJORITY   Appropriation: NO   Fiscal Committee: YES   Local Program: NO  

The people of the State of California do enact as follows:


 Section 12812.5 of the Government Code is amended to read:

 On or before March 1, 1994, the California Environmental Protection Agency, using existing resources and in consultation with other relevant agencies in state and local government, shall do all of the following:
(a) Establish an environmental technologies clearinghouse, which shall include, but not be limited to, maintaining information on California-based environmental technology companies and information on funding sources for environmental technology endeavors and making this information available to interested parties.
(b) Make available technical assistance within the California Environmental Protection Agency to assist California-based environmental technology companies to improve export opportunities, and to enhance foreign buyers’ awareness of, and access to, environmental technologies and services offered by California-based companies. The technical assistance may include, but is not limited to, organizing and leading trade missions, receiving reverse trade missions, referral services, reviewing project opportunities, and notifying California-based companies of export opportunities and trade shows.
(c) Perform research studies and solicit technical advice to identify international market opportunities for California-based environmental technology companies.
(d) Participate in federally and other nonstate funded technical exchange programs, when appropriate, to increase foreign buyers’ interest in California’s environmental technologies.
(e) Coordinate activities in state government, and with the federal government and other countries’ governments, to take advantage of trade promotion and financial assistance opportunities available to California-based environmental technology companies.
(f) Establish, through applicant fees, an environmental technologies certification.