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AB-507 Green building standards: review: annual report.(2019-2020)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 17928 of the Health and Safety Code is amended to read:

 (a) (1) The Department of Housing and Community Development  department  shall, for building standards submitted to the California Building Standards Commission for adoption in the 2010 California Building Code or later, do all the following:
(A) Review relevant green building guidelines as deemed necessary by the department when preparing proposed building standards for submittal. submission. 
(B) Consider proposing as mandatory building standards those green building features determined by the department to be cost effective and feasible to promote greener construction.
(2) Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed to supplant or otherwise change the existing process for approval and adoption of building standards through the California Building Standards Commission.
(b) (1) The department shall also summarize in a report to the Legislature no later than September 1 October 15  of each year, both of the following:
(A) Green building features proposed as building standards during the prior fiscal year.
(B) Green building guidelines reviewed pursuant to subdivision (a) during the prior fiscal year.
(2) For those items required by this subdivision already included in other reports provided to the Legislature or generally available, the department may fulfill this requirement by citing where that information can be found.