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AB-340 Firearms: armed prohibited persons.(2019-2020)

As Amends the Law Today


 Section 30025 is added to the Penal Code, to read:

 (a) The Budget Act of 2019 appropriated three million dollars ($3,000,000) to the Board of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) to support gun violence reduction pilot programs in the Counties of Alameda, San Diego, Santa Cruz, and Ventura.
(b) Within 15 months of receiving a grant as provided by Item 5227-110-0001 of Section 2.00 of the Budget Act of 2019, each county shall submit a report to the Department of Justice and to the Legislature containing information relating to the county’s activities, including, but not limited to, all of the following:
(1) The number of individuals in the Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) in the county before and after receiving a grant pursuant to this section.
(2) The number of individuals in the county cleared from the APPS.
(3) The number of individuals in the county added to the APPS.
(4) The degree to which the backlog in the APPS in the county has been reduced or eliminated.
(5) The number of firearms recovered due to the enforcement activities of the county.
(6) The number of contacts and attempted contacts with individuals in the APPS during the county’s enforcement efforts.
(7) Information regarding collaboration with the Department of Justice.
(8) Improvements that could be made to the APPS to expedite investigations and promote collaboration across jurisdictions.
(c) A report to be submitted to the Legislature pursuant to subdivision (b) shall be submitted in compliance with Section 9795 of the Government Code.