Today's Law As Amended

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AB-240 University of California: California Institute for Aerospace.(2017-2018)

As Amends the Law Today

 The Legislature hereby finds and declares all of the following:
(a) California’s aerospace industry is a world leader and a powerful, reliable source of employment, innovation, and export income, directly employing several hundred thousand California workers.
(b) The enactment of a state aerospace tax credit in 2014 has positioned California to receive thousands of new jobs researching, designing, building, and testing the Long Range Strike Bomber following the awarding of the contract by the United States Air Force in 2015.
(c) In order to maximize the state’s potential for creating new research, design, and manufacturing jobs as a result of this contract, NASA’s recently announced New Aviation Horizons initiative for aeronautics research and development, and the numerous aerospace-related companies already operating in the state, the creation of the California Institute for Aerospace by the University of California would greatly amplify the state’s role in the industry and improve public-private partnerships for innovative research.
(d) The model provided by the Collaborative Center for Aerospace Sciences, a joint research venture of the United States Air Force Research Laboratory and the University of California, Los Angeles, is an example of the partnerships the California Institute for Aerospace could form and expand.
(e) Throughout the history of the University of California, many industries have grown in partnership utilizing innovative research conducted by the university.

SEC. 2.

 Article 7 (commencing with Section 92665) is added to Chapter 6 of Part 57 of Division 9 of Title 3 of the Education Code, to read:

Article  7. California Institute for Aerospace
 (a) The Regents of the University of California are requested to establish the California Institute for Aerospace in order to achieve all of the following goals:
(1) Grow California’s economy and the aerospace industry by creating new opportunities for jobs in aerospace research and design.
(2) Utilize public-private partnerships to perform innovative research in aerospace technology.
(3) Strengthen California’s position as a global leader in the aerospace industry by increasing the amount of research, development, and design taking place in the state.
(4) Develop California’s next generation of engineers and technicians through expanded research opportunities within the aerospace industry.
(b) The regents are requested to locate the California Institute for Aerospace at a satellite campus within 20 miles of Edwards Air Force Base or United States Air Force Plant 42 so that it will be in close proximity to a large part of California’s current aerospace research and development.
 This article shall be implemented only to the extent that the regents determine that adequate funding for its purposes has been provided from federal, local, or private sector sources, has been appropriated to the University of California in the annual Budget Act or in another statute, or has been provided from a combination of these sources.