Today's Law As Amended

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ACA-11 Public Utilities Commission.(2015-2016)

As Amends the Law Today

 This measure shall be known and may be cited as the Public Utility Reform Act of 2016.


 That Section 10 is added to Article XII thereof, to read:

SEC. 10.
 (a) (1) Notwithstanding Section 4, after the date the measure adding this section is enacted, the Legislature has the power and authority to reallocate or reassign all or a portion of the functions of the Public Utilities Commission to other state agencies, departments, boards, or other entities it may create.
(2) The Legislature’s reallocation or reassignment of these functions shall be in furtherance of consumer protection, public health, environmental protection, increased transparency, public access, and preserving the ability of third parties to advocate for and intervene on behalf of those that need their advocacy.
(b) The Legislature shall adopt appropriate structures to provide greater accountability for the public utilities of this state and shall provide the necessary guidance to focus regulatory efforts on safety, reliability, and ratesetting and to implement statutorily authorized programs for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.


 That Article XII is repealed effective January 1, 2019.


 That Article XII is added thereto, effective January 1, 2019, to read:

 A statute that was valid at the time of its enactment is not invalid by virtue of the repeal of the former Article XII by the measure that added this article.